600yd. 1000yd. 2000yd 3400yd. Matches

​                                    Dedicated to Sporting Uses of the 50 BMG


By Keith Pagel

(Note:  Issues from 1990 and older are no longer in print.)


1985 #1:  Introductory issue of the FCSA Newsletter.  Purpose & Goals of the FCSA, Product & Manufacturer Information (including the first FCSA Supplier’s Guide), First FCSA 1000 Yard Match Proposal, Letters to the Editor, (18 pages-Written by Marty Liggins)


1985 #2:  The organization gets a name:  Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association.  Legislative News-S104, Product News, Load/Pressure info from Kent Lomont, Membership News (Two dozen paid members-Total!), “Bullet Thoughts” (core material theories), “Cartridge Case Variants” (.338/.50 Talbot), “News and Notes” (news from around the hobby), “From Canada” (Update on the .50 north of the border), Manufacturer News (16 pages-Written by Marty Liggins)


1986 #3:  Legislative Update-S104, “According to Talbot” (The Stebbins rifle, equipment standardization, future matches, etc.)  “Membership Notices” (membership news, newsletter naming contest, etc.), Letters to the Editor, “Component News” (reloading components availability) “Inquiry Data” (Background on the association for member recruitment). (11 pages-Written by Marty Liggins)


1986 #4:  “Political Update,” First FCSA Match Scheduled, Bylaws and new officers, J Henry Custom Dies, Letters to the Editor. (12 pages-Written by Marty Liggins)


1987 #1: First issue to carry the name “Very High Power,” "NRA Show, Booth #329", "Legal Update on Near-Miss", "Safety", "New Toys" (9 pages-Written by Marty Liggins)


1987 Summer: "Big Show in Reno," National Match news (2nd FCSA Match), & "Gale McMillan Company"? both by Marty Liggins. Informative report on recent developments in the fifty caliber world. (11 pages)


1987 Fall:  No articles, just match photos & captions (2nd FCSA Match).  (12 pages-All from Marty Liggins)


1988 Summer:  “NRA Show Update,” “Reloading Notes,” “Moly Coating,” & Reprints of two magazine articles on .50 shooting.  (12 Pages)


1988 Fall: “1988 National Match” by Eric Williams, “New .50 Caliber Products” (Case Spinners, K&M Primer Pocket Tools) by Eric Williams, “Appreciation” by Marty Liggins (Comments about the ’88 Nationals), “Interesting Notes on Ambient Conditions” by Bill Keeler, “Neat Stuff from Olin Corp” by Dave Zaidan (Charts:  barrel length vs. pressure, time vs. pressure, temperature vs. travel) (23 pages)


1988 Winter: "Checking Bullet Coefficient by Trajectory," "Propellants," “Club Affiliation,” all by Marty Liggins. (12 pages)


1989 Spring: "Report on the 1989 NRA Show", by Marty Liggins, “The National Match” by Marty Liggins (Information on the coming Nationals), “Political” by Marty Liggins (Political developments), “Other Items” by Marty Liggins (Ballistic software suppliers), Letters to the Editor. (12 pages)


1989 Summer: "Editorial," "Report on the 1989 National Match,” “Hard Rifle Cases,” “Rifle Cleaning Notes,” "How Much Twist is Too Much?" all by Eric Williams. (24 pages)


1989 Fall: Written pretty much by Eric Williams and covers a lot of information about much that was happening in FCSA at the time including many good pictures. (18 pages)


1989 Winter: “News” (Info about the upcoming Nationals, manufacturer news, etc.), “Political” (Legislation updates), Letters to the Editor.  (12 pages)


1990 Spring: "50 Caliber News from the Shot Show", by Eric Williams; "Moose Hunt with the .50 BMG", by Lynn McMurdo; "Some Notes on Thunderbird (TCCI) Bullets", by Eric Williams. (20 pages)


1990 #2: No technical articles written. Match Info only (12 pages)


1990 #3: "Recoil & .50 BMG Rifles", Eric Williams (24 pages)


1990 #4: "Which Bullet is Best for You?" Eric Williams (20 pages)


1991 #1: Review of 1991 Shot Show; "The Fifty Caliber Advantage", & "Winchester .50 caliber Anti-Tank Rifle", all by Eric Williams; "From the Experimenter’s Notebook", Dave Corbin (20 pages)


1991 #2: "More Technical Data on TCCI Bullets", Eric Williams; "The .50 BMG Cartridge" (Ammo Identification References), by Keith Pagel; "Cast Bullets in the 50 Spotter", by Skip Talbot (16 pages)


1991 #3: "Some Match History", Eric Williams; "The .50 Browning Machine Gun Cartridge" (US Headstamp Codes), Keith Pagel; "Muzzle Brakes from K&P Gun Co.", Eric Williams; "1991 FCSA National Match", by Skip Talbot. (20 pages)


1991 #4: "New FCSA 1000 yd. Record Group", by Eric Williams; "The Bieber Bore Rider Bullet", by Bill Bieber; "The .50 BMG Cartridge" (Target Marking Tip Colors-“Dipping”), by Keith Pagel; "Choosing a Fifty Caliber Rifle", by Eric Williams; "FCSA Membership Survey Results", by Eric Williams (24 pages)


1992 #1: "Wildcats & Solid Bullets", by Eric Williams; "The Tale of 4¼ Inches", by Skip Talbot; "Building a Benchrest Fifty", by Dennis Chapman; "Match Rules", Editor; "Have a Blast at Knob Creek", by Eric Williams; "Some Notes About Membership", by Eric Williams; "The .50 Browning Machine Gun Cartridge" (US Non-Corrosive Primer Breakpoints/Ammo Tip Color Identification), by Keith Pagel (36 pages)


1992 #2: "The McMillan Machine Co. Action", by Eric Williams; "Tucson Match Report", by Lynn McMurdo;  "The 20MM X138B: A Step Beyond The Fifty", by Eric  Williams; "Investigation of the Limits of Fifty  Caliber Vented Propellant Gun Designs", by Michael  Viars; "Keep Those Fifties Clean", by Eric Williams;  "Calculating Bullet Weights", by Dan Lilja; "Fifty Caliber Trajectory Tables: Vol. I", by Eric Williams;  (40 Pages)


1992 #3: "1992 National Match Report", by Eric Williams; Shooter’s Survey Results’ Editor; "FCSA Top 25 Groups and Aggregates’, Editor; "Observations On The Match", by Dennis Chapman; Excellent Article on the 1992 National Match by Jack Hollinger; "Case Dimensional Variations", by Eric Williams; "Incipient Separation", by Skip Talbot; "Production of a Match Bullet" by Lynn McMurdo; ".50 BMG Cartridge Tip Colors, Vol.I", by Keith Pagel; "AMAC/Iver Johnson 500/5100/5011A1 Rifles", by R.L.Fisher; "Muzzle Brakes & Rifle Scopes: We Have A Problem", by Eric Williams; "Weapons Ban in Canada", by Eric Williams; (44 pages)


1992 #4: "The New Sugg-50 Rifle", by Eric Williams; "Reno Regional Match Report, Aug. 1992", by Skip Talbot; "Powders-IMR 5010" by Eric Williams; "Published Loading Data", by Eric Williams; “.50 BMG Cartridge Tip Colors, Vol.II" by Keith Pagel; "Ballistic Tables, Vol.II-Barnes Bullets", by Eric Williams; "FCSA Members Network", by Eric Williams;  (32 pages)


1993 #1: "Semi's" by Dennis Chapman (Good account of how the Barrett Rifles are made); "Primers" by Eric Williams (Compares the CCI, RWS & IMI .50 cal. primers); "50 BMG Cartridge Color Tips, Vol. III" by Keith Pagel; "Genesis-The Beginning" by Dan Zignego; "Fifty Caliber Shooters from Down Under" by Glenn Burke-New South Wales, Australia; "Nov. 1992 Tucson Match report" by Lynn McMurdo; "Beauties & The Beast" by Skip Talbot (Good article about women who shoot the .50 cal); New Products Report by Eric Williams.  (Includes info on a new Semi-auto by McBros, info on the Bullpup rifle designed by McMillan Gun Works, info on a fifty cal handgun and several other new products.) (40 Pages)


1993 #2: "Familiarity Breeds Contempt" by Skip Talbot;(Good article on reloading 50 cal); "A .50 BMG reloading Guide" by Eric Williams; "Some Notes on Dominican Ammo" by Eric Williams; "The .50 BMG Cartridge-Buying Ammo" by Keith Pagel; "January 1993 Phoenix Match Report" by John Burtt; "New Products" by Eric Williams (Includes info on the new Hornady 750 gr bullet, the Mdl 2000 50 cal Rifle by AAO Ordnance & the PGM Hecate II Rifle) "Printing of the new FCSA By-laws & Match Rules" (44 pages)


1993 #3: "Letter to NRA President La Pierre and a Demographic survey report of the membership of FCSA" by Eric Williams; "Match Report of the "Nationals Competition" held at Whittington Center, July 1993" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report, Regional match at Whittington Center, May 1993" by Skip Talbot; "China Invades .50 Caliber Ammo Market" by Keith Pagel; "ARES: The Plastic Cased Telescoped Ammunition Story" by Keith Pagel; (Very good article on some variations of the .50 cal bullet.) "The Fundamentals of Bullet Design-A New Bullet Designed By PRODAS" by Eric Williams. (44 Pages)


1993 #4: "Bullpups" by Dennis Chapman (Article on the new Ballard Bullpup Rifles); "How Far Will it Shoot" by Eric Williams;(Good technical article) "Some Notes on the Development of the Hi Explosive Fifty Caliber Cartridge" by Keith Pagel (Good article on the MK-211 Raufoss Round); "Reloading Mechanics for Beginners" by Dan Zignego; "Brief Notes on McMurdo Bullets" by Jack Hollinger; "New Products" by Eric Williams (includes info on the new VihtaVuori Oy powders, The Barrett M82A1 with a Swarovski scope, Rib Mountain Arms bolt action Rifle and a review of recently published "The Ultimate Sniper" by Maj. John Plaster); "Match report-Reno, Sept. 1993" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-Lodi, WI.-Oct 1993" by Dan Zignego; "Match Report-Coalinga, Oct. 1993" by Skip Talbot. (44 Pages)


1994 #1: ".50 BMG Behemoth Mother of all Pistols" by Norman Chung; "News From IMI" by Keith Pagel (article on .50 cal products available from IMI); “Oehler M43 Tests of Powders in the .50 BMG" by Jack Hollinger; "Fifty Caliber Barrel Rigidity" by Dan Lilja; "Comparing Various Bullet Designs" by Eric Williams; "Fifty Caliber Elk Hunt" by Greg Boyd; "A Close Look at the Hornady Bullet" by Dick Fisher; "New Products” by Eric Williams (includes info on the Hornady Amax bullet, The new LAR Bullpup rifle, the DHB anti-cant device, the Ultimate Accuracy Arms Iver Johnson/Amac Rifle, AMTECH composite cased ammo, and several other new products related to fifty caliber.); "Match Report-Phoenix, Nov. 1993” by John Burtt (44 Pages)


1994 #2: "Alternatives to the .50 BMG: The 510 Gibbs" by Michael L. Viar; " Making of the FCSA Wildcat" by Skip Talbot; "The Other Fifty Caliber Rounds" by Keith Pagel; "The Mance .50 Caliber Bullet" by Dick Fisher; "Scope Bases For Long Range Shooting" by Dan Lilja; "Weighing the Alternative" by Skip Talbot (Article on the types of weighing scales available on the market); "Flat Base Jackets From Belted Magnum Brass" by Richard Near; "Searching For Quality Brass" by Eric Williams; "Match Report-Phoenix, Jan. 1994" by George Dennis; "Match Report-Coalinga, March 1994" by Buddy Clifton. (48 Pages)


1994 #3: "Musings Of…. An Aspiring Benchrest Shooter" by Dennis Chapman; “Preparing For the Nationals or How to Panic in Three Easy Steps" by Buddy Clifton; "What I've Learned About Barrels & Fouling" by Eric Williams; "Salvo Squeeze Bore and the .50 BMG Cartridge" by Keith Pagel; "Home On The Range" by Dan Zignego; "A Comparison of Vihta Vouri Oy Powders" by Dick Fisher; "Norinco .50 BMG Ammunition" by Keith Pagel; "New Products" by Eric Williams (includes info on several bullet types, does a comparison of the concentricity gages made by Dennis Chapman & Neco); "Match Report-Reno, May 1994" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-FCSA Nationals, Whittington Center, July 1994" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-Williamsport, PA, July 1994" by Tilden Kuhns; "Report on the Board of Directors Meeting & the Annual Membership Meeting at Raton, NM 1994" by Becky Harmon. (56 Pages)


1994 #4: "Limited Commercial Ammo Tests" by Eric Williams & Skip Talbot; "Thoughts on Throats for the .50 BMG" by Dan Lilja; "The Case for Case Prep." By Dan Zignego; "Year in Review: The .50 BMG Cartridge in 1994" by Keith Pagel; "In Search of Answers" by Skip Talbot; "The Tensioned Barrel" by Mark White; "New Products" by Eric Williams; "Match Report-Reno, Sept. 1994" by Lynn McMurdo; "Match Report-Coalinga, Nov. 1994" by Buddy Clifton. (44 Pages)


1995 #1: "Muzzle Brake Test, Part I" by Richard Near; "14 Powders Under Examination" by Eric Williams & Jack Hollinger; "Paragon and the .50 BMG Cartridge" by Keith Pagel; "Chuck Hunting with the .50 BMG" by Dan Lilja; "Catch a Coyote With a .50 Caliber" by Eric Williams; "New Products" by Eric Williams (includes info on the new Barnes 800 gr. bullets, the new Hornady .50 cal reloading dies, a review of LAR's booth at the shot show and an introduction to Gale McMillan's new "Fat Mac" .50 BMG bullet); "Match Report-Phoenix, Jan. 1995" by George Dennis. (48 Pages)


1995 #2: "Muzzle Brake Test, Part II" by Richard Near (Very good report on Brakes); "Interior Ballistics: A Method For Predicting Velocity" by Eric Williams; "Barrel Lengths & Velocities for the .50 BMG" by Dan Lilja (Very good technical article); "XP-04-50 A Wildcat For the Space Age" by Ed Hall (Tongue in cheek); "The Other Fifty Caliber Rounds, Part II" by Keith Pagel; "Knob Creek-Spring 1995" by Keith Pagel; "Match Report-Coalinga, March 1995" by Buddy Clifton; "Match Report-Reno, April 1995" by Skip Talbot. (52 Pages)


1995 #3: "Progress" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-Nationals, Raton, July 1995" by Lynn McMurdo; "Match Report-Williamsport, June 1995" by Tilden Kuhns; "addition to Williamsport Match Report" by John Eggleston; "Match Report, Raton Regional, June 1995" by Pearre Chase; "Trimmer Technology" by Skip Talbot; "The McBros .50 BMG Action" by Dan Lilja; "The Noble Six Hundred" by Dan Zignego; "Cryo-Tempering" by Scott Nye. (48 Pages)


1995 #4: "Odds & Ends" by Skip Talbot (excellent article that addresses many of the most frequently asked questions about shooting & reloading for .50 BMG); ".50 Caliber SLAP and Other Discarding Sabot Ammunition" by Keith Pagel; "My Story" by Craig Taylor; "Match Report-Coalinga, Sept. 1995" by Buddy Clifton; "Match Report-Raton Regional, Oct.1995" by Pearre Chase. (44 Pages)


1996 #1: "Records" by Skip Talbot; "Misfires vs Hangfires" by John Burtt; "APT Swaged Copper Solids" by Carl Matts; "Building the Gunmetals Design Big 50" by Bob Fickling; "New Products" by Skip Talbot (includes info on 4D dies & Near Muzzle Brakes); "Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting at Raton, 1995 and the one held in Phoenix, Az in Nov." by Peggy Johnson; "Measuring Case Capacities" by Del Dimick; "The Vertical Component of Wind Drift" by Richard Near; ".50 BMG Alternatives, The Rationale" by Mike Viar; "Match Report-Phoenix, Nov. 1995" by John Burtt; "Match Report-Thunderbird Open/Phoenix-Jan. 1996" by George Dennis; "Match Report-Williamsport, Nov. 1995" by John Yenason. (48 Pages)


1996 #2: "The Vertical Component of Wind Drift (Revisited)" by Robert McCoy; "Shot Show-1996" by Keith Pagel (includes info on the Stoner fifty cal., The new Barrett M95 fifty cal., LAR Rifles, McMillan/McBros products, US Optics/Pauza/Omni products, the new ZDF Bullpup rifles and several other products.) "New Products" by Skip Talbot (includes info on RMI stocks, Northwest Arms Dist. Rifles and much more.) "More About Muzzle Brakes" by John Burtt; "Match Report-Coalinga, March 1996" by Buddy Clifton. "Materials For .50 Caliber Bullets" by Dan Lilja; " Match Report-Reno, April 1996" by Skip Talbot; "Shooting the LAR Grizzley" by Carl Matts; (60 Pages)


1996 #3: "Chambering a Fifty Caliber Rifle Barrel" by Dan Lilja; "Facets of A World Championship Match" by Skip Talbot; "The Road To Raton" by Buddy Clifton (World Champion) "New Products" by Skip Talbot (includes info on guns by Action Gun Works, a new priming tool by Kevin Kuhne and custom guns by K&P Gun Co.); "Match Report-World Championships, Raton, July 1996" by Skip Talbot. (48 Pages)


1996 #4: "The Exterior Ballistic Characteristics of Three Caliber .50 Military Bullets" by Robert McCoy; "New Products" by Skip Talbot (includes info on Buckmaster firearms, IMI primers, TSI-301 from Neco, a new case trimmer, a stock with ambidextrous thumb hole and some new wind flags); "Going To Your First Match?" by Ron Powell; "The Other Fifty Caliber Rounds-Part III" by Keith Pagel; "It's Never Just A Roll of the Bones!" by Craig Taylor; "The Mudslide 600" by Dan Zignego; "Match Report-Raton Regional, June 1996" by Pearre Chase. (56 Pages)


1997 #1: "Odds & Ends" by Skip Talbot; "New Products" by Skip Talbot (includes info on S&GY Precision Rifles, Arizona Ammunition Co., MWG Scope Rings, Bullet truing tool by K&P Gun Co., Kroil Oil, Barnes Bullets, Hornady Bullets and much more.) "Competing With The Weather" by Buddy Clifton; "What Happened At Phoenix" by John & Teri Burtt; "Match Report-Reno, Aug. 1996" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-Coalinga, Sept. 1996" by Michael Whitesides; "Match Report-Raton, Oct. 1996" by Stan Popper; “Match Report-Phoenix, Nov. 1996" by John & Teri Burtt. (48 Pages)


1997 #2: "The Law Enforcement Liaison" by John Burtt; "Introducing The FCSA Research & Development Liaison" by Buddy Clifton; "Odds & Ends" by Skip Talbot (New products review) "The Robar Companies, Inc." by Skip Talbot; "Minutes of the Las Vegas Board of Directors Meeting" by Peggy Johnson; "Bruce Longson's Rifles" by George Dennis; "Chamber Pressure Time Delay Test" by Skip Talbot; "Blow-ups" by Skip Talbot (good safety article on guns that have blown up); "Techniques" by Skip Talbot (very good article on subtle techniques of benchrest shooting); "Match Report-World Championships, Raton, July 1997" By Skip Talbot; "Nightforce Scopes" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-Coalinga, March,1997" by Michael Whitesides; "Match Report-Reno, April, 1997" by Randy Dierks; (48 Pages)


1997 #3: "Odds & Ends" by Skip Talbot; "McMurdo Custom Bullets" by Lynn & Skip Talbot; "New Products" by Skip Talbot (includes info on Action Gun Work's new rear rest, Neco's new Self Porting Muzzle Brake, Ken Light's annealing machine and much more); "Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting at Raton, July 1997" by Peggy Johnson; "Minutes of the membership meeting, Raton July 1997" by Peggy Johnson; "Action Gun Works" by Skip Talbot ( a good article on the work that Randy & Paula Dierks do at their Shop); "Who Did What To Whom?" by Skip Talbot (a review of the Championship Match 1997); "How Not To Take First Place" by George Richards; "Screamers!!" by Skip Talbot (an explanation of how FCSA awards screamer patches); "1997 FCSA World Championships" by Pearre Chase; "Getting It Done Despite The Odds" by Skip Talbot; "Match Report-Raton, May 1997" by Skip Talbot. (52 Pages)


1997 #4: "FCSA 1000 Yard Recognized Records" by Del Dimick; "Places To Shoot .50 BMG" by Del Dimick; "Match Participation" by Del Dimick; "New US Military Variations On The .50 BMG Cartridge" by Keith Pagel; "Secrets of Shooting A Record 2-Gun Aggregate" by Scott Nye; "FCSA Financial Statement-1996" by Peggy Johnson; "Tips on Shooting Semi-Auto" by Ken Rasmussen; "Women Shooters" by Paula Dierks; "Match Report-Raton, Sept, 1997" by Del Dimick; "A Woman's View of the Big Gun" by Teri Burtt; "Match Report-Coalinga, Sept, 1997" by Michael Whitesides; "Match Report-Reno, Oct. 1997" by Skip Talbot. (60 Pages)


1998 #1: “Odds & Ends" by Del Dimick (includes info on the coming World Competition, Carlos Hathcock fund raiser, Primers for The Conf. Air Force, and nomination statements by candidates running for FCSA offices); "From Your Editor" by Del Dimick; "Shot Show Review" by Del Dimick (Lots of info on new items displayed at the 1998 Shot Show); "Match Report-Belgium, Oct 1997" by Marcus Stolz & Daniel Sladewski; "Places To Shoot" by Del Dimick; "New Products" by Del Dimick (Reviews a whole line of new .50 cal products on the market); "Arizona Ammunition-Factory Loads That Work" by ML McPherson; "Custom Rifles-.50 cal" by Del Dimick; "Loose Thoughts & Comments" by Harley Putzke; "No Hunting With .50 BMG in Idaho" by Del Dimick. (48 Pages)


1998 #2: "Odds & Ends" by Del Dimick; "New Products" by Del Dimick (review of the Hecate II .50 BMG); ".50 Caliber Multi-Purpose Ammunition" by Jim Frigiola; "The Other Fifty Caliber Rounds-Part IV" by Keith Pagel; "Reading Mirage" by Gale McMillan; "Product Review of JMC Model 2000 M/P .50 BMG" by John Hollinger; "Match Report-Coalinga, March 1998" by Michael Whitesides; "Match Report-Reno, April 1998" by Paula Dierks; " Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting-Las Vegas, 1998" by Teri Burtt; "Custom Built Rifle" by Larry & Karen Watson; “Custom Rifle" by John Ezell; "FCSA Membership Survey/Demographics" by Del Dimick. (50 Pages)


1998 #3: "Odds & Ends" by Del Dimick; "What Real Winning is All About" by Eric Williams; "Reloading Data for the .50BMG" by Skip Talbot; "1998 FCSA National Championships" by Michael Whitesides; "Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting" by Teri Burtt; "Minutes of Annual Membership Meeting" by Teri Burt; "From the Editor" by Del Dimick. (44 pages)


1998 #4: "Corrections"; "Odds & Ends" by Del Dimick; "Range Development" by Skip Talbot; "Membership Drive" by John Burtt; "Observations from the 1998 Firearms Trade Exposition" by Keith Pagel; "Hunting with the Grizzly Big Boar .50BMG" by Brandon J. Robison; "Barrels for the Barrett" by Ken Rasmussen; "Coalinga Match Report" by Michael Whitesides; "Sustenpass Match Report" by Marcus Stolz; "Reno Match Report" by Skip Talbot; "Cleaning the .50BMG" by John Burtt; "Open Bolt Indicators" by Wayne Satern; "Index of VHP Back Issues" by John Burtt; "From Your Editor" by Del Dimick; "Places to Shoot" (40 pages)


1999 #1: “Odds & Ends" by Del Dimick; “Proposed .50BMG Fun Matches” by Jim Schmidt; “The FCSA Visits Indy” by Keith Pagel; “Premier Reticles 24X LER Leupold MK4” review by Buddy Clifton; “Badger Ordnance Scope Rings” review by Buddy Clifton; “Modern Exterior Ballistics – Synopsis and Review” book review by Peter Plostins; “1999 SHOT Show” by Keith Pagel; “Coalinga Match Report November 13-15, 1998” by John Burtt; “Stresses in Gun Barrels” by Del Dimick; “From Your Editor” by Del Dimick; “Index to 1998 VHP”; “Places to Shoot”; “Death of Carlos Hatchcock”; “Results of Participation Poll” by Del Dimick; (44 pages)


1999 #2: “1999 Nomination Acceptance Letters”; “A New .50 Caliber World Record” by John Burtt; “Skip Talbots Equipment List”; “Odds and Ends” by Del Dimick; “New Products”; “Fifty Caliber Match Ammunition” by Dr. Eric L. Williams and Buddy G. Clifton; “A Unique Crosswind Compensation Fire Control Device For Small Arms” by Gideon Bar-Tal, Sagie Tsadka, Ehud Azoulay; “How to Make The Wizzard Tumbler” by Joe Kertesz; “.50BMG Equipment in Europe” by Marcus Stolz; “I Too Shoot a 7MM Mag. (Right Out the End of My .50BMG)” by Skip Talbot; “The Lost Art of Working with Big Guns” by Kent Chamberlain; “Coalinga Match Report March” 1999 by John Burtt; “Reno Match Report April 1999” by Paula Dierks; “Letters to the Editor”; “From the Editor” by Del Dimick; “Letter to Henry Waxman” by Buddy Clifton; (52 pages)


1999 #3: “Odds and Ends” by Del Dimick; “From the President’s Bench” by Buddy Clifton; “Front Office” by Teri Burtt; “Readers Choice Survey Results”; “The Bushnell YARDAGE PRO 1000 Laser Rangefinder” review by Buddy Clifton; “O&M Heavy Duty Decapper & Reduced Effort Expander” review by Del Dimick; “QuickLOAD Interior Ballistics Software” review by Del Dimick; “The FCSA on the Road: Knob Creek, KY & Cleveland, OH” by Keith Pagel; “World Championships July 3-4, 1999 match report” by John A. Yenason; “FCSA Fights Back” by John Burtt; “FCSA Annual Membership Meeting”; “UK Fifty Browning Association”;  “Sporting Shooters World Forum” “From the Editor” by Del Dimick; “Companies Donating Prizes for 1999 Championships”; (40 pages)


1999 #4: “Legislative Update” by John Burtt & Keith Pagel; “FCSA on the Move!” by Keith Pagel; “Gun Rights Policy Conference” by John Burtt; “Odds & Ends” by Del Dimick; “A ‘FER’ PIECE!” by Skip Talbot; “Shooting the .50BMG at Two Miles (3500 Yards)” by John Burtt; “WHAC First Annual Fun Shoot” by Bob McBride; “New Products” by Del Dimick; “Effective Extended Long Range Projectile (EELR)” by Russ Anderson; “The Boss" AR-BMG 50 Cal By Larry Watson; “The New “Nightforce Extreme Scope” review by Buddy Clifton; “The Knob Creek Shoot and Show” By Vic Fogle; “Coalinga, CA September 99 Match Report” By Buddy Clifton; “Sand Hills Match Alliance, Nebraska July 23-24 & 25” By Wayne Satern; “Reno October 1999 match report” by Skip Talbot; “Equipment Used in 1999 Championship Match” by Skip Talbot; “From the Editor” by Del Dimick; “From My Cold Dead Fingers” By Sheriff Richard Mack (retired); (60 pages)


2000 #1: “Forster 50-BMG Outside Neck Turning Tool” by M.L.McPherson; “Characteristics of an Anti-Gun Liar” by Del Dimick; “Proposed Standard For European Cartridge” by Skip Talbot; “S.H.O.T. Show Review” by Del Dimick; “Range Safety Considerations” by M.L.McPherson; “The Older Generation” by Robert J. Grady, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret) (52 pages)


2000 #2: “Reno Match Report” by Randy Dierks; “Wildcatting the .50BMG: Part 1” by Monte R. Kyser; “If Guns Were Registered Like Cars” by Ron Miller; “An Open Letter” by M.L.McPherson; “Pressure Indicators in a .50BMG” by Del Dimick; “Using the Prometheus Powder Dispensing System” by M.L.McPherson; “Greek and South African .50BMG Ammunition” by Keith Pagel; “Custom .50BMG Rifle (Bradley Falling Block)”; “Gale McMillan Nominated for GSGT Carlos N. Hatchcock II and LTC George M. Chinn Awards” by Keith Pagel; “XM107 Caliber .50 Sniper Rifle” by Keith Pagel; “Swansboro, N.C. (inside back cover)” (50 pages)


2000 #3: “Blowing Jackets” by Skip Talbot; “How Much Spin” by Jim Frigiola; “Alliance Match Report” by Paul R. Harlow, Sr.; “Wildcatting the .50BMG Part II” by Monte R. Kyser; “The .50 Caliber Experience” by Michele Robertson; “FCSA National Matches” by Charlie Cutshaw and Skip Talbot; “Elm Switzerland Match Report” by Marcus Strolz (edited by Del Dimick) (56 pages)


2000 #4: “Soldier of Fortune Convention” by Del Dimick; “Review of Barrett M99 .50BMG” by Bob Culver; “Evaluation of the ArmaLite AR-50” by Forrest Fleming; “Atterbury Match Report” by Keith Pagel; “If You Survived Atterbury” by John Burtt; “NDIA Small Arms Conference” by Keith Pagel; “Reno Match Report” by Skip Talbot; “Back to the Rock” by John Burtt; “FCSA Supplier’s Guide-2001 Edition” by Keith Pagel (60 pages)


2001 #1: “FCSA Position Statement,” “Legislative Update” by John Burtt, “From the Office” by John Robertson, “Caliber .50 Browning Machine Gun & Ammunition Through 75 Years ‘A Historical Review’” by Kare Strandli, “Goldilocks Gun Control” by Tim Wheeler, “2001 SHOT Show” by Keith Pagel, “Watson’s Weapons .50 BMG AR-15 Conversion” by Vic Fogle, “Experiences with a Homemade Gun” by Alan Hickman, “Barrel Length, Muzzle Velocity, & Unburned Powder” by Del Dimick, “Build your own Rifle ?” by Joe Rich, “2001 Edition of the FCSA Supplier’s Guide” by Keith Pagel, “Range Report December 2000” by Ken Mitcham, “50 Caliber Chamber Dimensions” by Skip Talbot, “Inside the Den – LAR Manufacturing, Home of the Grizzly .50 Big Boar,” “WHAC 2nd Annual Fun Shoot Report” by Bob McBride, “FCSA Board of Directors Meeting,” “Barrett M99 Improvements-Range Report-Follow-up, March 2001 Barrett M99 .50 BMG” by Bob Culver. (80 pages)


2001 #2: “Legislative Update” by John Burtt, “From the Front Office” by John Robertson, “New Product Review:  K&M Case Trimmer” by John Burtt, “New Product Review:  McMillan Stock” by John Burtt, “Odds and Ends” by Wes Kirschner, “About Rifling:  Rates & Styles” by M.L. McPherson, “Completely Custom:  Action Gun Works Sparks, NV” by Paula Dierks, “A True .50 Cal Takedown:  Visiting EDM Arms” by Keary Ritchie, “A Tour of Lilja Rifle Barrels in Montana” by VHP Staff, “Fall Regional Match – NRA Whitting Center-Raton, NM” by Pearre Chase, “Chamber Neck Dimensions Revisited” by Randy Dierks, “Reality Check” by Skip Talbot, “The Internal Ballistic Effects of Rifling Twist Rate” by M.L. McPherson, “Match Report-Reno” by Randy Dierks, “Why Cases Stretch” by M.L. McPherson, “Gun Laws are for Everyone !  But Me.  Reckless Feinstein Sweeps Crowd with AK-47” (60 pages)


2001 #3: “The 2001 Match-50 Cal World Championships” by Steve Lazzarini, “Alliance, NE Match Report” by Paul Harlow Sr., “An Introduction to the LAR Grizzly Big Boar .50 BMG” by Kirby Allen, “Legislative Update” by John Burtt/Kevin Watson, “Dragon Arms’ Full Auto Shooting Team Hosts a FCSPI Fundraiser” by Ryan West, “The Effects of Air Density on Bullet Drift” by Dan Lilja, “Camp Atterbury Fun Shoot” by Wes Brubaker, “Mid-Year Update-FCSA Suppliers’ Guide” by Keith Pagel, “Barrett Firearms Manufacturing-Past, Present, and Future” by Drew Irwin, “FCSA Board Meeting” by John Robertson, “FCSA Membership Meeting Minutes” by John Robertson, “Introducing the New FCSA Editor” by John Burtt. (60 pages)


2001 #4: “RCBS Standard .50 BMG Loading Dies – How Good Are They ?” by Kirby Allen, “Two Tales of One Match – Reno 2001” by Skip Talbot & Bill England, “Last Call ! – 2002 FCSA Supplier’s Guide” by Keith Pagel, “Legislative Update” by John Burtt, “Very High Power – Your Magazine” by Irv Benzion, “Anyone Can Do This !” by Paul Harlow, “New Product Review – Mueller Micrometer Bullet Seater” by John Burtt, “9-11 Spawns Attack on Fifty Calibers” by various sources, “Survival Training – White Horse Range, WV:  May 25, 26, 27, 2001” by Steve Kuyon, “Fort Drum – The Truth About External Ballistics & the Supreme Reality Check” by Tom Ebmeyer, “Bullet Stability” by The X-Ring of Sierra, “50 BMG’s Return to Ben Avery Shooting Facilities” by The Bullet Trap of the AZ State Rifle & Pistol Assn., “We Stand by You” by anonymous. (60 pages)


2002 #1: “Owner Hid Rifle in Hills 10 Miles from Olympics” by Derek Jensen, “FCSA Board Meeting Minutes” by John Robertson, “A .50 Caliber Look at SHOT 2002” by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Election Candidates,” “M2 Primer Seater” by Skip Talbot, “A New Type of Shoot at Ft. Drum” by John Merrill & Del Dimick, “FCSPI Needs Your Help at the NRA Convention” by John Burtt, “Browning Machinegun Caliber .50 HB, M2” Part One by Robert Bruce, “Left the Range – Mike Hall” by Keith Pagel, “Left the Range – Klaus Horstkamp” by Jim Duha, FCSA Classifieds, “Match Report – Alliance, NE Sept 7-9, 2001” by Doug Juhola, “Back to School - .50 BMG Reloading 101” by Pat Smith, “FCSA Financial Statements” by John Robertson, “FCSA Endorses the Work of the NRA Foundation” (68 pages)


2002 #2: “What an American is,” “Now I Know,” “The M2-Part 2, Grand Old Lady of the US Armed Forces” by Robert Bruce, “Fall Harvest Match or The No Survival Skills Needed Match, White Horse Range – September 21-23, 2001” by John Knox, “Meet You at the National Championships in Raton?” by R.A. Roberts, “Buying .50 BMG Ammo-Avoiding the Pitfalls-Part One” by Keith Pagel, “Victory in California” by John Burtt, “Expanding Horizons” by Irv Benzion, “Q&A,” “Anthena Ammunition” by Skip Talbot, “AR-50 Addendum” by Forrest Fleming, “Bits & Pieces,” “Ranges Suited for the Big .50 In Short Supply” by Dick Whiting, “More from SHOT and the FCSA Supplier’s Guide Update” by Keith Pagel, “2002 Proposed Changes to the Rules and Bylaws” (68 pages)


2002 #3: “Lynn McMurdo Sets A New World Record,” “Buying .50 BMG Ammo-Part Two” by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Board Meeting-Raton, NM-July 4, 2002” by John Robertson, “FCSA Annual Membership Meeting” by John Robertson, “The .50 Caliber Plinker” by Joe Rovan, “Accessing Military Ranges” by John Merrill & Del Dimick, “Legislative Update” by John Burtt, “Vote-Elections, Freedom & the .50 BMG” by John Burtt, “In the Pits-Reno FCSA Match Report 4/19-21, 2002” by Randy Dierks, “The Prize” by Jerry Edwards (Winner of the FCSPI Windrunner Rifle Fund-Raiser), “Shooting Sabot Rounds in a .50 BMG” by Del Dimick, “Testing a Very Special Gift” by Del Dimick (Shooting John Robertson’s ‘FCSA Presidential Award for Excellence,’ a .480 Ruger Revolver), “Prize Donors:  FCSA National Matches-Raton, NM, 7/4-7, 2002,” “FCSA Official Light Gun Chamber Gauges Replaced” by Skip Talbot (68 pages)


2002 #4: “Scope Shootout for the .50 BMG - Part 1” by Mick McPherson, “State Troopers, Route 66, & the .50 BMG” (A story about the trip home from nationals) by Jim Schmidt, “Legislative Update” by John Burtt, “FCSPI Announces Chance to Win and EDM Arms Model SA99”, “New .50 BMG Ammunition on the US Market-‘Yugoslav’ M33 Ball” by Keith Pagel, “Armalite’s ‘Big Boy’-AR50” (Rifle test report on the AR50) by Gary Reisenwitz, “Field Report-Hunter Class Development” (Proposed new competition rifle class) by Bob McBride, “Keeping Faith with the Shooters” (Match cancellation policies) by Skip Talbot, “Bits & Pieces” (Miscellaneous news & information updates) by Irv Benzion, “FCSPI Needs Booth Volunteers at 2003 SHOT Show” by John Barnett, “Year-End Update:  FCSA Supplier’s Guide” by Keith Pagel, “The Dominator at Alliance” (Alliance, NE match report) by Romona Harlow, “Reno:  August 16-18” by Skip Talbot.  (74 pages)


2003 #1:  “Scope Shootout for the .50 BMG - Part 2” by Mick McPherson, “What Could be Better Than a New Rifle?  A Whole Bunch of New Rifles-SHOT Show 2003” by Keith Pagel, “Win an EDM Arms SA 99 .50 BMG Takedown Rifle” by John Barnett, “Bits and Pieces” by Irv Benzion (New Products & Letters to the Editor), “Scoping the .50 BMG for Under $1000” by Kirby Allen (Product report on the Burris Black Diamond riflescope), “Where to Shoot” (50-Friendly Shooting Ranges), “FCSPI Announces Debut of the .50 BMG Poster ‘Size Matters’” by John Barnett, “Come to Mouseland-FCSPI Desperately Needs Volunteers” by John Barnett,  “What’s New in the .50 Game” by Keith Pagel & John Burtt (New product announcements), “We’ll Meet in Raton – Shoot-Eat-and Have Fun” by Peggy Johnson (Planning for the 2003 FCSA World Championships), “FCSA’s 2003 Election Candidates” (Candidate statements), “The Fight for the Fifty in 2003” by John Burtt (FCSPI legislative status report), “Hunter Class Rules Development Follow-up” by Bob McBride, “Boom !” by Paula McCrary (Dragon Man Museum/Dragon Arms/RMFCSA Veteran’s Day Firepower Demo report), “Dragon Arms Presents FCSPI with Donation” by John Burtt, “Knowing the .50 BMG Rifle” by Jim Schmidt (50 rifles and accessories from an ammunition manufacturer’s perspective), “FCSA Board of Director’s Meeting” by John Robertson, “Match Report:  Alliance, Nebraska September 6-8, 2002” by Doug Juhola.  (80 pages)


2003 #2:  “It’s at 783 Yards” by Wendy Henry (Hunting Alaska with the .50 cal), “Scope Shootout for the .50 BMG – Part 3” by Mick Mcpherson, “This Year’s Apex of the .50 Caliber World-The World Championships at Raton” by Wendy Henry (What to expect at the 2003 Nationals), “New .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition on the US Market-‘Bosnian’ M33 Ball” by Keith Pagel, “The Road Ahead” by John Burtt (50 Caliber Legislative Update), “The Law of Unintended Consequences” by Skip Talbot (EXTREME range 50 caliber shooting research), “A Unique and Versatile Sighting System for the .50 BMG Rifle” by Rick Lasner, “Bits & Pieces” (News and new product announcements), “Let’s Talk Bullets” by Lynn McMurdo (The history & science of .50 bullet designs for competition), “The Heros Are the Guys Who Did Not Come Back” submitted by Linda Craig (The story of the men on the Iwo Jima Memorial), “Using the .50 BMG to put Outing into Scouting” by Del Dimick (Introducing 50 caliber shooting to a Boy Scout Troop), “Where to Shoot” (An update on “Fifty Friendly” shooting ranges in the US), “2003 Supplier’s Guide Update” by Keith Pagel, “Proposed Changes to the Rules of Competition,” “Phoenix Precision Machining .50 BMG Concentricity Gauge” by Kirby Allen (New product report).  (84 pages)


2003 #3:  “Braking the .50 BMG – Part 1” by Ron Lawrence, “Enhanced Reloading with O&M Products” by Kirby Allen, “Raton World Shoot 2003 Match Report” by John Yenason & Wendy Henry, “Melissa’s Ma Duce” (A daughter’s experiences with dad’s .50 cal ) by Hugh Bargiel, “From Benches to Buffalo” (Hunting with the .50 caliber) by Reid Woodward, “Foreign Suppliers of the .50 Caliber – Part 1” by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Board of Directors Meeting” by John Robertson, “The Best Case Trimmer I Have Ever Used” by Matt Huston, “Need to Bury a Rifle at the Seashore?” (Metal protection & lubricant products) by Phil Sanders, “FCSA Membership Meeting Minutes” by John Robertson, “Bits & Pieces: ‘Black Hills Supports FCSA by Donating Ammo’” by M.L. McPherson, “Flash” (Lake City primers on the market) by Keith Pagel, “Arming Airline Pilots” by Irv Benzion, “Finally-Hunter Class” (Details on the new FCSA-sanctioned competition class) by Bob McBride, “State Arms Rebel” by John Yenason, “Raton NM-May 2002 Regional Match” by Marilyn Lazzarini, “The New Big Gun at Raton!” by Steve Lazzarini. (92 pages)


2003 #4:  “Scope Shoot Out Compilation” by M.L. McPherson, “Foreign Suppliers of the .50 Caliber – Part 2” by Keith Pagel, “Braking the .50 BMG – Part 2” by Ron Lawrence, “Forward Yo-Oh – or What a Grab Bag of Activities” (New FCSA Programs & Offers) by Irv Benzion, “Foam and the Art of Barrel Maintenance” (Barrel Break-In, Maintenance, and the new Forrest Copper Removal Foam) by Rick Lasner, “FCSA Supplier’s Guide Up Date” (Supplier Contact Information Changes & New Products) by Keith Pagel, “.50 BMG Internal Concentricity Comparator” (New Products Article) by Joel Sokoloff, “Precision Ballistics .50 BMG Rifle” (New Products Article) by Kirby Allen, “Hunting Buff and the Teaching Game” by T.R. Lane, “Questioning Skip ?” (Discussions on .50 Ballistics Theory) by Ben Baker, “Just Grin and Barrett” (Marriottsville, MD Fun Shoot Report) by Bob Culver, “Hunters’ Post” (New Column on Hunting with the .50) by Wendy Henry, “A Different Type of Powder Measure” (Product Report on the JDS Quick Measure) by Phil Sanders, “The Week of the ‘Murphy Match’” (Raton, NM Fall 2003 Match Report) by Morris Casey Jr. (92 pages)


2004 #1:  “How Do You Stick the Glass Thing On?” (Scope base & ring review) by Pat Smith, “A Swiss Look at Scopes and Mounts” by Marcus Stolz, “Give Me One, Just One” (FCSA membership recruiting & Member Get a Member Program) by Bob McBride, “Concentricity Measurement and Correction” (Introducing the Bersin Concentricity Tool) by Mic McPherson, “Women in Scope, May 8, 2004” (Women’s .50 shooting and educational event) by Wendy Henry, “Blue Grass Viper-One Tough Rifle” (Destructive testing of the Blue Grass Armory Viper .50 rifle) by Phil Sanders, “New .50 Guns and Gear – The 2004 SHOT Show Part 1” by Keith Pagel, “The Rock Revisited, Part 3” (Ultra-long range shooting) by Skip Talbot, “FCSA Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes – Feb 2004” by John Robertson, “My First 1000 Yard Shoot” by Yan Goldovsky, “Reade Township, June 1-2, 2003” (Match results) by John Yenason/Wendy Henry, “Reno August 23-24, 2003” (Match results) by Skip Talbot (92 pages)


2004 #2:  “In Memoriam-Barbara Ann Lazzarini” by JR Lazzarini, “Tasco Super Sniper” by Peter Cronhelm, “2004 Supplier’s Guide Update” by Keith Pagel, “A Field Guide to Gun Shows” by Jim Sebring, “The Long & the Short of It or How to Find a Case Trimmer that will Work for You – Part 1” (Forster Trimmer) by Howard Huggins, “Living with the Big .50” (Book Review) by Irv Benzion, “Black & White Spotters:  Not a ‘Gray Matter’” by John Eggleston, “Hunting Buckzilla with a .50 BMG” by David Case, “Competition Isn’t All that Happens in Raton” by Wendy Henry, “The Fourth of July-It Needs to be Shot” by John Eggleston, “New .50 Guns and Gear – The 2004 SHOT Show Part 2” by Keith Pagel, “Build a $78 Shooting Bench” by Brett Berger, “Tools” (Member Recruiting) by Bob McBride, “Comparison Chart of the Specifications of the Various .50 BMG Rifles Available from a Number of Current Manufacturers,” “Rejuvenation” (Shooting/Preparing Military Surplus Bullets) by Skip Talbot, “The Big Shot – A Review of the Barrett M99” by Del Dimick, “Cleaning .50 BMG Rifle Barrels” by Dan Lilja, “An Action on Steriods” (Product Review-the New RPA Action from OK Weber) by Skip Talbot, “A Director’s Notes” (A Board Member’s View on the State of the Sport) by John Eggleston, “2003 Halloween FCSA Sanctioned Match” (Reade Township PA Match Report) by Wendy Henry, “Fall Alliance Match” by Dave Keffeler & Lee Rasmussen, (100 pages)


2004 #3:  “A Sailor in New Mexico” (A new shooter’s observations at Nationals) by Robert Boatman, “Shortcuts to Match Ammo” (Tips on reloading match-grade ammo) by Skip Talbot, “Thoughts on .50 BMG Ballistics” (External ballistics performance of the fifty projectile) by Del Dimick, “Book Review-The 2nd Amendment & the Government’s Deception Concerning the Gun Control Issue” by John Robertson, “Notes of an (almost) Neophyte-Shooting at the 2004 FCSA World Championship Match at the NRA Whittington Center, Raton NM” by Howard Huggins, “Label Instructions on Consumer Goods,” “Case Trimmer Shootout-Part 2” (Product report-Gracey Trimmers) by Howard Huggins, “Aftershock” (Match Report-FCSA World Championships Raton NM July 2004) by Skip Talbot, “Does it Really Work ?” (Bersin Long Range .50 Caliber Ammunition Measuring & Adjustment Device) by Pat Smith, “Operation Freedom II” (Match Report-Reade PA Regional Spring Match May 2004) by Pat Smith, “Match Report-Palamino Valley Gun Club Reno NV April 2004” by Skip Talbot, “FCSA Board Meeting Minutes” (Raton NM July 2004) by John Robertson, “The Value of the Viper” (Rifle review-Blue Grass Armory Viper) by Phil Sanders, “Sandow’s Solution” (Cleaning solution for fired brass) by Alex Cordesman, “FCSA Annual Meeting & Dinner” (Raton NM July 2004), “It was a Dangerous Match” (Match Report-Alliance NE June 2004) by Lee Rasmussen, “West Texas Sayings,” “FCSA Spring Match” (Match Report-Raton NM May 2004) by Morris Casey Jr., (94 pages)


2004 #4:  “Three Points Public Shooting Range-Tucson AZ ‘From Beginning to End’” (Restoring & upgrading the range to .50 caliber availability) by Howard Huggins, “From Intimidation to Anticipation” (One shooter’s experience with East Ridge/State Arms Gun Co.) by Ed Schooler, “Picking the Flyspecks from the Pepper” (Quantifying the variables affecting match-grade cartridge production) by Del Dimick, “Percussion Primer Information for Big Bore Fans” (Ammunition primers-technology, history, design, & development) by Dr. Chem-E, “FCSA Official FCSA 2005 Match Schedule,” “Now Open for Fifties! Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Range, Tri-Cities WA” (New fifty-friendly range & match schedule), “FCSA World Records” (Compilation of known, current, sanctioned world records), “FCSA Trivia” (Facts about the FCSA), “The ‘Other’ .50 Cals-Part V” (The modern-era fifty caliber cartridges other than the .50 BMG) by Keith Pagel, “Format-2005 FCSA World Championships” (The new competition format for FCSA World Championships) by Skip Talbot, “Review-Super Sniper Scope” (Product review-Tasco Super Sniper rifle scopes) by Peter Cronhelm, “Ball Ammo Test” (Experimental results of reloading surplus Ball & AP projectiles) by John Burich & Bob Maupin, “American Ammunition-IMI .50 Ammo” (New product announcement-Amerc/IMI .50 ammo) by Keith Pagel, “Once and Future Lessons” (Match Report-Quantico Marine Base August 2004) by John Eggleston, “Palamino Valley Fall Match” (Match Report-Reno NV August 2004) by Skip Talbot, “Raton Fall Match” (Match Report-Raton NM September 2004) by Morris Casey Jr., “Alliance Becalmed” (Match Report-Alliance NE September 2004) by Lee Rasmussen, “Oops!  We Goofed!” (Errata notes from VHP 2004 #3) by John Robertson, (106 pages)


2005 #1:  “Does it Really Work?” (Bersin Ammunition Measuring & Adjustment Device) by Pat Smith, “2005 SHOT Show Review” (New 50 Products Report) by Keith Pagel, “An Important Notice for All FCSA Members” (Membership changes) by Skip Talbot, “Tank Buster to Tack Driver” (Conversion of a 13mm Mauser Rifle to .50 caliber) by Jack Hooker, “2005 FCSA Elections Candidates,” “Raising the Hair on the Back of Your Neck” (Ammunition scare) by Cliff Bates, “Reading Mirage” by Gale McMillan, “More Bang for the Buck” (New Lee .50 Reloading Kit Review) by Skip Talbot, “50 BMG Trajectory Adjustments – Part 1” (Trajectory charts for various .50 ammo loads) by Douglas Ott,  “Proposal to Allow the .50 DTC Europ Cartridge for Light-Gun Competition” by Tom Miller, “Light Gun Class Rule Change” (Removing the BMG caliber chamber requirement for Light Gun) by Ken Johnson,  “The Proof is in the Pudding” (September 2004 Tucson Fun Shoot Report) by Howard Huggins, “Ban Them Now!” (The threats automobiles pose compared to rifles) by Michael Williamson, “Regional Fall Match” (October 2004 Reade PA Match Report) by Joseph Estvanik Jr., “Possession of .50 BMG Rifles in California During the Registration Period!” by Jason Davis, (98 pages)


2005 #2:  “Women Shooters (A Woman’s View of the ‘Big’ Gun)” by Teri Burtt, “A Tribute to Lynn McMurdo” by John Robertson, “Shooting-Family Tradition, Family Sport” by April McMurdo, “The Effects of Air Density on Bullet Drift” by Daniel Lilja, “The .50 Caliber Experience” (.50 Shooting from a Female Novice’s Perspective) by Michele Robertson, “Case Trimmer Shootout – Part 3” (Product Review on the Giraud Trimmer) by Howard Huggins, “The Perfect Case – Loading the .50 Caliber” (Case Prep for Accuracy) by William Shumacher, “FCSA: The Next Generation” (Introducing the Young to Fifty Shooting Sports) by Ed Schooler, “A Look Back at Reno” (Photo Montage) by John Burtt, “You Might be a Gun Nut if….” (Humorous Look at Gun Ownership) by Randy Lyman, “Girls Just Wanna Have….Guns!” (Female’s Perspective on the .50 Shooting Sports) by Margie Knox, “2005 Edition of the FCSA Suppliers Directory” (Evolution of the Members’ Supplier List/Guide/Directory) by Keith Pagel, “50 BMG Trajectory Adjustments – Part 2” (Trajectory charts for various .50 ammo loads) by Douglas Ott, “A Director’s Notes” (Observations from a Member of the FCSA Board of Directors) by John Eggleston, “January 2005 Board Meeting Minutes” (FCSA Board of Directors Meeting Report), (90 pages)


2005 #3:  “Eulogy for Skip Talbot” by John Eggleston, “Product Review:  Burris Riflescope Rings” by Rick Anderson, “7th Annual Rocky Mountain FCSA Fun Shoot” by Ed Schooler, “The Fifty Caliber in the News” (Barrett award, new Extreme Shock ammo, new PMC ammo) by Keith Pagel, “50 Caliber Art Isn’t All Metal” (RB Gun Graphics 50 Cal Rifle Artwork) by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Match Report:  Raton NM Spring Match May 2005” by Morris Casey Jr., “Raton NM 2005 FCSA World Championships” by John Eggleston, “The 1000 Yard Shadow” (Formation of a southern chapter of .50 shooters & Waco, TX match) by Reid Woodward, “Spring 2005 Match Report:  Reno, NV” by Lee Rasmussen, “CCI #35 Primer Safety Notice,” “Match Report:  Rattlesnake Mountain June 2005” by Paul Rittmann, “Thank You” (2005 FCSA World Championships Vendor Donations), “One Shooter’s Views on the Gun Control Issue” by Cliff Bates, “Raton NM July 2005 FCSA Board Meeting,” “Left the Range” (Skip Talbot obituary) by John Burtt, (98 pages)


2005 #4:  “Thank You FCSA” (Rookie of the Year award confusion) by John Burtt, “CCI Primer Safety Issue Update” by Howard Huggins, “Winner of the Armalite AR-50 Rifle” by John Eggleston, “New .50 Caliber Products for the 2006 Shooting Season” (Preview:  New Products-Copperhead Custom Bullets, CBC/Magtech M33 Ball Ammo, Eldorado Cartridge Co “Green” Primers) by Keith Pagel, “New Product Release” (Zeiss riflescope) by Howard Huggins, “Statistical Design of Experiments for .50 BMG Load Development” by James Patterson, “The Association of Fifty Caliber Shooters” (Communications challenges and member involvement in the association) by John Eggleston, “The Art of Barrel Making” by Greg Kipp, “Rebuttal” (Opposition view to Cliff Bates’ article about gun control theory) by John Sigler, “Why the Proposed .50 Caliber Ban is Really a Rifle Ban” (Opposition view to Cliff Bates’ article about gun control theory) by James Norell, “The Tale of the Ferret” (History of Spider Firearms and the “Ferret50” rifle) by David Moore, “Product Review – Forster Handheld Outside Neck Turner” by John Eggleston, “Match Report – Alliance Nebraska, June 2005, Hoffland Range” by Wayne Satern, “Match Report – Quantico 2005 ‘Salvage’ Match” by John Eggleston, “Match Report – Reade County Pennsylvania, May 2005” by John Eggleston, “Match Report – Records Fall in Reno, Palamino Valley 2005” by Lee Rasmussen, “Match Report – Waco Texas, 2005, May 2005” by Reid Woodward, (92 pages)


2006 #1:  “.50 Cali ber Shooting in France” by Mark Bembaron, “An Arduous Journey Through the Lilliputian World of Lands and Grooves with a Sojourn in the Hamlet of BMG” (Utilizing the Hawkeye borescope in cleaning & product test article on Slip2000 and Bore Tech cleaners) by Irv Benzion, “Foreign Suppliers of the .50 Caliber” (Reprint of articles from VHP 2003 #3 and #4) by Keith Pagel, “Load from a Disk for Windows – Version 4.0.4” (Ballistic software product review) by Howard Huggins, “A Director’s Notes” (Thoughts on rules and records) by John Eggleston, “The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Gun”, “First Canadian .50 Caliber Fun Shoot” by Ben Klick, “Match Report – October 2005 Tucson AZ” by Howard Huggins, “Match Report – October 2005 Rattlesnake Mountain” by Paul Rittmann, “FCSA Board of Directors Meeting – February 2006 Las Vegas NV”, “FCSA Proposed By Law Changes”, (86 pages)


2006 #2:  “CCI Update” (Status on reported problems with CCI primers) by John Eggleston, “SHOT Show 2006 – New .50 Products Review” by Keith Pagel, “Thoughts on the SHOT Show” (Member recruitment efforts at the SHOT Show and beyond) by Sue Carpenter, “Proposed Match Rule Changes” (submitted for consideration at 2006 member’s meeting), “Editorial Material” (Reprint of VHP article Vol 1, Issue #2 of December 1985 new .50 products and developments) by Marty Liggins, “C-H Case Trimmer” (Product review) by Howard Huggins, “2006 Suppliers Directory” by Keith Pagel, “Skip Talbot Memorial Fundraiser” by John Burrt, “Time Well Spent Together” (Women’s perspective on shooting the .50 caliber) by Sheri Rasmussen, “Match Report – Spring 2006 Waco, TX ‘Who Knows Which Way the Wind Blows?’” by John Eggleston, “Match Report – Spring 2005 Rattlesnake Mountain” by Paul Rittmann, (70 pages)


2006 #3:  “NRA Convention 2006” by John Burtt, “Under the Big Top – Annual Membership Meeting, July 2006 Raton, NM” by Ross Higgins, “We’ve Never Been Lucky Until Now” (Winning the Skip Talbot Memorial Rifle) by Daren Lauritzen, “Thank You” (Prize donations to 2006 World Nationals), “Reloading Data for the .50 BMG (Reprint from VHP 1998 #3) by Skip Talbot, “Something new – The Junior Shooters” (The new FCSA junior shooters program) by Mary Outzen, “Keyholes & Scoring” by John Eggleston, “FCSA 2006 World Championships” by John Eggleston, “Iron Man” (Iron Man competition history) by Lee Rasmussen, “Match Report – Sept 2005 Alliance Nebraska” by Ed Schooler, “Match Report – June 2006 Alliance Nebraska” by Ed Schooler, “Match Report – April 2006 Palomino Valley” by Roberta Beene, “Match Report – Spring 2006 Quantico” by John Eggleston, “Match Report – May 2006 Raton, NM” by Morris Casey Jr., “Match Report – Summer 2006 Rattlesnake Mountain” by Paul Rittmann, “South/Central Fifty Caliber Club Newsletter” by Barry Hamilton, (90 pages)


2006 #4:  “New World Champion Mark Avakian” by Mary Outzen, “Rookie of the Year,” “An Unforgettable Moment” (The .50 caliber at the Roanoke Rifle & Revolver Club Machine Gun Shoot) by Mark Steinle, “Recent .50 BMG Market Developments” (New product announcements:  Korean .50 ammo, New Yugo API Ammo, Silver State Armory/CBC Ball ammo, Safety Harbor Firearms Lower, Barrett Bore Cleaner & the M99 Hunter) by Keith Pagel, “Keeping it Family” (Progress of women shooters in .50 competition) by Lynn McMurdo, “What About the Rest? – Part I” (Notes on .50 shooting rest features) by Mark Avakian, “Book Review – Surviving Twilight” by Lynn McMurdo, “The Tech Doc” (Topic:  Measuring minimum headspace) by Mark Avakian, “Melissa’s Ma Deuce” (Reprint of article from VHP 2003 #3, A daughter’s experiences with dad’s .50 cal) by Hugh Bargiel, “CCI #35 Primers Continued” (Latest on CCI primer problems) by Richard Murray and John Burtt, “CCI ‘Arsenal’ Primer Update” (More background on the new CCI .50 Arsenal Primers) by Keith Pagel, “Match Report – Fall 2006 Alliance NE” by Ed Schooler, “Match Report – August 2006 Palmino Valley CA” by Roberta Beene, “Match Report – September 2006 Raton NM Regionals” by Morris Casey Jr., “Match Report – Autumn 2006 Rattlesnake Mountain WA” by Paul Rittman, “South Central .50 Shooters Club Have Fun Shoot Down on the Bayou, Boys!” (Match Report – October 2006 Waco TX) by Reid Woodward, “Bullet Drop/Accuracy” by Steve Lazzarini, “Review – Shirstone Scope” by Lynn McMurdo, “FCSA Board of Directors Meeting – July 2006 Raton NM,” (94 pages)


2007 #1:  “From the Ferret’s Desk” (Range & Match Development as well as Manufacturer’s Program updates) by David Moore, “Ronnie Barrett, President & Founder of Barrett Firearms, Named as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2006” (Press release) by Ken Young, “2007 SHOT Show” by Keith Pagel, “Bag it!” (Part 2:  Notes on .50 shooting rest features) by Mark Avakian, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” (or one easy step to get kicked off your favorite range) by Howard Huggins, “T&E:  The Steyr Mannlicher HS .50 Precision Rifle” by Pat Smith, “Progress” (Reprint of VHP article 1995 #3: Reflections on the 10 year history of .50 shooting and the FCSA) by Skip Talbot, “Bonaduce Products” (Saudi .50 APT ammo & S. African PMP projectiles from Bonaduce Inc.) by Keith Pagel, “.50 BMG vs Ballistic Gelatin” (Terminal ballistics test report) by David Moore & John Irwin, “.50 BMG Ammunition from Belgium” (Product report on FN Ball ammo from Sportsman’s Guide) by Keith Pagel, “Match Report – October 2006 Quantico” by John Eggleston, “FCSA Board of Directors Meeting – 12 January 2007, Orlando, FL”, (82 pages)


2007 #2:  “FCSA at the NRA Annual Meeting, 2007” by John Eggleston, “Product Review:  Hodgdons’ US 869 Powder” by John Knox & Dale Carpenter, “My Barrett Adventure” (First all-woman Barrett Armorer’s Course) by Lil Githens, “A Little Load Testing” (Hodgdons’ US 869 Powder testing) by Lee Jamison, “Lessons in Preparedness – Shooting with the Family” (One family’s competition odyssey) by Lee Jamison, “A Day at the Range” (More experimentation with Hodgdons’ US 869 powder) by Lee Rasmussen, “From the Experimenter’s Notebook:  The Allen Precision Shooting .50 Caliber Wildcat Cartridges” by Kirby Allen, “Fun is What it’s All About” (The PNW 50 Caliber Shooter’s Assn) by Lee Jamison, “The Story Behind the Bob Ashley Memorial Trophy” (Annual High Junior Heavy Gun Aggregate Shooter Award) by Paul Harlow, Jr., “Final Steps to Get On Track” (Part 3:  Notes on .50 shooting rest features) by Mark Avakian, “2007 Proposed Rule Changes”, “Protests, Grievances, and Some New Policy” (Changes in match policy/procedures) by John Eggleston, “Meet you at the National Championships in Raton?” (Reprint of VHP article 2002 #2 about the Whittington Center) by R.A. Roberts, “Thanks to your Donations The NRA Whittington Center Today” (Update on the Whittington Center) by Wayne Armacost, “My Fifty Cal. Experience” (2006 Junior Division Shooting Champion) by Camden Kemp, “Match Report – March 2007 Waco, TX” by Barry Hamilton/John Burtt, “Match Report – March 2007 Rattlesnake Mountain, WA” by Paul Rittmann, (82 pages)


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2008 #1:  “Hunting Alligators 101 (or the Gator that ALMOST Got Away)” by John Colvin, “Christmas in July?” (OM .50 Nemesis rifle drawing news) by Mary Outzen, “FCSA Advisory Opinions and Proposed Rule Changes,” “Moving Forward, Rules Progressions” by John Eggleston, “Protect Your Rights with a Very High Power Strategy:  Unity” by John Sigler, “A Clergyman That Uses Very, Very High Power” (A minister in the .50 shooting sports) by Dr. Lovell King II, “From the Ferret’s Desk: 50 BMG Shooting Primer” (Corrected edition) by Dave Moore, “Going to your First Match” (Reprint of VHP article 1996 #4) by Ron Powell, “News from Lake City” (ATK contract renewal from the US Army) by Alliant Techsystems, “FCSA Flagpole Project” (status report) by Mary Outzen, “Travel with Andrea” (Child’s take on family fifty shooting sports) by Andrea Berger, “New Faces and Best Resources of the FCSA” (The value of the FCSA on-line member’s forum and the collective knowledge of FCSA members) by John Eggleston, “Reloading for the .50 Caliber-An Overview” (Uniqueness of .50 reloading and sources of information to deal with it) by Keith Pagel, “Paying it Forward” (American Cancer Society charitable work of Ronnie & Pat Barrett) by Brian Gillespie, “Forensic Identification of the .50 Caliber” (Identifying features of .50 projectiles) by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Board of Directors’ Meeting – February 3, 2008, Las Vegas, NV,” “Shooting Clinic:  First Ever 50 BMG Shooting Clinic (from a Participant’s Perspective)” by Johnny Stout, “Match Report – Tucson, AZ December, 2007” by Marilyn Lazzarini, “Why the Proposed .50 Caliber Ban is Really a Rifle Ban” by James Norell, “You Know You are a 50 Shooter When….” (Truck tire trials and tribulations at the 2007 World Championships) by Lee Jamison, (94 pages)


2008 #2:  “The Growing Sport with ‘Big Guns’” (FCSA member Brad Trelstad) by Dale Web, “You, Too, Can Help!” (2008 World Championship Volunteers and prize donations) by Mary Outzen, “An Unfair Advantage” (A family’s experiences at the World Championships) by Dennis Gibson, “The Science….or Not” (One shooter’s view of match ammunition production) by Dennis Gibson, “SHOT Show 2008-Developments in the .50 Market” by Keith Pagel, “Notes from the Loading Bench and the Season” by John Eggleston, “A Viennese Adventure” (Helping a foreign tourist experience the .50 caliber) by Sue Carpenter, “FCSA at Quantico, Fall 2007” (Match report) by John Eggleston, “Cold Steel:  A Review of Cryogenic Treatment of Barrel Steel” by Dave Moore, “A ‘Fer’ Piece” (Reprint of VHP article 1999 #4) by Skip Talbot, “Breaking New Ground” (Match preparation clinic) by Johnny Stout, “What Makes FCSA” (VHP Editor’s observations on the sport) by John Eggleston, “Spring 2008 Waco, TX” (Match report) by Johnny Stout, “Spring 2008 Tucson, AZ” (Match report) by Marilyn Lazzarini, “Easter Rattlesnake Mountain-Speak Softly & Carry a Big Mike” (March 2008 Match report) by Paul Rittmann, (90 pages)


2008 #3:  “Now THAT’s a Shooting Bench” (Unique shooting bench construction) by Steve Lazzarini, “FCSA Membership Meeting Report,” “Competition Rules Committee” (Situation report) by John Eggleston, “French .50 BMG Ball Ammunition from J&G Sales” by Keith Pagel, “Improvised Spotters Packets” by John Eggleston, “Buchanan Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “FCSA World Championships 2008” by John Eggleston, “1st Annual Team Competition-FCSA World Championships 2008” (Story of the Pacific Northwest 50 Caliber Shooters Assn shooting team at the WC), “Winchester Brass from Midway” by Keith Pagel, “What Real Winning is All About” (Reprint of VHP article on Skip Talbot, 1998 #3 issue) by Eric Williams, “Widener’s-South African Ball .50 BMG Ammo” by Keith Pagel, “Spring 2008 Alliance, NE – Where was the Troll ?” (The Weather Troll) by Brad Trelstad, “Spring 2008 Alliance, NE – Getting There” (Match report) by Wayne Satern, “Spring 2008 Palamino Valley – Who’s Got Club Spirit?” (Match report) by Lee & Sheri Rasmussen, “Half-Inch Housing – Part 1” (Packaging for the .50 BMG caliber) by Keith Pagel, “Spring 2008 Raton, NM – The ‘Road’ is Always Windy” (Match report) by Steven Cone, “Summer 2008 Rattlesnake Mountain – ‘It’s Getting Better All the Time’” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “Fifty Caliber Shooters Association Board of Directors Meeting – July 2008, Raton, NM”, (102 pages)


2008 #4:  “A Soldier’s Christmas” (Poem) by Michael Marks, “Coalinga California” (Return of FCSA matches to that range) by Dale Jeong, “Why Red?” (Color selection of new FCSA flag) by Mary Outzen, “In the Spotlight – Joe ‘Hollywood’ Mueller” by Sue Carpenter, “Hands Across the Ocean ‘Bad Boys 3’ Cross the Pond” (US FCSA members visit Swiss FCSA shoot) by Mary Outzen, “In the Works – Places to Shoot” (Possible matches at Wendover NV) by Jon Palmer, “Gone from the Range – Stan Popper” by John Eggleston, “Identifying Corrosive Primed Ammunition” (ID of US corrosive primed ammo and ID of reloaded vs “factory” cartridges) by Keith Pagel, “Half-Inch Housing - Part 2” (Packaging for the .50 BMG caliber) by Keith Pagel, “Bohica Arms Upper for the AR15” by Ben Baker, “Surviving ‘The Troll” (The story of .50 shoots getting started at Alliance NE) by Wayne Satern, “Fall 2008 – Alliance, NE”  (Match report) by Wayne Satern, “Fall 2008 – Palamino Valley, Reno” (Match report) by Bret & Garbo Berger, “Fall 2008 - Rattlesnake Mountain” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “Raton Fall 2008 – A Family Reunion” (Match report) by Steve Cone, “Rough as a Corn Cob – Corbett Farm South Central Fun Shoot #3” by Ken Sharpe, “Highland Lakes, New Jersey Cherry Ridge Fun Shoot” by John Nicolai, (94 pages)


2009 #1:  “Left the Range” (Loss of April and Lynn McMurdo) by Scott Nye, “About that Memorandum” (Memorandum of Understanding between FCSA & NRA) by Robert Kissling, “.50 BMG Ball M33 Ammunition – Amer-I-Can Enterprises by Jim Porterfield, “Relative Characterization of Optics for the Fifty – Part I Establishing Criteria” (Proposed basis for rifle scope comparisons) by Tyler Nielsen, “The 50 BMG/12 Gauge Over and Under” by Dan Dial and John Burtt, “Wind Shooting Strategies” by Dale Arenson, “Winning is a Team Effort” (The importance of pit target service in competition) by Mark Avakian, “North Springs Shooting Range” by Scott Olsen, “Odd Batches” (Ammunition load strategies for competition) by John Eggleston, “Fishing for Members” (FCSA membership recruiting drive) by Bryan McCann, “New Winchester .50 Projectiles from Midway” by Keith Pagel, “PMC .50 BMG Caliber Ball Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “The Mechanics of Deformable Solids: 101” (Loading strategy for competition ammunition) by Dennis Lunt, “Jim’s Trip to the Barrett M82 Class” by Jim Phipps, “Berry’s .50 Caliber Ammunition Boxes” by Keith Pagel, “Armscor .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “When You Want the Best – Go With Ransom Rest” by Steve Lazzarini, “Fall 2008 – Greetings from Tucson” (Match report) by Marilyn Lazzarini, “Come to Coalinga – ‘How to Bring a 50 BMG into CA for a Match and Not go to Jail” (Report on getting Coalinga, CA range open to .50 competitions) by Bob Pohl, “Fall 2008 Waco” (Match report) by Johnny Stout, “The Waco Question” (ROTC unit gets .50 exposure) by Don Heidbrier, (100 pages)


2009 #2:  “Yes, They Are Out There” (.50 skeptics are everywhere & how one person dealt with them) by Mary Outzen, “Lehigh Bullets” by Mark Avakian, “The Boss - Watsons Firearms, Inc. .50 BMG Upper for the AR15” by Ben Baker, “New .50 Products – SHOT Show 2009” by Keith Pagel, “600 Yard Practical Matches at the Raton Regionals” (New .50 competition class) by Dale Arenson, “Spring 2009 - Rattlesnake Mountain” (Match report) by Paul Rittman, “Spring 2008 – Quantico Match June 13-15” (Match report) by John Eggleston, “Fall FCSA 2008 – FCSA at Quantico:  Getting it Right” (Match report) by John Eggleston, “Spring 2009 – Quantico Easter Egg Match” (Match report) by John Eggleston, (80 pages)


2009 #3:  “Annual Membership Meeting Minutes,”  “20 Gun Winners – FCSA Membership Drive” by Bryan McCann, “FCSA – An International Flavor” (Australian visitor’s views of the .50 sports in the US) by Adam Wood, “Odd Batches Part 2” (Ammunition load strategies for competition, how much is science and how much is magic) by John Eggleston, “Argentine .50 BMG Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Something Hits the Fan – Safety Harbor’s .50 Upper for the AR-15” by Ben Baker, “2009 World Championships” (Match report) by Steve Lazzarini, “Expressing the Experience” (The making of a world record group, 1.955”) by Lee Rasmussen, “Lake City .50 BMG Ammunition Enters the Civilian Market” by Keith Pagel, “Frangible .50 Caliber Bullets from Sinterfire” by Keith Pagel, “California or Bust! The Return to Coalinga” (Match report) by Bob Pohl, “Spring 2009 – Alliance: Why Alliance?” (Match report) by James Patterson, “Spring 2009 – Raton Regional AAAAAHH Raton” (Match report) by Steven Cone, “Rattlesnake Mountain – Late Spring Match” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “Corrected Match Stats – Rattlesnake Mountain” (March 2009), “Spring 2009 – Palomino Valley Gun Club” (Match report) by Mike Schreier, “FCSA Board Meeting Minutes – July 5, 2009,” (96 pages)


2009 #4: “ALS Safety Notice”, “Frangible Projectiles Caution”, “Left the Range-Don Heidbrier”, “Expanding Horizions” by 2009 Jr. Champion Michelle Chestnut,  “New .50 Products:  2009 NRA Convention” by Keith Pagel, “FCSA’s Funniest Home Videos (without the video)” by Dale Arenson, “Northwest Custom Projectile Aluminum-Tipped .50 Bullets” by Keith Pagel, “Traveling with Andrea” by Andrea Berger, “RWS Primers Back on the Market” by Keith Pagel, “Hornady AMAX (Ammo, not just bullets)”  by Keith Pagel, “20-Gun Giveaway Sponsor List”, ”Palomino Valley Summer 2009, Ruff Start, Great Finish” (Match report) by Kevin Masullo, “Rattlesnake Mountain Fall Match: Dust Happens!”, (Match Report) by Paul Rittmann, “Fall 2009 Alliance” (Match Report) by Jamie Patterson, “Approved Criteria for Hosting a Sanctioned FCSA Shooting Competition” by FCSA Match Committee, (80 pages) 


2010 #1: “Unsung Gem of the FCSA” (Volunteer recognition: Nancy Woodward) by Barry Hamilton, 2009 NRA Outstanding Club of the Year Award letter by NRA, “A Thought About Shooting” (Handicapped shooter’s essay) by Graham Hill, “FCSA’s Funniest Home Videos (without the video) or What the Heck was I thinking” (Errors in judgment) by Bob Culver, “Neco Gauge” (Product review) by Mark Avakian, “Not all Muzzle Brakes are Created Equal” (Muzzle brake notes) by Keith Pagel, “Smokin’ the Range with Armalite’s AR50A1” (Rifle product review) by Ben Baker, “Alliance Armament Match .50 Projectiles” (Product review) by Keith Pagel, “Marksville Fun Shoot-A Huge Success” (Fun match report) by John Burtt, “Quantico Fall 2009” (Match report) by John Eggleston, “Raton Fall 2009-Elk, Antelope and Pigs” (Match report) by Steve Cone, (80 pages)


2010 #2:  “Plano Gun Guard Case” (.50 rifle case review) by Keith Pagel, “Proposed Bylaw Change,” “Shivak Match .50 Projectiles” by Keith Pagel, “.50 Caliber Products and the 2010 SHOT Show” by Keith Pagel, “A Coincidental Journey” (Sheri Rasmussen World Record) by Lee Rasmussen, “Start Loading Your Ammo!” (2010 FCSA World Championship schedule of events) by Lee Jamison, “FCSA Chaplain’s Corner” (First Chaplain’s Column) by Brad Trelstad, “Ronnie Barrett, Winner of the NRA Publications’ 2010 Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award” (Press release), “Recommendations for Preparing Brass for Competition Shooting” (Match brass prep) by Mark Avakian, “FCSA Annual Nomination, Ballot, & Vote Counting Procedure,” FCSA Financials, “Shreveport-March 12-14, 2010” (Match report) by Ben Down, “Rattlesnake Mountain Spring Match” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, (96 pages)


2010 #3:  “Left the Range” (George Petrusich), “Glad to be Back” (Competitor returns to elected FCSA officer) by Teri Burtt, “FCSA Election Results” by Karen Ritarita, “Reflections on Raton” (One returning competitor, one new competitor’s match experiences) by Johnny Stout, “Impala Bullets” (New product announcement) by Keith Pagel, “Annual Membership Meeting” (Minutes), “The New Steyr HS50-M1 Magazine Loaded Rifle:  1000 Yards Accurate, Out of the Box” (New product announcement) by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Revival at Raton World Championships-Part I July 1-2, 2010” (Part 1 of the 2010 WC Match Report) by Margie Knox, “FCSA World Championship Match Report-Part II” (Part 2 of the 2010 WC Match Report) by Teri Burtt, “Thank You!  World Championship Prize Donations,” “2010 World Championship Photo Essay” by Brett Berger, “DS Arms .50 BMG Ammo” (New product announcement) by Keith Pagel, “FCSA World Championships Loud and Clear Thanks to Sound Commander” (Press release on the public address system provider to the 2010 WC), “Hello 50 cal International Shooters” (Offer to provide a loaner rifle to foreign competitors) by Lee Rasmussen, “The Secret Weapon (or at least one of them)” (Quality scales and their importance to match ammunition loading) by Dale Arenson, “Board of Directors Meeting” (Minutes), “Rattlesnake Mountain Memorial Weekend Match” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “Coalinga Californai Match Report:  June 4-6, 2010” by Bob Pohl, “Reno-April 17-18, 2010” (Match report) by Kevin Masullo, “Half-Inch Housing Part 3” (Packaging the .50 round) by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Quantico Spring 2010” (Match report) by John Eggleston, “FCSA Quantico June 18-20” (Match report) by John Eggleston, (112 pages)


2010 #4:  “The Results are in-2010 Member’s Survey” by Keith Pagel, “The Frequent Flyer Club” (What contributes to a “flier” in an impact group) by Dale Arenson, “New .50 Product News” (10th Anniversary AR50, Technoframes display ammunition, Professional Marksmen Mil/LE training offer) by Keith Pagel, “2010 FCSA Junior World Champion” by Stonewall Woodward, “Singapore Ball Ammo” by Keith Pagel, “The New 1000-Yard Contenders:  Sightron SIII Super Scopes” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Swiss .50 Shooting” by Marcus Stolz, “So you want to shoot your first 50 caliber match! – What do you bring?” by Johnny Stout, “On Scopes” (Case study of scope mounting problems) by Tyler Nielsen, “National Match Committee Report” by Teri Burtt, “FCSA Quantico Labor Day Match, 2010” (Match report) by John Eggleston, “Reno-Palomino Valley Match, August 2010” (Match report) by Kevin Masullo, “Rattlesnake Mountain Late Summer Match” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, (80 pages)


2011 #1:  “FCSA A Labor of Love” (Volunteering in the association) by Roger Schmidt, “FCSA 201 Rookie of the Year” by Chris Bowen, “Bad (?) Brass” (Match brass testing) by Lee Rasmussen, “Thoughts of an Aspiring Bench Rest Shooter” by Lee Rasmussen, “Scope Comparison for Clarity Common to Match Use” by Bud Firth, “Reloader 50 Powder – A Preliminary Analysis” by Lee Rasmussen, “CBC .50 Ammo from Aim Surplus” by Keith Pagel, “Warner Tool Company Sizing Dies” by Dale Arenson, “Alliance NE Fall 2010 Match” (Match report) by Kyle Martin, “Fall 2010 South Central Shooters” (Shreveport Match Report) by Johnny Stout, (80 pages).


2011 #2:  “Hornady’s 50 BMG Cartridge” by Reid Woodward, “Thoughts of an Aspiring Bench Rest Shooter – Another Perspective” by Steward Wheeler, “2011 SHOT Show – New .50 Caliber Products” by Keith Pagel, “Kynoch .50 BMG Ball Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Tale of the Pink Gun” by Dave Moore, “Shaddox Silent Fifty Caliber Ammo Carrier” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Ten-X Ammunition’s TX-50 Progressive Loading Press” by Dale Arenson, “Bipods, Bipods, Bipods” (New product report n the Long Range Accuracy bipod) by Reid Woodward, “Rattlesnake Mountain Spring Match and First Shots at One Mile” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “March 2011 Match Report – Long Range Alley – Shreveport, LA” by David Griffith, “USI Fun Match”(Match report) by Robert Pohl, (80 pages).


2011 #3:  “Left the Range – Charles Q Cutshaw” by Keith Pagel, “Left the Range - Bob McBride,” Left the Range - Gregory Allen Graham, ”50 Cal Elk Hunting” by Missy McAmis, “Testing the New Reloader 50 Powder” by Chris Bowen, “Winds of Change” (Youth shooting) by Michelle Chestnut, “M2 Precision Products” (Reloading die product review) by Dale Arenson, “The FCSA Founding” (Formation of the FCSA and obituary for association Founder Marty Liggins) by Eric Williams, “Tale of the Pink Gun – Part 2” by Dave Moore, “WC2011 – A Letter of Thanks from your Friends Orly and Eduardo” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Candid Moments at Raton” (Photo montage of the 2011 World Championships) by Brett Berger, “The Rifles of Raton” (Photo montage of the various competitor’s rifles) by Brett Berger, “50 Cal Hudson MG (Experimental)” (Experimental .50 MG photo), “2011 Raton World Championship Match Report” by David Griffith, “Coalinga 2011 Match Report June 3-5, 2011” by Bob Pohl, “Rattlesnake Mountain Memorial Match with More at One Mile” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “FCSA Raton Regional Match – May 2011” (Match report) by Dennis Lunt, “Reno Report April 16-17, 2011” (Match report) by Kevin Masullo, “Cool Acres Fun Shoot – July 18, 2011” (Match report) by Chris Acker, “Half-Inch Housing – Part 4” (Packaging for the .50 BMG caliber) by Keith Pagel, (88 pages).


2011 #4:  “The Heat is Off!” (Another view of Alliant’s new Reloader 50 powder) by Dale Arenson, “Highly Technical Muzzle Removal and Reinstallation Device” by David Griffith, “NDIA Indy 2011” (.50 military products and technical developments) by Keith Pagel, “A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots, but a Spider Can Change Into a Spotter” (Chambering a rifle to .50 Spotter-Tracer caliber) by Charlie Hurd, “Arizona Ammunition – Where Have You Been?” (The market return of AZ Ammo) by Jim Schmidt, “New World Record Set in Raton” (Fall Raton regional match report) by Randy Powell, “Rattlesnake Mountain Late Summer Match” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “Half-Inch Housing – Part 5” (Packaging for the .50 BMG caliber) by Keith Pagel, “Alliance, Nebraska Spring 2011” (Match report) by James Patterson, (65 pages).


2012 #1:  “Left the Range-Buddy Clifton” by Jim Schmidt, “Tula .50 Caliber Primers” by Keith Pagel, “Setting a World Record (or Frequent Flyers, Part 2”) by Dale Arenson, “.50 BMG Rifle Cleaning Tools and Supplies” by Jim Schmidt, “Half-Inch Housing – Part 6” (Packaging for the .50 BMG caliber) by Keith Pagel, “FCSA Board of Directors Meeting,” “Alliance Fall August 2-4, 2011” (Match report) by Kyle Martin, “Shreveport October 2011” (Match report) by Leah Calhoon, “Cool Acres Sporting Camp November 19-20, 2011” (Match report) by Ray Acker, (80 pages).


2012 #2:  “Left the Range-Bob Kissling” by John Eggleston and John and Margie Knox, “Left the Range-Ron Freshour,” “2012 SHOT Show” (New .50 Caliber Products-Defiance Machine Titan Action, Colorado Gun Sales-Nemesis Rifle, PCP Ammunition-polymer cased ammo, UN Ammo-Zombie .50 ammo, Cutting Edge Bullets-match solid bullets, Lehigh Bullets-AP and duplex bullets, American Security Products-Barrett rifle safes,) by Keith Pagel, “An Experiment of .50 BMG:  Barrel Wear” by Martin List, “Deep Rifle Cleaning” by Jim Schmidt, “Importance of Wind Zero” by Dale Arenson, “Cool Acres Sporting Camp Greg Graham Memorial Shoot” (Match report) by Ray Acker, “Rattlesnake Mountain Early Spring Match” (Match report) by Paul Rittmann, “Palomino Valley Gun Club August 20-21, 2011” (stats only, no match report filed), “USI March 2012 Match Report” by Bob Pohl, (64 pages).


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2014 #2:  “Proposed Changes to Match Rules & Bylaws,” “Get a Free Root Beer!” (Why you should attend the World Championships) by Jim Schmidt, “2014 SHOT Show-New .50 Caliber Products” (.416 caliber AR-50A1, McMillan Firearms TAC-50A1, TAC-416, TAC-50A1-R2, .50 LBR rifles, RUAG Training SX and HC SX (P1) .50 BMG ammunition, PMC X-TAC Match .50 BMG ammunition, SBR SAAP-Sniper & API LR Sniper .50 BMG ammunition, Prograde .50 BMG ammo, Lapua .50 BMG brass, Hornady .50 BMG brass, Advanced Plating Technologies cartridge plating, Kahles K6-24x56 & K10-50x56 rifle scopes, Galati Gear DB6212 .50 rifle drag bag, Plano Molding Field Locker Double Long MilSpec Gun Case, Target Camera, LabRadar Chronograph and SHOTS Ranch) by Keith Pagel, “Alliance Fall 2013 Match Report” by Patrick Bieck, “Shreveport Match-Spring 2014” by Mark Couvillion, (64 pages).


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2015 #1:  “Proposed Changes to FCSA Match Rules,” “News for Canadian .50 Shooters” (New product announcements, GSR Precision Bullets, retailer STAC Tactical) by Keith Pagel, “The Future of FCSA-Kids Rule” by Dale Arenson, “ATRS Accu-Maxx Reloading Press” by Daniel Fritter, “What You Need for Accuracy Part 5-To Break in or Not Break in a Barrel?” By Jim Schmidt, “The “Rest” is Up to You” (Bench Rests setup) by Mark Avakian, “Field Shooting the .50 Caliber” by Clayton Cain, “Take Time to Shoot, Take Time for Family – Fall 2014 Raton” (Match Report) by Randy Powell, “My First FCSA Experience” by Stuart Pearson, “Cool Acres Match Report – November 2014” (Match Report) by Keith Kirkendall, “A Hole in One-Shreveport Match Report Fall 2014” by Craig Martin, “Marksville Fun Shoot” (Match Report) by Mark Couvillion, “New Info Since the 2014 Marksville Fun Shoot” by Allen Earl, (80 pages).


2015 #2:  “The Cutting Edge Bullets (CEB) Factory and the Story Behind It” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Target Ranging” by Clayton Cain, “Wind Adjustments” by Clayton Cain, “2015 SHOT Show and .50 Caliber Developments” (Barrett Firearms, Bushmaster/Cobb .50, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Howell Munitions and X-Treme Powder and Primers, NightForce Optics ATACR scopes, TZ Case .50 rifle case, ShootSteel Targets, Lyman Borecam and Chronograph) by Keith Pagel, “Cheaper Than Dirt .50 BMG AP Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Take Time to Shoot, Take Time for Family-Fall 2014 Raton Match Report (revised)” by Randy Powell, “Shreveport Match Report-March 2015-Is the Range Cold?” by Craig Martin, “USI Match-February 2015” (match report) by Bob Pohl, (64 pages).


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2015 #4:  “Left the Range-Joe Mueller (aka Hollywood Joe)” by John Burtt, “Training Strategies for Field Shooting” by Clayton Cain, “Some .50 Fun Stories” by Jim Schmidt, “Recent .50 Caliber Ammo Product Offerings and Their Packaging” (Cheaper Than Dirt Greek and Remington Ball ammo, IMI-ammo.com and Ohio Ordnance Works M33 Ball Israeli ammo) by Keith Pagel, “.50 Ammunition Packaging Through the Years” by Keith Pagel, “Palomino Valley April 2015” (match report), “Alliance Spring 2015” (match report) by Randy Ofstad, “July FCSA Williamsport Match” (match report) by Tilden Kuhns, “Williamsport Match – August 2015” (match report) by Tilden Kuhns, (64 pages).


2016 #1:  “Left the Range-Wayne Satern” by John Burtt, “Gear Selection for Field Shooting” by Clayton Cain, “New .50 Caliber Products for 2016” (CMA Custom bullets, Serbu RN-50 Rifle, SGAmmo Aussie .50 Ball, Tac-Pac Ammunition Packaging) by Keith Pagel, “A Case for Champions” (Americase Rifle Case) by Randy Powell, “First Ever Michigan Match” by Garrett Fravert, “Reno NV Palomino Valley Gun Club Match - August 2015” by Brent Blanchard, FCSA Williamsport Match - September 2015” by Tilden Kuhns, We Came to Alliance – September 2015” by James Patterson, Working the Pits for a Change – Rattlesnake Mountain – September 2015” by Paul Rittmann, “Bryan McCann Fun Shoot” by Clayton Cain, “Marksville Fun Shoot 2015” by Mark Couvillion and Allen Earl, “Shreveport and Before – October 2015” by Michael Whitesides, “FCSA Raton Fall Regional Match – October 2015” by Dale Arenson, (80 pages).


2016 #2:  “We Share Your Loss” (Ritarita family tragedy), “Congratulations to Ronnie Barrett” (on becoming Tennessee’s state rifle), “Sizing for your 50 BMG Chamber” by Randy Powell, “More New .50 Products” (Swab-Its bore swabs, Modern Arms International AP Ammo) by Keith Pagel, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “Long Range Ballistics Software Advantage” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “A New 50 BMG Cleaning Brush!” (Iosso Eliminator Bore Brush) by Jim Schmidt, “.50 BMG…Because Everything Else is Just a Gun” (Photo montage) by Ron Ferra, (64 pages).


2016 #3:  “The Vigilance M14 Semi-Auto .50 BMG Rifle” by Ben Baker, “Sir, Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over Today….” (LabRadar T&E) by Tyler Nielsen, “North Springs Shooting Range – Price UT – A Fifty Caliber Shooting Destination” by Tyler Nielsen, “New .50 Products at the 2016 NRA Convention – Louisville, KY” (St George Arms Leader 50-A1 Rifle, MG Arms Behemoth .50 BMG Caliber Rifle, Tactical Command Headquarters Optical Accessories) by Keith Pagel, “50 BMG Sound Suppressor” by Clayton Cain, “2016 FCSA World Championships” by Randy Ofstad, “Cowabunga Coalinga – Coaling 2016 Match Report, May 2016” by Bob Pohl, “Raton 2016 Spring Regional Match” by Randy Powell, “Reno Regional Match Report – April 2016” by Bruce Craik, “King of 2 Miles” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, (88 pages).


2016 #4:  “Dick Davis Has Left the Range” by Jim Schmidt, “A Study of Brass Case Heads” by Jim Schmidt, “Still More New .50 Products” (Engle Ballistic Research polymer cased .50 ammo, Team Never Quit .50 BMG ammo, Desert Tech .50 BMG match ammo, Modern Arms International Match .50 BMG ammo) by Keith Pagel, “Competition Photo Montage” (Photos from around the country at FCSA matches), “Another Breezy Weekend, Rattlesnake Mountain ‘Totally Spring’” by Paul Rittmann, “Enjoying the Opportunity, Rattlesnake Mountain ‘Early Summer’” by Paul Rittmann, “Alliance Nebraska – June 2016” by Randy Ofstad, “June FCSA Williamsport Match – June 2016” by Tilden Kuhns, “Beating the Heat, Rattlesnake Mountain ‘Totally Summer’” by Paul Rittmann, “Reno Match Report – August 2016” by Bruce Craik, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “Reno Competition Photo Montage” by Brett Berger, “Another Breezy Weekend Rattlesnake Mountain ‘Autumn’” by Paul Rittmann, (72 pages).


2017 #1:  “Left the Range – Bill Ritchie” by Michael Marks, “Mike Dillon Has Left the Range” by Jim Schmidt, “The New FCSA Shooter Recognition Program” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Bring Back Your Eagle Eyes” (Clemit ScopeAid product review) by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Thermal Optics” by Clayton Cain, “Why Doesn’t This Gun Shoot Anymore?” by Dale Arenson, “Alliance Fall Match Report” by Randy Ofstad, “September FCSA Williamsport Match” by Tilden Kuhns, “Shreveport Fall Match 2016” by Mark Couvillion, “Why the Bryan McCann Fun Shoot is the Best” by Clayton Cain, (64 pages).


2017 #2:  “Vortex Optics Rifle Scopes” by Keith Pagel, “The Quest for Extreme Long Range Shooting Success” by Randy Powell, “Practical Matches” by Clayton Cain, “The Role of the Spotter” by Clayton Cain, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “What You Need for Accuracy-Part 7” by Jim Schmidt, “Raton, NM Fall 2016” (No match report, photos and stats by Randy Powell), “Shreveport Spring” (Match Report) by Edward and Jessica George, (80 pages).


2017 #3:  “Adventure with the FCSA” (First time competitor’s story) by Timothy Barrett, “2017 SHOT Show” (New .50 products Truvelo Rifle, Steel Core Designs Rifle, JARD J51 Rifle, International Supplies .50 Rifle Case) by Keith Pagel, “What I Saw at the 2017 FCSA World Championships” by Jim Schmidt, “FCSA=Friends, Family, Fun” by Brenda Doggett, “The Target Master” (Target prep with Martin and Shirley List) by Michael Whitesides, “Team Shooting” by Clayton Cain, “Returning to the FCSA for the 2017 World Championships” (New competitor’s first WC experience) by Timothy Barrett, “2017 FCSA World Championships” (Match report) by Randy Powell, “Reno April 2017” (Match report) by Brett Berger, “Rattlesnake Mountain April 2017” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Coalinga Spring Match” by Bob Pohl, “Alliance, NE June 2017” (Match report) by Randy Ofstad, “Williamsport June 2017” (Match report) by Tilden Kuhns, (96 pages).


2017 #4:  “Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Multi-Gun Team ELR Match Strategies” by Clayton Cain, “Federal .50 BMG Caliber M17 Tracer Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Raton, NM Spring 2017” (Match report) by Randy Powell, “Rattlesnake Mountain May 2017” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Reno Match Report – August 2017” by Kristin Eng, “FCSA Williamsport Match September 2017” by Tilden Kuhns, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “Marksville, LA ELR Match” by Clayton Cain, (64 pages).


2018 #1:  “Time Management for Shooting” by Clayton Cain, “RUAG / Italian .50 BMG Brass” (New product article) by Keith Pagel, “WW2 German Developments on the .50 BMG Caliber Cartridge” by Jost-Burkhard Anderhub, “Preventing Rifle Failures” by Clayton Cain, “Basics of Handloading for the .50 BMG Caliber” by Clayton Cain, “Raton Fall Match” (Match Report) by Randy Ofstad, “Rattlesnake Mountain Sept 2017” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Shreveport Fall Match – Oct 2017” (Match report) by Mark Couvillion, (80 pages).


2018 #2:  “Southern Ballistic Research Match .50 BMG Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “A Backpack for the .50 BMG Rifle” by Clayton Cain, “Scratched Brass Case Necks?” by Jim Schmidt, “Cleaning a .50 BMG Rifle with Flitz Bore Cleaner and RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners” by Dr. Jason Baird, “Alliance Fall Match” (Match report) by Montana Torbleau, “Shreveport Spring 2018 Match” (Match report) by Mark Couvillion, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, (64 pages).


2018 #3:  “Scott Charles Nye 1953-2018,” “Left the Range – Scott Nye” by Keith Pagel, “Scott Nye’s Passing” by Randy Powell, “Russian Tula .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Winchester and the .50 BMG Caliber Cartridge” by Jim Frigiola, “A Primer on Identification of ‘Winchester’ .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition Headstamp Meanings and Production Sources” by Jim Frigiola and Pete DeCoux, “Ballistic Testing with the Big .50” by Dr. Jason Baird, “Hodgdon H50BMG Powder is Gone!” by Jim Schmidt, “More on .50 BMG Powders….” by Jim Schmidt, “.50 BMG Caliber Rifle Precision Evaluation” by Clayton Cain, “.50 Caliber Journey from Australia” by Owen Adolph, “2018 FCSA World Championships” by Randy Ofstad, “Sights of Raton” (World Championships Photo Montage) by Brett Berger, “Guns of Raton” (Rifle photo montage of the World Championships) by Brett Berger, “Palomino Valley Match Report April 2018” by Bruce Craik, “Rattlesnake Mountain April 2018” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Raton Spring Regionals” (Match report) by Randy Powell, “Rattlesnake Mountain May 2018” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Coalinga FCSA Match June 2018” (Match report) by Robert Pohl, “FCSA Williamsport Match June 2018” (Match report) by Tilden Kuhns, “Alliance Nebraska Regional Match Report June 2018” by Randy Ofstad, (112 pages).


2018 #4:  “A Brief History of the .50 BMG and the Development of the Aircraft Version” by Dr Jason Baird, “Alchemist Ammunition .50 BMG Caliber Frangible Cartridges” by Keith Pagel, “Laser Range Finders for .50 Caliber Distances” by Clayton Cain, “Detroit Ammunition Company Subsonic .50 BMG Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Half Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “Raton Fall 2018 Regional and ELR Fun Shoot” (Match report) by Randy Powell, “Setting the Bar! – Laurel MS Match Report April 2018” by Craig Martin, (64 pages).


2019 #1:  “Left the Range – Jerry Hazlett” (Obituary) by Keith Pagel, “Half-Inch Housing” (Surplus ammo can marking identification) by Keith Pagel, “American Marksman .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” (New product report) by Keith Pagel, “Lehigh Defense .510 Caliber CQB Bullet” (Product review) by Keith Pagel, “Bullet Obturation in .50 Caliber Rifle Barrels” by James Boatright, “The Stock Gun Advantage (?)” (Out-of-the-box guns are at a disadvantage in competition, or are they?) by Dale Arenson, “50 BMG Brass Case Capacity Comparison” by Jim Schmidt, “Jim Schmidt’s Background and Position” by Jim Schmidt, “Reno-August 17-19, 2018” (Match report) by Kristen Eng, “Alliance, NE Fall 2018 Match” (Match report) by Randy Ofstad, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association September 15 & 16, 2018” (Match report) by David Nicholson, “2018 Long Range Alley Grand Cane, LA – October 12-14” (Match report) by Ed George, (80 pages).


2019 #2:  “Using the AMP Annealing Unit to Perform Neck and Shoulder Annealing of .50 BMG Cases” (Product review) by Jason Baird, “Hyper-Stabilized Rifle Bullets” by James Boatright, “Lehigh Defense .50 Caliber Flash Tip Bullet” (New product report) by Keith Pagel, “Shreveport Spring 2019 Match Report” by Michael Whitesides, “Half-Inch Housing” (Surplus ammo can marking identification) by Keith Pagel, (64 pages).


2019#3:  “Mean Trajectory of a Rifle Bullet” by James Boatright, “Prvi Partizan .50 BMG Caliber Brass” (New product report) by Keith Pagel, “ShotMarker Target System Review” by Robert Pohl, “Shooters to the Line – 2019 FCSA World Championships July 4-6” (Match report) by Ed George, “Enter the Arena Blakely, Georgia Match Report April 26-28, 2019” by Craig Martin, “Atlantic Coast 50 Shooters Club of the FCSA” (Organizing a regional match shooting club) by Charlie Te Brugge, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association April 27-28, 2019” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Reno NV Spring 2019 Match Report” by Morrison Hart, “Half-Inch Housing” (Surplus ammo can marking identification) by Keith Pagel, “Raton Spring 2019 Match Report – May 22-26, 2019 New Record Set” by Randy Powell, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association May 25 & 26, 2019” (Match report) by Dave Nicholson, “Alliance, NE Spring Match” (Match report) by Randy Ofstad, “Coalinga 2019” (Match report) by Robert Pohl, “2019 King of 2 Miles” (Match report) by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, (112 pages).


2019 #4:  “FCSA Introduction” (A new shooter’s take on the FCSA) by Jerry Lee Witherspoon, “Lazer .50 Caliber Bullets” (New line of .50 caliber bullets by Cutting Edge Bullets) by Keith Pagel, “Commercial .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition Updates” (Latest offerings of Hornady AMAX and PMC X-Tac) by Keith Pagel, “A Coning Theory of Bullet Motions – Part 1” (Physics theory of bullet flight) by James Boatright, “Winchester WMA Headstamped .50 Caliber Brass” by Keith Pagel, “Critical Skills Training with the .50 BMG” (Integrating the .50 BMG caliber rifle into practical/tactical training) by Clayton Cain, “Hodgdon H50BMG Powder is Back!” by Jim Schmidt, “Alliance, Nebraska Regional Fall Match” (Match report) by Randy Ofstad, (80 pages).


2020 #1:  “A Coning Theory of Bullet Motions - Part 2” by James Boatright, FCSA, “The Science of the Brass Case Flash Hole?” by James Schmidt, “.50 BMG Caliber Cartridge Case Flash Holes – An Illustrated Guide” by James Schmidt, “Prvi Partizan .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “.50 BMG Scopes for Field Shooting” by Clayton Cain, “Swift Bullet Company and the .50 BMG Caliber Casing” by Keith Pagel, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association “ (September 2019 Match Report) by Dave Nicholson, “Raton Fall 2019” (Match Report) by Randy Powell, “Long Range Alley – Grande Cane, LA – October 11-13, 2019” (Match Report) by Danielle Davis, “November 2019 FCSA & SCSC Shooting Match Report – Blakely, Georgia” by David Griffith, “Reno NV Match Report November 2019” by Bruce Craik, (112 pages).


2020 #2:  “Thunderbird Cartridge Company, Inc. and the .50 BMG Caliber High Pressure Test Round” by Keith Pagel, “Is the .50 BMG still King?” by Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, “Norma (?) .50 BMG Caliber Brass” by Keith Pagel, “Applying Scientific Analysis Techniques to the Identification of Unknown Features of .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel and Bastiaan Cornelissen, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “Rifling Twist Rate Considerations” by James Boatright, “Shreveport Spring 2020 SCSC Match Report” by Dave Griffith, (64 pages).


2020 #3:  “American Marksman .50 BMG API and APIT Ammo” by Keith Pagel, “ ‘Lead Free’ Lake City .50 BMG M33 Ball Projectiles” by Keith Pagel, “.50 BMG Rifle Transport” by Clayton Cain, “Rob’s Bullets Cast Lead .510 Caliber Powder Coated Bullets” by Keith Pagel, “Rob’s Bullets, LLC Background” by Rob Davidson, “New Southern Ballistic Research .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Raton Thunder Summer 2020” (Match Report) by Randy Powell, (80 pages).


2020 #4:  “Prvi Partizan .50 BMG Ball Ammunition - Update” by Keith Pagel, Hex Boron Nitride (hBN) Coating of .50 BMG Caliber Projectiles – An Interview with Richard Biggio” by Keith Pagel, “Hornady AMAX .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition – An Update” by Keith Pagel, “The Limousine of Ammo Boxes!” by James Schmidt, “Interview with a Marine Sniper” (combat deployment of the .50 caliber) by Clayton Cain, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association – September 2020” (Match Report) by Dave Nicholson, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “Alliance Nebraska Spring 2020 Match Report” by Randy Ofstad, (64 pages).


2021 #1:  “An Analysis of Mr. James A Boatright’s Coning Theory of Bullet Motions” by Gregory F. Cotterell, “Response to a Critique of the Coning Theory from Greg Cotterell” by James A Boatright, “American Marksman AP Mk263 .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, The MilDot Master” by Clayton Cain, “Industry Component Shortage Update” by James Schmidt, “Lehigh Defense .50 BMG Caliber Cases” (MRP headstamped, Australian Defense Industry/ADI brass) by Keith Pagel, “Reno August 2020” (Match Report) by Bob Pohl, “Extreme Long Range (ELR) Fun Shoot – Blakely GA” (Match Report) by Craig Martin, (80 pages).


2021 #2:  “Response to Mr. Boatright’s Defense of His Coning Theory” by Gregory F. Cotterell, “Prvi Partizan .50 BMG Match Ammunition – Update” by Keith Pagel, “MTM Case-Gard ’50 BMG Ammo Box’” by Keith Pagel, “American Marksman .50 BMG Caliber M1022 LRSA Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Follow-up on Hex Boron Nitride Bullet Coating” by Richard Biggio, “Alliance NE Fall 2020 Match Report” by Randy Ofstad, “October 2020 Fall South Central Shooters Club .50 BMG 1000 Yard Shooting Match Long Range Alley Gun Club, Grand Cane, LA” by Ed George, (64 pages).


2021 #3:  “Left the Range – Colonel William Hays Parks (USMC, ret.)” by Keith Pagel, “Kelly McMillan has Left the Range” by James A Schmidt II, “Friction Proofing Bullets:  Part 1, Why Moly Got So Much Bad Press” by M.L. (Mic) McPherson, “Prvi Partizan RangeMaster 50 BMG Caliber Ball Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “Half-Inch Housing” by Keith Pagel, “KAK Industry 50 Caliber Products” (Bullets and Loading Blocks) by Keith Pagel, “50 BMG Caliber Ammunition Rebranding” (Federal American Eagle and PMC packaging changes through the years) by Keith Pagel, “World Championships Match Report” by Edward George, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association” (March 2021 Match Report) by Dave Nicholson, “Shreveport April 2021 Match Report” by Archa Haymaker, “FCSA Reno Match Report” (April 2021 Match Report) by Bob Pohl, “Coalinga June 4-6, 2021” (Match Report) by Robert Pohl, “Rattlesnake Mountain Tri-Cities Shooting Association” (June 2021 Match Report) by Dave Nicholson, (96 pages).


2021 #4:  “Walt Berger Has Left the Range” by James A Schmidt II, “Dillon’s ‘Big Fifty’ Press” by James Schmidt, “Friction Proofing Bullets:  Part 2, How to Perfectly Moly-Plate Bullets” by M.L. (Mic) McPherson, “Latest 50 BMG Ammunition Import from IMI” by Keith Pagel, “Red Mountain Arsenal .50 BMG Caliber Ammunition” by Keith Pagel, “At Least We Didn’t Have Locusts! Arena Training Facility Blakely, GA” (May 2021 Match Report), “Alliance Spring 2021 Match Report” by Randy Ofstad, “Reno, NV August 20-22, 2021” (Match Report) by Bruce Craik, (64 pages).


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