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​                                    Dedicated to Sporting Uses of the 50 BMG


A-Zoom Ammo:
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(See entry for Lyman)

A1 Ammunition:
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(See entry for Cheaper Ammo)

AAA Arms and Ammo:
Email: prh49@aol.com,
FAX: 402-334-0777, Phone: 402-334-3389
14508 Grover St., Omaha, NE 68144
New commercially manufactured .50 BMG match ammunition loaded with a variety of projectiles, for practice, break-in, or 1000 yard matches. Projectiles offered in a variety of HARLOW solids. Also available in Hornady 750gr. A-MAX. Stainless steel cleaning rod kits and bore guides for a wide variety of .50 cal. rifles.

Email: questions@ableammo.com,
866-988-ABLE (orders only)
FAX: 936-435-0019, Phone: 800-720-3275
1300 Avenue Q, Huntsville, TX 77340
Store-front and mail-order retail dealer. Licensed FFL stocking the Armalite and Bushmaster .50 caliber rifles, PMC Bronze line of .50 BMG caliber ball ammunition, Mark IV line of Leupold rifle scopes and accessories, Bushnell Elite 3200 line of rifle scopes and accessories, Trijicon ACOG optics for the .50 caliber, Barnes 647 gr Triple Shock XBullets in .50 caliber, AZoom Snap Cap dummy rounds, Aimshot laser bore-sighter, Americase hard-sided gun case for .50 rifles, and Lee .50 caliber dies.

Accu-Fire Inc.:
Email: customerservice@accufireproducts.com,
FAX: 817-303-4505, Phone: 888-689-9536
PO Box 121990, Arlington, TX 76012
Manufacturers of the MuzzleMate a clamp-on, clear-plastic, cleaning shield/splash barrier, designed to reduce bore brush spray, retain cleaning patches, and reduce exposure to harmful odors, chemical solvents, lubricants, and the hazardous waste generated during the cleaning process. Available commercially through Graf & Sons, Cheaper Than Dirt, and Sinclair International.

ACCU-TAC Firearm Accessories:
Email: info@accu-tac.com,
FAX: 909-477-2588, Phone: 714-980-1306
, 10309 Regis Ct., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Manufacturers of the HD-50, heavy-duty bipod, suitable for .50 caliber rifles. This bipod has the ability to cant and has a sturdy throw lever that allows you to adjust the tension and enhance the ability to lock the canting motion into place. The legs can be extended into nine different height options. Its wider center hub delivers more stability and strength to support larger heavy rifles. Height adjusts from 7-10 inches, leg stance from 13.5-14.5 inches, weight 27.5 ounces, flat black hard anodized. See their website for a dealer locator for retail sales sources.

Accuracy Den:
Phone: 775-345-0225
25 Bitterbrush Rd., Reno, NV 89523
Manufacturers of a .50 caliber Internal Concentricity Comparator, a device for checking the jacket concentricity of jacketed/cored bullets.

Accuracy International:
Email: aina@accuracyinternational.us,
Phone: 540-368-3108
3410 Shannon Park Dr, Suite 100, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Manufacturer of the AW50 (now AX50), bolt-action, repeater and AS50 Semi-Auto, gas-operated 50 caliber rifles.

Accurate Arms Powder Co.:
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(See entry for Western Powder)

Accurate Press:
Phone: 800-374-4049
P.O. Box 86, Lonedell, MO 63060
Publisher of Unintended Consequences. By John Ross, a classic, historically accurate fictional account of the gun culture history of the US. Autographed/personalized copies available upon request.

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(See entry for BML Tool and Manufacturing Corp.)

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(See entry for Genesis Group, LLC)

Ace Case Co.:
Email: sales@acecase.com,
Phone: 800-544-0008
160 N. Main St., St. Clair, MO 63077
Makers of soft-sided rifle cases for many calibers including .50. Their model #BMG50, will fit the large .50 cal rifles including the AR-50. Made of the new 600-D with full padded sides and full-length zipper with plush inside lining. All heavy duty with 2 inch reinforced bottom, wrap-around 2 inch nylon handles, and comes with adjustable 18x13 inch scope protector pad 3/8 inch thick. Also has an adjustable muzzle protector to hold the weapon in place. Case size is 12x60 inch inside. A new 18x66 inch model is available.

Action Gun Works:
Phone: 775-331-1139
11345 Birch St., Reno, NV 89506
Custom 50 cal match grade rifles built, custom chambering, related metal and stock work. Competition grade windage rear rests, related 50 caliber accessories.

Advanced Long-Range Systems, LLC:
Email: 50man@50bmg.net,
Phone: 541-826-8232
3554 E. Antelope Rd., #3, Eagle Point, OR 97524
Manufacturers of a bolt-action, AR rifle, upper conversion for .50 caliber. Also distributor for Nightforce rifle scopes, Badger rings, Pelican .50 rifle case, Hornady .50 powder measure, .50 cal Lee and Hornady reloading presses, Lyman case trimmers, a .50 cal ammo can divider that supports cartridges tip down, rifle stocks and bipods, bench rests, cleaning rods, .50 BMG ammunition and components, including bullets, cases, powder, and primers.

Advanced Military Systems Design:
Email: contact@amsd.ch,
FAX: (0011) 41-22-36, Phone: (0011) 41-79-20
PO Box 487, Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland, CH-1214
Manufacturer and exporter of .50 caliber rifles (Nemesis) and ammunition. Custom gunsmithing and firearms development. FCSA member discount.

Advanced Reticle Technology Scopes:
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(See entry for Holland’s Shooters Supply)

Aim Surplus, LLC:
Email: sales@aimsurplus.com,
888-748-5252 (orders only)
FAX: 513-424-9970, Phone: 513-424-9960
225 American Way, Monroe, OH 45050
Dealer in .50 caliber ammunition. Inventory varies, call first for availability.

Aimshot / Osprey International:
888-448-3247 (orders only)
FAX: 770-387-0114, Phone: 770-387-2751
23 Hawks Farm Rd, White, GA 30184
Distributor for the AimSHOT laser bore sighter & arbor for .50 BMG caliber. Also the EMC4 laser range-finder with a range up to 1600 yards (reflective target), 600 yards (non-reflective).

AK-47 Man:
Email: boonesboro@qwest.net,
FAX: 720-898-8787, Phone: 720-898-4747
4781 W. 58th Ave. Arvada, CO 80022
Federally Licensed Firearms dealer in the Barrett, Armalite, and LAR line of .50 caliber rifles, as well as the Leupold (Mark IV) line of rifle scopes.

Akron Reserve Ammunition Inc.:
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(See entry for The Ammunition Store)

Alamo Ammo:
Email: sales@alamoammo.com,
FAX: 210-341-9303, Phone: 210-293-1126
2132 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213
Store-front and on-line retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, including Federal/Lake City American Eagle M33 Ball.

Alaska Bullet Works, Inc.:
FAX: 907-789-3433, Phone: 907-789-3834
9978 Crazy Horse Dr., Juneau, AK 99801
Manufacturers of the Kodiak Super Premium line of .50 caliber, bonded-core, copper-jacketed, lead-core, flat-base, softpoint bullet; 650 gr. most applicable for BMG loading.

Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply:
Email: info@albertatacticalrifle.com,
FAX: 403-277-7181, Phone: 403-277-7786
6-2016 25th Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2E-6Z4
Manufacturer of the ACCU-MAXX reloading press for the .50 BMG caliber. Custom gunsmith of various rifle calibers including .50. Retail stocking dealer of .50 caliber ammunition; CCI primers; brass; Hornady AMAX bullets; RCBS .50 reloading kits; the Wildcat Bulletsline of lead-core, copper-jacketed, rebated boat-tail, hollow-point, .50 caliber hunting bullets, and the Leupold and Nightforce lines of rifle scopes.

Alchemist Ammunition:
Email: support@alchemistammunition.com,
Phone: 786-910-3218
451 E 10th Ct, Hialeah, FL 33010
Manufacturer of the Compressed Copper Cartridge (C3) Frangible .50 BMG ammunition (stock number ANF-C50-640) available at retail from Leadless Ammo, LLC.

Allen Precision Shooting:
Email: allenmagnum@gmail.com,
Phone: 406-264-5168
99 Stevenson Rd., Ft. Shaw, MT 59443
Full-time, custom riflesmith, specializing in extreme range varmint, target, and big-game hunting rifles. Fully equipped machine shop capable of handling most any .50 BMG rifle project. Developer of the 510 Allen Magnum & 50 Allen Tactical wildcat calibers.

Alley Supply Co.:
Phone: 775-782-3800
P.O. Box 848, Gardnerville, NV 89410
Optical bore-sighter collimator spud for .50 cal bores. Useful for installing scopes on rifles and bore sighting rifles. JET Equipment distributor for lathes 16 x 60 inch bed.

Allied Precision Arms:
Email: lc@alliedprecisionarms.com,
Phone: 618-406-1554
7858 Andy Rd., Waterloo, IL 62298
Bipods, monopods, and carry handles for the AR50 series rifles. Also has cleaning supplies and equipment, shooting supplies and shooting aids.

ALLTEC Engravers:
Email: tjc1010clc@verizon.net,
866-255-8323 (orders only)
FAX: Same, Phone: 863-984-2145
1010 Commonwealth Ave SW, Polk City, FL 33868
Industrial engravers; firearms, barrel porting, logos, text, reloading die identification, serial number restoration, bolt serrations and jeweling, etc.

ALPEC Team, Inc.:
Email: sales@alpec.com,
800-854-6686 (orders only)
285 E Parr Blvd, Reno, NV 89512
Manufactures a laser bore sighter for .50 BMG caliber, as well as a laser pointer in the shape of a .50 BMG caliber cartridge. FCSA member discount.

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(See entry for Advanced Long Range Systems.)

Amer-I-Can Enterprises:
Email: aic@hintonet.net,

Phone: 405-284-6869
18800 State Highway 37, Hinton, OK 73047
Class 6 ammunition manufacturer of .50 BMG ammunition, exclusive manufacturer of .50 caliber DTC-EDM, US military fired cases, pulled and resized military bullets. Limited supplies of both .50 BAT (Spotter-Tracer) cases and pulled (resized) military bullets. Custom ammunition loading services available.

American Ballistics:
Email: amballistics@cs.com,
FAX: 678-364-9785, Phone: 678-364-9787
PO Box 516, Tyrone, GA 30290
Manufacturers of new, .50 BMG caliber, brass cases and military-style M33 Ball projectiles. Producer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, Ball, AP and Sniper loadings, but ammunition sales limited to Military, Law Enforcement and Government buyers.

American Marksman, LLC:
Email: info@ammarkammo.com,
Phone: 913-333-1782
9884 N 109th Ave., Omaha, NE 68142
Retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, Lake City surplus and remanufactured from demilled LC components under the Stryker label. Also sales of demilled LC components.

American Reloading:
Email: info@americanreloading.com,
Phone: 816-443-5399
307 James Rollo Dr, Grain Valley, MO 64029
On-line retailer of WC857 powder, reportedly developed for .50 BMG caliber tracers and burns faster than WC860 through WC872, military surplus pulled .50 bullets and once-fired brass.

American Rifle Co.:
Phone: 206-226-4387
4403 Russell Rd., Suite 110, Mukilteo, WA 98275
Manufacturers of a tangent force rifle scope ring design that can reduce the possibility of scope damage and slippage and reduces the number of ring screws. Available in multiple diameters (1-inch, 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, & 40mm) and heights (low, medium, high and extra high), they fit a Picatinny rail. Unlike clamshell or saddle type rings, these are a fold-over/hinged design with an overlapping ring half interface. CNC-machined, 7075-T6 Aluminum rings, they are MIL-A-8625F hard-coat anodized in a black finish.

American Security Products Co.:
800-421-6142 (orders only)
FAX: 951-685-9685, Phone: 951-685-9680
11925 Pacific Ave, Fontana, CA 92337
Manufacturers of the Barrett line of rifle safes for .50 caliber rifles. Includes a slide-out, tactical firearms storage rack, mirrored interior wall, tactical door organizer, Barrett exterior and interior logos, with optional interior light kits. Four models available, 59x30x26 up to 71x50x28 inches in size.

American Tactical Imports:
Email: customerservice@americantactical.us,
800-290-0065 (orders only)
FAX: 585-328-4168, 100 Airpark Dr, Rochester, NY 14624
Exclusive distributors of the Ted Nugent line of .50 BMG caliber ammunition

Email: info@americase.com,
800-972-2737 (orders only)
FAX: 972-937-8373, Phone: 972-937-3629
1610 E Main St., Waxahachi, TX 75165
Custom and standard sized aluminum gun cases, custom made ammo boxes.

Ammo Bee and Guns:
Email: sales@ammobee.com,
FAX: 585-538-4061, Phone: 585-538-4010
2952 W Main St, Caledonia, NY 14423
Stocking dealer of the Barrett brand of M33 Ball, as well as Hornady AMAX Match, TulAmmo Ball, PMC Ball, Federal XM33 Ball andXM17 Tracer ammunition loads.

Ammo Depot:
, ,
(See entry for Ammunition Depot)

Ammo Store, Inc.:
Email: theammostore@yahoo.com,
FAX: 937-434-4272, Phone: 937-684-7916
P.O. Box 292353, Kettering, OH 45429
Mail order dealer of military surplus and new ammunition, including occasional supplies of .50 BMG caliber. Call to check availability.

Ammo/Brass Trader:
, ,
On-line, internet forum dedicated exclusively to buying/selling/trading brass, bullets, and reloading equipment amongst members. Registration required.

, ,
(See entry for Discount Distributors.)

Ammunition Depot:
Email: sales@ammunitiondepot.com,
888-842-9039 (orders only)
FAX: 561-330-4162, Phone: 561-330-4161
7000 W Palmetto Rd, Suite 409, Boca Raton, FL 33433
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, including Federal/Lake City American Eagle XM33 Ball and XM17 Tracer, Hornady AMAX Match, and PMC M33 Ball. Also carries new M2A1 (.50 caliber sized) metal, olive drab, ammo cans.

Ammunition Store:
Email: ammohelp@gmail.com,
877-338-2666 (orders only)
FAX: 330-470-0862, 815 Oberlin Ave SW, Massillon, OH 44647
Mail-order source for new and remanufactured .50 BMG and new (Privi Partizan) 12.7x108 (.50 Russian) Match ammunition, .50 BMG once-fired brass, pulled M33 Ball projectiles, M7 hand belt linkers, military surplus M2A1 (.50 caliber sized) olive drab ammo cans. Inventory varies, call first for availability.

Ammunition To Go:
Email: support@ammunitiontogo.com,
FAX: 979-277-9959, Phone: 979-277-9676
Suite 45605, 337 Garden Oaks Blvd, Houston, TX 77018
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, Lake City/Federal American Eagle M33 Ball and M17 Tracer, Hornady AMAX, and PMC Ball.

, ,
(See entry for “Advanced Military System Design”)

Annealing Made Perfect:
Email: info@ampannealing.com,
Phone: 64-9-238-7798
PO Box 241, Pukekohe New Zealand, 2340
Manufacturer of an induction cartridge case annealing machine and analyzer. (See their website for world-wide distributors.)

Anzio IronWorks Corporation:
Email: anzioshop@hotmail.com,
Phone: 727-535-4000
Suite 8, 14605 49th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762
Manufacturer of .50 BMG caliber bolt-action rifles, both traditional stocked and take-down models, single-shot & magazine-fed repeaters. A semi-auto version is available for law enforcement and military customers. Line of custom rifle finishes and patterns. FCSA member discount.

ARA Inc:
, ,
(See entry for The Ammunition Store)

Arizona Ammunition, LLC:
Email: jschmidt@azammo.com
FAX: Same, Phone: 520-586-2582
P.O. Box 304, Dragoon, AZ 85609
Manufactures premium custom benchrest .50 ammunition. Ammunition is made manufacturer and rifle specific for maximum performance. Offering many different types of 50BMG ammunition, including competition, hunting, practice, tactical, blanks, and fire-lapping ammunition. Also providing the Acculube 10-X bullet coating (not moly). Full line of cleaning supplies, bore guides, 50BMG cleaning kits, rods and more. Custom brass and pre-coated bullets available. Offers a service to take your rifle and match custom ammunition to it for maximum accuracy and performance.

, ,
(See entry for 50 BMG Store.com/Lakeside Safes)

Email: info@armalite.com,
800-336-0184 (orders only)
FAX: 309-944-6949, Phone: 623-780-1050
Suite 100, 525 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85024
A division of Strategic Armory Corps, manufacturer of the AR50, bolt-action, .50BMG cartridge. This single-shot, bolt-action rifle features a unique octagonal receiver bedded down into a V-shaped stock. Iconic Armalite AR50 brake, makes for an accurate rifle with manageable recoil.

Armament Technology Inc:
Email: sales@armament.com,
FAX: 902-454-4641, Phone: 902-454-6384
Suite 113, 3045 Robie St, Halifax Canada, NS B3K-4P6
Makers of the Tenebraex killFLASH Anti-Reflection Device (ARD), a honeycomb rifle-scope objective filter to reduce glare & reflection.

, ,
(See entry for Atlantic Research Marketing Systems, Inc.)

Arms & Ammo:
Email: rblank@swbell.net,
866-751-2457 (orders only)
FAX: 417-751-2199, Phone: 417-751-2457
8408 N. HWY V, Ash Grove, MO 65604
Source for .50 BMG caliber CCI Primers, RCBS dies, Leupold scopes, Barnes reloading manuals, Vihtavuori Oy powder & manuals, Hodgdons powder & reloading manuals, Accurate Arms powder & reloading manuals, as well as Hornady AMAX bullets & manuals. Also stocks Sweets, Hoppes, & Shooters Choice cleaning supplies.

Arms Tech, Ltd,:
FAX: 623-936-0361, Phone: 623-936-1510
Suite 459, 5025 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012
Manufacturer of the TTR-50 (Tactical Take-down Rifle 50 caliber), a quick-disconnecting barrel version of the McBros, magazine-fed, repeater rifle, for ease of storage and transport. Also the manufacturer of the Fore-Sight laser bore-sighting system, an anodized aluminum laser resembling a .50 BMG cartridge. Production runs extremely limited. Call for order reservation.

Asepaja Helenius:
02-7365781 (orders only)
Myllontie 13, Salo, Finland, FIN 24280
Manufacturers of the RK97, .50 BMG caliber, straight-pull, falling-block action, single-shot, bullpup rifle. With a 37 inch, Chrome-Moly, 1:15, right-hand twist barrel, the rifle is 52 inches long and weighs 31 pounds. Optional calibers available include 12.7 Russian (12.7 x 108) and .50 Helenius (12.7 x 67).

Ashbury Precision Ordnance Manufacturing.:
Email: info@ashburyprecisionordnance.com,
FAX: 434-296-9260, Phone: 434-296-8600
84 Business Park Cir, Ruckersville, VA 22968
Manufacturers of the patented MT-50A1 SABER-FORSST (Foldable Rifle Stock System-Tactical) modular rifle chassis stock for the McMillan 50BMG bolt action receiver. Manufactured to ISO:9001-2008 standards from aerospace grade alloys, advanced composites and high strength lightweight carbon fiber materials, the standard color is black. Optional colors include Flat Dark Earth, Nordic Gray and OD Green. The stock uses no bedding and is maintainable in the field by the user with a simple SABER Field Multi-Tool. They also offer the Asymmetric Warrior ASW50-A1 custom precision tactical rifle. The ASW50-A1 is built on the McMillan 50BMG bolt-action receiver, uses a 5-round detachable magazine with an ambidextrous paddle lever magazine release has a conformable hand grip set, is adjustable for both grip angle and for grip-to-trigger distance for proper hand grip and trigger finger placement. The rifle is equipped with tactical two-stage triggers set to 3.5 lbs. Both McMillan and Pinnacle Series Fluted Stainless Steel 29 inch barrels are available. The ASW50 features a 30 MOA MIL-STD 1913 monolithic top rail (0-60MOA are optional) and a heat mirage mitigating Quattro carbon fiber forend with accessory rail locations at 3, 9 and 6 oclock, has a multi-position field monopod and Long Range Accuracy bipod as standard equipment, flush cup sling swivel attachment points along the length of the rifle, is coated with a rugged, dull non-reflective finish that meets MIL-STD 810G for corrosion resistance in black (standard) and (optional) Flat Dark Earth, Nordic Gray and OD Green colors. The SABER PBA-H shoulder stock is detachable with ergonomic tool-less adjustments for length of pull, cheek-piece height, and vertical recoil pad placement. ASW precision tactical rifles can also be configured with variable power day optical sights, alternative muzzle brake and suppressor combinations and match grade .50BMG ammunition. Further customization of the ASW50 rifle can be performed at APO to meet customer requirements. A complete range of precision shooting accessories are available.

Atlantic Firearms, LLC:
Email: sales@atlanticfirearms.com,
FAX: 410-352-3374, Phone: 410-352-5183
10337 Bunting Rd., Bishopville, MD 21813
Federally licensed firearms dealers, stocking the Barrett, Armalite, Zastava Arms M93 Black Arrow line of .50 BMG caliber rifles.

Atlantic Research Marketing Systems, Inc.:
FAX: 508-588-8045, Phone: 508-584-7816
230 W. Center St., West Bridgewater, MA 02379
Manufacturer of the SWAN flat-top rail adapter scope base for the AR50. Adds height for scopes as well as allowing them to be mounted farther towards the rear.

B & T Industries, LLC:
Email: info@accu-shot.com,
FAX: 316-721-1021, Phone: 316-721-3222
PO Box 771071, Wichita, KS 67277
Manufacturers of the Accu-Shot, universal rear monopod, which attaches via adapters, sling swivel, or Picatinny rail. Also supplier of the Atlas line of bipods which mount via Pic rail, or spigot-type adapers. Claw feet, 3-inch leg extenders, bipod pouch, and other options available.

Badger Barrels Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for Wilson Arms)

Badger Ordnance:
Email: info@badgerordnance.com,
FAX: 816-421-4958, Phone: 816-421-4956
1209 Swift Ave, Kansas City, MO 64116
4 and 6 screw standard & high rings for the 30mm- 56mm scopes. High rings are 1-1/8 inch high to center of ring. FCSA member discount.

Baers Gun Shop:
Email: bbaer@innernet.net,
FAX: 717-349-9921, Phone: 717-349-4077
19714 Swailes Rd, Willow Hill, PA 17271
Long-range tapered scope bases, Nightforce Scopes, and long-range gunsmithing services.

Bagmaster Manufacturing, Inc.:
Email: sales@bagmaster.com,
800-950-8181 (orders only)
FAX: 314-781-3363, Phone: 314-781-8002
4515 #2 Miami St, St. Louis, MO 63116
Makers of an American-made, life-time warranty, soft-sided rifle case for 50 caliber rifles. Polyester body and closed-cell foam core case with twelve elastic loops for .50 caliber cartridges, padded carrying straps, ID label, and available in either black or OD green. Inside dimensions 13-inchx62-inchx3-inch

Bald Eagle Precision Machine Co.:
Email: BEPMachine@aol.com,
FAX: 570-748-4443, Phone: 570-748-6772
101 Allison St, Lock Haven, PA 17745
Front rest, adjustable .50 caliber windage top, bags to fit 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, & 6-inch wide forearms.

Ballentines Scopes Unlimited:
Email: ballentine@bluevalley.net,
800-831-4324 (orders only)
FAX: 785-889-4839, Phone: 785-889-4859
16875 Victory Rd, Onaga, KS 66521
European target, Leupold, and other new and used scopes.

Barnes Bullets:
Email: email@barnesbullets.com,
800-574-9200 (orders only)
FAX: 801-756-2465, P.O. Box 620, Mona, UT 84645
Manufacturers of .50 caliber world record holding LRS match-grade solid, bore-riding bullets in 750 & 800 grain weights, as well as a 647 grain, solid copper, X-Bullet hunting projectile design. Civilian as well as military and law enforcement bullet lines. Computer ballistics software, CR-10 bore cleaning solvent.

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.:
Email: mail@barrettrifles.com,
FAX: 615-896-7313, Phone: 615-896-2938
P.O. Box 1077, Murfreesboro, TN 37133
Manufacturers of the .50 BMG caliber rifles-Model 82A1 semi-auto light 50, Model 95 bull-pup bolt-action repeater, and Model 99 bull-pup single-shot. Private label .50 caliber ammunition as well as scopes, scope mounts, soft mounts, bore cleaner, and other accessories.

Bartlein Barrels, Inc.:
Email: info@bartleinbarrels.com,
FAX: 262-677-9225, Phone: 262-649-1574
W208 N16939 Center St., Jackson, WI 53037
Barrel manufacturers of all calibers .20 through .50, single-point cut rifling, chrome-moly (up to 2.25-inch OD), and stainless steel (up to 2-inch OD), up to 37-inches long. Various twist rates (accurate to 4th decimal place), bore/groove dimensions, and contours available, as are headspacing and gunsmithing services (stock bedding, accurizing, muzzle brakes, flutes, etc.). Specialty barrels for velocity/accuracy, as well as piezo and copper crusher style pressure test available on a custom order basis.

Bartlett, Jeff:
, ,
(See entry for GI Brass)

Basset Machine:
Phone: 512-858-4441
Contact: Bill Bassett
P.O. Box 615, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Has made single shot shell-holder type 50 caliber actions. Presently not producing such but might later.

Bat Machine Co.:
Email: sales@batmachine.com,
FAX: 208-687-1250, Phone: 208-687-0341
11550 N. Bruss Rd, Rathdrum, ID 83858
Manufacturers of a single-shot, bolt-action for building competition rifles. Available in 2 and 2.5-inch diameters, 12-inch OAL.

Bear Basin Outfitters:
Email: info@bearbasin.com,
800-641-4470 (orders only)
FAX: 925-825-9027, Phone: 925-825-9802
190 N Wiget Ln, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Authorized retailer of the Leupold, Shepherd, Nightforce, Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender, line of rifles scopes and accessories. Free shipping in the continental US on orders over $250.

Bear Track Cases:
, ,
(See entry for Freedom Arms)

Beco Inner Space Products:
Email: becoprod@aol.com,
800-720-1905 (orders only)
FAX: 954-389-3264, Phone: 954-648-0763
Bay D, 2010 SW 100 Terrace, Miramar, FL 33025
Retailers of a .50 BMG caliber Bang-stick, a stainless steel, single-shot, spring-action recoil, power-head for diver defense against marine predators.

Belmont Ammunition:
FAX: 06-344-4829, Phone: 06-344-6741
6 Bryce St, Wanganui New Zealand, 4500
NZ owned business, specializing in the manufacturing and sale of quality ammunition, New Zealand agent for Lapua, PMC and B&T. Has a .50 BMG loading with a 650 gr Woodleigh VLD brass match solid, stock number 12770.

Benchrest Toys, Inc.:
, ,
(Products now distributed through “Bruno Shooters Supply”)

Berrys Manufacturing:
Email: sales@berrysmfg.com,
800-269-7373 (orders only)
FAX: 435-634-1683, Phone: 435-634-1682
401 N 3050 E, St. George, UT 84790
Manufacturer of a .50 BMG caliber plastic ammunition can. A convenient way to store and transport loaded ammunition in the protection of almost four inches of high-density foam. Each of the twenty rounds is individually nestled in the foam bottom spacer and stored vertically. Also has a 10-round, clear plastic, slip-top case for .50 ammunition.

Bertram Bullets:
Email: bbertram@bigpond.com,
FAX: 61-0357-991650, Contact: Bruce Bertram
200 Goulburn Valley Highway, Seymour Victoria Australia, 3660
Manufacturers of copper jacketed/lead core flat-base bullets, both soft-points and hollow-points, and are intended as inexpensive hunting and plinking projectiles. The .50 BMG caliber soft-points come with crimping cannelures and weigh in at 438 grains, 533 grains, and 574 grains. The hollow-point design weighs 754 grains and do not have crimp cannelures.

Big Sky Surplus:
, ,
(See entry for Combat Disabled Veterans Surplus)

Black Hills Shooters Supply:
Email: bhss@rapidnet.com,
800-289-2506 (orders only)
FAX: 605-348-5037, Phone: 605-348-4477
P.O. Box 4220, Rapid City, SD 57709
Wholesale distributor for Hodgdon’s H50BMG Powder. Wholesale only, no retail sales.

BlackHawk Tactical:
Email: cs@blackhawk.com,
800-379-1732 (orders only)
9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS 66214
Mail-order retailer of shooting web gear, such as the HawkTex, padded, height-adjustable, strap-on, cheek pad suitable for tall scope mounting situation such as the Barrett M82, Anzio Ironworks, etc.

Email: bloodglow@mei.net,
888-579-1965 (orders only)
FAX: 866-392-7231, Phone: 269-579-1965
9616 So M37 Hwy, Dowling, MI 49050
Bluestar blood trace finding agent for hunters.

Bluegrass Armory (A Division of Good Time Outdoors, Inc.):
Email: support@bluegrassarmory.com,
FAX: 352-401-9667, Phone: 352-401-9070
4600 W Highway 326, Ocala, FL 34482
Manufacturer of the Viper .50 caliber, bolt action rifle, available in barrel lengths up to 32-inches, weight 24-30 pounds, average length 52-inches.

BMG Parts Co., Inc.:
Email: sales@bmgparts.com,
FAX: 877-BMG-1919, Phone: 775-671-7500
2034 E. Lincoln Ave., Suite 324, Anaheim, CA 92806
Retailer of surplus military manuals, spare parts, and other items for the semi-auto .50 caliber M2HB, with mounts, accessories, manuals and tools being a specialty.

BML Tool and Manufacturing Corp:
FAX: 203-261-8165, Phone: 203-880-9485
67 Enterprise Dr., Monroe, CT 06468
US importer and distributor of the RPA Quadlock .50 action and .50 BMG caliber rifles. Manufacutrer of the Accurate-Mag line of shooting accessories and products.

Bonaduce, Inc.:
Email: orders@polygunbag.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 321-972-6089
PO Box 195884, Winter Springs, FL 32719
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG ammunition, military surplus projectiles and brass. Also has a line of carbide bullet resizers (in .30 and .50 caliber) for pulled military projectiles, to ensure they are returned to a symmetrically round girth.

Bore Tech, Inc.:
Email: cs@boretech.com,
FAX: 267-347-4458, Phone: 267-347-4436
2404 Milford Square Pike, Quakertown, PA 18951
Manufacturer of Bore Stix premium cleaning rods with ball bearing handles and Dura-Coat polymer coating. Also, Patch Guides bore guides and a complete line of solvents & lubricants for premium gun care maintenance. Offers V3 line of Match and Hunting .50 solid bullets.

Boses Guns:
Email: boses255@huntel.net,
Phone: 402-695-2555
1008 S. Main St., P.O. Box 54, Emerson, NE 68733
Distributor for the Lee Precision and Hornady .50 BMG press, AMAX bullets, Hodgdon powder, Sweets 7.62 bore solvent, primer sealant, etc.

Botach Tactical:
Email: cs@BoTac.com,
FAX: 786-282-8680, Phone: 702-703-1299
4775 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Retailer of the IMI line of .50 BMG caliber line of ammunition, both M33 Ball and M33 Match. Also carries the line of Trijicon ACOG reflex sights including the TA648MGO-50 model for the .50 BMG caliber.

Brass Man:
Email: brassmanbrass@gmail.com,
866-220-8126 (orders only)
Phone: 702 645-7542
1630 Williams Hwy.
Grants Pass, OR  97527
Source for once-fired .50 BMG caliber brass. Periodic supplies of .50 ball projectiles as well.

Brownells, Inc.:
FAX: 641-623-3896, Phone: 641-623-4000
200 S. Front Street, Montezuma, IA 50171-1000
Suppliers to the wholesale and retail gun trade. 50 caliber phosphor bronze extra stiff cleaning brushes, nylon brushes, cleaning solutions, accessories. The ultimate Christmas wish book.

Bruno Shooters Supply:
Email: LBruno@brunoshooters.com,
800-455-0350 (orders only)
FAX: 623-587-7645, Phone: 623-587-7641
21628 N. Central Ave., Suite 4, Phoenix, AZ 85024
Supplier for Leupold & Nightforce scopes, Barnes, Shooter’s Choice, & Sweets 7.62 copper solvents, Vihta Vuori powders and reloading manuals, Ramshot & Hodgdons rifle powders, Hornady AMAX bullets, Lapua brass, bedding compounds, borescopes, chronographs, rifle rests, triggers, and wind flags.

Email: info@brunton.com,
800-443-4871 (orders only)
FAX: 307-856-1840, Phone: 307-856-6559
2255 Brunton Court, Riverton, WY 82501
Manufacturer of the Brunton ADC Pro line of portable, hand-held, palm-sized weather instruments for monitoring & reporting wind speed & direction, air temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. for determining atmospheric affects on external ballistics. On-line ordering or referral to dealer near you.

Brush Research Manufacturing Co Inc:
FAX: 323-268-6587, Phone: 323-261-2193
4642 Floral Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90022
Manufacturers of a Chamber Flex Hone for the .50 BMG, hone oil and numerous brush types and sizes.

Buck Steeles Reamer Rentals & Precision Gun Parts:
, ,
(See entry for Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals)

Buds Gun Shop:
FAX: 800-804-5569, Phone: 859-368-0371
1800 S Main St, Paris, KY 40361
Barrett, Bushmaster, Steyr .50 caliber rifles, Barrett .50 ammo, Leupold scopes and accessories.

Email: customerservice@bulkammo.com,
800-720-6035 (orders only)
FAX: 800-460-1657, PO Box 66738, Saint Louis, MO 63166
On-line retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, specializing in larger quantities for deeper discounts, such as PMC Ball and Match, Federal/Lake City M33 Ball and M17 Tracer, etc. Inventory varies constantly, check the website for latest offerings.

Bullet Bunker:
Email: info@thebulletbunker.com,
FAX: 419-663-3010, Phone: 419-660-0228
61 St Marys St, Norwalk, OH 44857
Manufacturers of a bullet stop for .50 BMG AP and smaller calibers. The Kryptonite model has a self-sealing face and is 25 x 38 x 26 inches in size.

Bullet Button:
Email: DLPRINCE1@aol.com,
FAX: 760-758-2290, Phone: 760-277-3621
4834 Sweetgrass Ln., Bonsall, CA 92003
Distributor for an adapter to mate the Serbu & M60 bipods to the ArmaLite AR-50 rifle. Adjustable for cant, no gunsmithing required. Also has a monopod for AR50, Barrett M82, AMAC & Serbu rifles, solid brass .50 match projectiles and Barrett magazine-fed California compliance parts.

Bullet Swaging Supply, Inc.:
Email: leblackmon@colla.com,
FAX: 318-325-7034, Phone: 318-387-7257
Contact: Larry Blackmon
303 McMillan Rd., P.O. Box 1056, West Monroe, LA 71294
.50 caliber gas checks for cast bullets. Bullet swaging dies & paper patch bullet dies.

Bushmaster Firearms:
Email: info@bushmaster.com,
800-883-6229 (orders only)
FAX: 336-548-7801, PO Box 556, Madison, NC 27025
Manufacturers of the Cobb line of bolt-action .50 rifles & carbines, with Lothar-Walther 30 inch or 22 inch barrels, 1:15 twist, 50-58 inch overall length, weighing 27-30 pounds, 10-round detachable box magazine, AR-series action. (Model BA50)

Phone: 913-752-3400
9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS 66214
Makers of the Yardage Pro line of eye-safe, laser range-finders; models 600, 800, & 1000 (600 yard, 800 yard, & 1000 yard effective maximum ranges respectively).

Butler Creek:
800-221-9035 (orders only)
FAX: 913-752-3550, Phone: 913-752-3400
9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS 66214
Manufacturers of flip-up scope lens covers for both the eyepiece and objective lenses, in a multitude of sizes, for most any rifle scope manufacturer and model.
C-H Tool & Die Co. / 4-D Die Co.:
Email: info@ch4d.com,
FAX: 740-397-6600, Phone: 740-397-7214
711 N. Sandusky, Mt. Vernon, OH 43050
Changeable bushing neck sizer die, sleeved benchrest bullet seating die, extensive loading accessories for the .50 caliber. Case trimmer, hand priming tool, bullet puller, primer pocket swage, chamfering tool and various wildcatted .50 dies. Factory crimp style seater die, Micrometer seater die. FCSA member discount.

C.J. Weapons:
Email: weaponcj@aol.com,
800-510-5919 (orders only)
FAX: 573-634-2355, PO Box 104801, Jefferson City, MO 65110
.50 caliber bore brushes and swabs. Other cleaning supplies as well such as bulk solvents and cleaners, bore lights, desiccant, and toothbrushes with bronze, brass, nylon, and stainless steel bristles.

800-237-4444 (orders only)
FAX: 800-496-6329, Phone: 308-234-5555
1 Cabela Dr., Sidney, NE 69160
Mail-order sales of the RCBS line of reloading equipment, Timney triggers, Kleen Bore .50 cleaning gear, Hoppes Boresnakes, Dewey and Bore Tech cleaning rods, Butchs Bore Sine, several lines of gun safes, camouflaged hunting clothing, SKB and Pelican rifle transport cases; as well as hearing protection, rifle rests, and chronographs. Barnes, Hornady, and Hodgdons reloading manuals. MTM Case Guard Shell boxes and AZoom aluminum snap-caps. HSM & Talon lines of .50 caliber ammunition. Hornady AMAX and Barnes X-Bullets as well as military surplus .50 projectiles; Ball, AP, Incendiary, Tracer, Spotter-Tracer, CCI primers. Extensive line of optics (rifle scopes, spotting scopes, laser range-finders, etc.), including Leupold Mark 4 and accessories. Bullet & primer waterproofing sealants, Perma-Gel ballistic gelatin systems, and Red-I Laser boresighter.

CADEX Defence:
Email: sales@cadexinc.com,
FAX: 450-348-7157, Phone: 450-348-6774
755 Ave. Montrichard, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada, J2X-5K8
Manufacturers of the Strike 50 chassis-style folding stock for the McMillan TAC50 rifle. 6061-T6 Aluminum, the stock has adjustable length of pull and cheek piece, is available in black or tan, weighs 9.7 pounds, is 39 inches long, 30 inches folded. USA distributor is Drake & Associates.

Camarillo Shooters Supply:
Phone: 805-484-3768
1808 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93010
Stocks the .50 caliber RCBS Ammomaster reloading press and dies, Lyman .50 BMG Accutrimmer, .50 caliber Azoom Snap Caps, .Stoney Point Laser Magic Boresighter, Barnes CR-10 copper solvent and reloading manual, Hodgdon reloading manual, Leupold Mk4 scopes, Outers Foul-Out units, and other products.

Email: support@camoclad.com,
800-585-8550 (orders only)
FAX: 618-342-6960, Phone: 618-342-6860
471 Camo Clad Dr. Mounds, IL  62964
Manufacturers of a line of self-adhesive vinyl camouflage decal sheets, roll tape, and window screen film, available in over a dozen different patterns. Used for camouflaging hunting equipment of all types, shapes, and sizes.

CCI / Speer:
800-627-3640 (orders only)
FAX: 208-798-3392, Phone: 208-746-2351
2299 Snake River, Lewiston, ID 83501
Makers of the CCI #35 .50 BMG (brass) primers & Speer 647 gr. M33 (IMI) ball bullets. Will advise of nearest suppliers.

CDNN Sports, Inc.:
800-588-9500 (orders only)
FAX: 325-695-4898, Phone: 325-695-4867
PO Box 6514, Abilene, TX 79608
Federally licensed firearms dealer/distributor. Stocking dealer for Leupold scopes and accessories.

Centerfire Guns:
Email: support@centerfireguns.com,
800-217-2998 (orders only)
FAX: 866-505-7074, 7475 W 5th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, carrying the PMC, Hornady, Lake City/Federal and Magtech line. Also carries the Armalite AR50, Barrett M82 and Bushmaster/Cobb .50 BMG caliber rifles.

Central Wisconsin Armory:
Email: cwaguns@gmail.com,
Phone: 715-454-6395
181480 State Highway 153, Eland, WI 54427
Retailer of the Serbu, Barrett, EDM Arms, Cobb, State Arms, and Armalite lines of .50 caliber rifles. Builder and repair facility for M2HB. Designer and manufacturer of the M3D full-auto MG.

Century International Arms:
800-527-1252 (orders only)
FAX: 561-265-4520, Phone: 561-265-4530
430 S. Congress St., Suite #1, Delray Beach, FL 33445
Firearms and ammunition importer/distributor/retailer, periodically has .50 cal military surplus ammunition in stock. Call for availability.

CFD International:
Email: webforms@cfdi.biz,
Phone: 972-736-2260
5427 FM 546, Princeton, TX 75407
Manufacturers of the M3D, full-auto, .50 BMG caliber machine gun for law enforcement and military.

Cheap Ammo:
Email: support@cheapammo.com,
FAX: 763-780-9903, Phone: 763-703-1611
Suite 5203 PMB 2757 1000 Highland Colony Pkwy, Ridgeland, MS 39157
Retail and online dealer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, various loads, various manufacturers.

Cheaper Than Dirt:
Email: tech@cheaperthandirt.com,
800-421-8047 (orders only)
FAX: 800-596-5655, Phone: 800-559-0943
PO Box 162087, Ft. Worth, TX 76161
Mail order dealer for the Leupold line of rifle scopes and accessories, .50 ammo, A-Zoom brand of .50 caliber dummy snap-caps, Bore-Snake cleaning equipment, muzzle brake cleaning spray, etc.

Cheytac Associates:
Email: ellison@cheytac.com,
731-535-6029 (orders only)
24070 Hwy 70, Huntingdon, TN 38344
Retailers of Atlas heavy duty bipods, US Optics and Nightforce rifle scopes.

Chocolate Ammo:
Email: info@chocolateammo.com,
FAX: 208-356-6165, Phone: 858-252-2666
, 262 Dividend Dr., Rexburg, ID 83440
Chocolate novelty gifts for the sportsman, has a line of chocolate candy .50 caliber cartridges. Chocolate ammo tins can be reutilized as ammo boxes, are stackable and lockable. Note: Products ship by ground only October 1st through the end of April, as summer months are too hot to ship our chocolate, even with ice packs.

Christensen Arms:
Email: sales@christensenarms.com,
888-517-8855 (orders only)
FAX: 435-528-7494, Phone: 435-528-7999
192 East 100 North, Fayette, UT 84630
Graphite reinforced 50 caliber barrels. Customers choice of barrel manufacturer, also fit & chambering services.

Classic Barrel and Gun Works:
Email: cutrifle@cableone.net,
FAX: 928-772-4156, Phone: 928-772-4060
339 Grove Avenue, Prescott, AZ 86301
Fifty caliber barrel manufacturer and gunsmithing services. Cutrifled barrels, profiled and fluted (if requested) before reaming and rifling. All steel is cryo treated before machine work is done. Can chamber BMG, BAT, or DTC calibers, or any wildcat caliber for which a reamer is available. Various rifle twist rates available. Other services include scope mount installation, stock bedding and painting, rebarrelling, etc.

Clear Ballistics LLC:
Email: info@clearballistics.com,
888-271-0461 (orders only)
110 Augusta Arbor Way #B Greenville, SC  29505
Manufacturers of a reusable, non-refrigeration, ballistics gel for terminal ballistics testing and performance. Meets FBI and NATO testing protocols. Also sells molds and tools necessary to support operations.

Clearview Investments, Inc.:
Email: info@clearviewinvest.com,
FAX: 859-873-6229, Phone: 859-873-9877
102 Fieldview Dr, Versailles, KY 40383
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber, M1A1-style blanks from Hirtenberger.

Cliffs Guns and Surplus:
Email: cliffsguns@charter.net,
Phone: 262-736-4545
197 Baldwin St., Sharon, WI 53585
Federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking the Vihta Vuori line of .50 caliber powders as well as PMC, Barrett, Hornady, and American Eagle/Black Box Federal/Lake City ammo, Barrett, Armalite and Sig Sauer rifles, AZoom Snap caps, Barnes bullets, Aimshot Bore Sighters, Hornady Brass as well as Lee and RCBS .50 caliber reloading tools.

Cliffs Gunsmithing:
Email: cliff@cliffsgunsmithing.com,
Phone: 435-586-1147
P.O. Box 423, Cedar City, UT 84721
Federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking Vihta Vuori, Accurate Arms, & Hodgdons .50 caliber powder and reloading manuals (in-store sales only on powder, no mail order), Hornady AMAX & Barnes bullets and reloading manuals, CR10 copper fouling remover, Leupold Mk 4 rifle scopes, and A-Zoom snap caps.

Clyde Armory:
Email: josh@policeguns.com,
FAX: 706-549-3232, Phone: 706-549-1842
165 Ben Burton Rd. #D, Athens-Bogart, GA 30622
Class 3 Federally Licensed Firearms dealer, Class 10 federally licensed manufacturer, specializing in law enforcement supplies. Stocks the Barrett M99 rifle kit and Beamshot laser bore sighter in .50 BMG caliber.

Clymer Manufacturing:
Email: clymer@clymertool.com,
FAX: 248-853-1530, Phone: 248-853-5555
1645 W. Hamlin Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Manufacturer of both standard .50 BMG caliber and .50 wildcat chamber reamers.

CMA Custom Ammunition:
Email: john@cmacustomammo.com,
Phone: 970-310-1794
Contact: John Altizer
1302 Forrestal Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526
Manufacturer of copper jacket, lead core .50 caliber projectiles, including custom designs. Standard designs include: 825 gr. VLD with aluminum tip and rebated boattail, 825 gr. Soft-point with plain base, 850 gr. Soft-point with plain base or rebated boattail, 810 gr. Hollow-point and rebated boattail, and 6s Spire-point in weight ranges from 700-850 gr. FCSA member discount.

CMMG, Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for Wholesale Hunter)

Cobb Manufacturing, Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for Bushmaster Firearms)

Colorado Gun Sales:
Email: sales@cogunsales.com,
855-746-2491 (orders only)
FAX: 720-504-5436, Phone: 303-854-9166
10909 Irma Dr., Northglenn, CO 80233
Importers of the OM50, Nemesis, .50 BMG caliber rifle, bolt-action, magazine-fed.

Colorado Shooters Supply:
Phone: 575-627-1933
910 N. Delaware, Roswell, NM 88201
.50 caliber custom-made nose pour case bullet molds. Mold number 512650, available from Midway as part number 814792.

Combat Disabled Veterans Surplus:
Email: sean@cdvs.us,
Phone: 509-535-9486
3018 E Sinto, Spokane, WA 92202
.50 caliber military surplus projectiles, blanks, dummy rounds, once-fired brass, Talon remanufactured ammunition, links, WC872 powder, sabots, cleaning gear, etc.

Concept Development Corporation:
Email: firearmsafety@aol.com,
800-472-4405 (orders only)
FAX: 480-836-4435, P.O. Box 18970, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269
Manufacturers of the APC-100 Gun Clearing Barrel, a bullet trap for safely clearing the actions of loaded firearms. The APC-100 is certified for rifle, pistol, and shotgun calibers, including full-auto, and will accommodate armor piercing projectiles in the 5.56 & 7.62 NATO calibers. It is certified for some .50 caliber rifle projectiles as well.

Continuous Metal Technology, Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for TomBob Outdoors, LLC)

Corbin Manufacturing:
Email: sales@corbins.com,
FAX: 541-826-8669, Phone: 541-826-5211
600 Industrial Circle, P.O. Box 2659, White City, OR 97503
Bullet swage dies, hydraulic bullet swaging presses. Computer ballistics software, reloading presses, manual and hydraulic. Bullet making supplies, copper & brass tubing, leaded copper & leaded brass, lead wire extruder and cannelure tools. FCSA member discount.

Cortec Corporation:
Email: jwiermaa@cortecvci.com,
800-4-CORTEC (orders only)
FAX: 651-429-1122, Phone: 651-429-1100
Contact: John Wiermaa
4119 White Bear Parkway, St. Paul, MN 55110
Manufacturers of the Bull Frog line of rust prevention products. Contact them for a list of local distributors.

CrossTac Corporation:
Email: customerservice@crosstac.com,
855-529-1753 (orders only)
FAX: 866-881-3253, Phone: 970-292-6750
Suite A6, 418 8th St SE, Loveland, CO 80537
Manufacturers of an AR50 muzzle brake removal spanner wrench. Also has rear squeeze bags, long range shooter mats, spotting scope covers, front and rear shooter bags.

Cryo Accurizing:
, ,
(See entry for 300 Below, Inc.)

Cryo Plus:
Email: kathi@cryoplus.com,
FAX: 330-683-2653, Phone: 330-683-3375
2429 N. Millborne Rd., Wooster, OH 44691
Cryogenic barrel service.

CS Tactical:
Email: sales@cstactical.com,
Phone: 916-670-1103
Suite B, 9174 Franklin Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758

Cutting Edge Bullets:
Email: info@cuttingedgebullets.com,
FAX: 814-345-6506, Phone: 877-232-8553

6766 W Melrose St

Bosie ID 83709
Manufacturer of lathe-turned, solid copper projectiles the 802gr 50cal. The MTAC and MTH lines feature their patented SealTite band making them perfect for match use. Available in calibers .224-.700 Nitro Express.

D&B Supply:
Email: dbsupply@scopeusout.com,
Phone: 704-824-7511
209 Tinkham Tr., Cramerton, NC 28032
Distributor of NightForce scopes, all models and reticles, custom tapered bases, rings and mounts. Also stocks McMillan Fiberglass stocks.

D&L Sports, Inc.:
Email: dlsports@cableone.net,
FAX: 928-636-1757, Phone: 928-636-1726
PO Box 4843, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Custom gunsmithing and manufacturing, Leupold and Nightforce rifle scopes, offers instruction on long distance (up to 1 mile) competition shooting for civilians.

Dan's Ammo:
Email: info@dansammo.com,
FAX: 724-727-2649, Phone: 724-727-2648
84 Route 380, Apollo, PA 15613
Retailer of CCI 35 .50 primers, periodic supplies of military surplus .50 BMG caliber ammunition.

Dave Manson Precision Reamers:
Email: david@mansonreamers.com,
FAX: 810-953-0735, Phone: 810-953-0732
8200 Embury Rd., Grand Blanc, MI 48439
Manufacturers of .50BMG Standard & Match Chamber Reamers & Headspace Gauges-quality tooling coupled with quick delivery.

Dead Eye Supply, Inc.:
Email: service@deadeyesupply.com,
Phone: 270-776-1338
309 Hillcrest St, Franklin, KY 42134
Manufacturers of the Saf-T-Plug, a fluorescent orange plastic, empty chamber flag and bolt hold-open device, originally developed for pump and auto-loading shotguns, but also applicable for .50 caliber rifles. Durable enough for heavy bolt .50 semi-autos, it is large enough to be visible from a distance on the firing line.

Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc.:
Email: dpmsrepairs@remington.com,
800-578-3767 (orders only)
1816 Remington Circle SW, Huntsville, AL 35824
Retailer for the ACE LTD AP4 SOCOM Stock, part number BS-ACEAP4, suitable for .50 uppers and Badger MAX50 high 30mm scope rings, part number SR-306-13.

Defense Solutions, LLC:
Email: sales@defensesolutionsllc.com,
Phone: 812-327-2138
3515 S Duncan Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403
Manufacturer of a one-piece, 7075 aluminum, CNC-machined, scope mount and base system, with four locking points on a hardened stainless steel base and built-in 70 MOA elevation incline, custom MOAs available by request. Unit is black anodized standard, but custom moly resin colors available as an option.

Denver Bullet Co.:
Email: sales@denverbullets.com,
FAX: 303-893-9161, Phone: 303-893-3146
1600 W. 13th Ave., Denver, CO 80204
Retailer of .50 caliber ammunition, military and tracer.

Denver Instrument Co.:
800-321-1135 (orders only)
FAX: 303-423-4831, Phone: 303-431-7255
5 Orville Dr., Bohemia, NY 11716
Ainsworth Accurate Load portable precision electronic scale, to 1500 grains. Operates either off 12 volt battery or 110 Volt adapter.

Desert Tactical Arms:
, ,
(See entry for Desert Tech)

Desert Tech:
Email: marketing@deserttech.com,
FAX: 801-908-6425, Phone: 801-375-7272
PO Box 65816, Salt Lake City, UT 84165
Manufacturers of a .50 caliber bullpup rifle and their own private label line of .50 ammunition.

Detroit Ammunition Company:
Phone: 734-250-9296
PO Box 871, South Lyon, MI 48178
Retailer of the Triple R Munitions line of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, including M1A1 blanks, 725 grain Lehigh subsonic Controlled Fracturing bullet stock number TRM50BMG725 and the 650 grain Lehigh Match Solid subsonic stock number TRM50BMG650.

Deutsch Optik:
Email: info@deutscheoptik.com,
800-225-9407 (orders only)
FAX: 775-463-5581, Phone: 775-463-5181
321 S. Main St., Yerington, NV 89447
Optical range finders, high power ranging scopes and accessories. Other neat stuff, request catalog.

Diamond K Brass LLC:
Email: dk@diamondkbrass.com,
855-357-3030 (orders only)
FAX: 480-267-9456, Phone: 480-267-9455
Suite 101, 7363 E Adobe Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Retailer of once-fired .50 BMG caliber brass and demilled M33 projectiles.

Dierks Industries:
, ,
(See entry for Action Gun Works)

, ,
(See entry for Feddersen, Inc.)

Dillon Precision Products:
Email: sales@dillonprecision.com,
800-223-4570 (orders only)
FAX: 480-998-2786, Phone: 480-948-8009
8009 E. Dillons Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Supplier of general reloading equipment and components.

Discount Distributors, Inc.:
Email: info@ammoman.com,
FAX: 856-767-3877, Phone: 856-767-8835
Suite 200, 1 Tara Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062
Discount ammunition supplier in multiple calibers and loadings, including .50 BMG. Inventory varies, call for latest stock.

Dixi Cylindre, SA:
FAX: 41-0-32-933-58-, Phone: 41-0-32-033-58-
Av. du Technicum 42, Le Locle Switzerland, CH-2400
Specializing in high precision screw-cutting, has a line of .50 BMG caliber dummy rounds and commemorative cartridges.

Double Tap Ammo, Inc.:
Email: mmcnett@doubletapammo.com,
866-357-10MM (orders only)
FAX: 435-867-8524, 450 N 200 West, Cedar City, UT 84721
Source for mail-order Winchester primed new brass and Barnes 750 grain TACLRBT Match-grade ammunition.

Down Range, Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for Summit Ammunition)

, ,
(See entry for Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services)

Drake Associates, Inc:
Email: cdrake@drakeassociates.us,
FAX: 631-749-1515, Phone: 631-749-1100
1130 19th Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960
US importer of the PGM Hecate II, .50 BMG caliber Sniper Weapon System, manufactures of the DRAKE STALKER SLAM lightweight .50 BMG, relative of the US Navy MK15, available to authorized Law Enforcement and military users only - Drake Associates is also a dealer for Lapua ammunition components (4PL1271 Bullex-N/700gr projectile, 4PL1271 Bullex-N/800gr projectile), Vihta Vuori powders (24N41, 20N29), Schmidt Bender scopes (the PMII for the .50 caliber), Kestrel weather meters, Pelican / Hardigg cases and drag bag systems, Larue Tactical components (scope mounts for .50 BMG systems that reduce the possibility of blowing a scope due to flex of the platform), and other PGM Sniper Weapon Systems and factory PGM components. US distributor for the CADEX Strike 50 chassis rifle stock for the McMillan TAC50 rifle. US distributor for the Rangemaster .50 rifle and actions.

DS Arms, Inc.:
Email: customerservice@dsarms.com,
FAX: 847-277-7259, Phone: 847-277-7258
27996 W Industrial Ave, Barrington, IL 60010
Retailer of .50 BMG caliber API ammunition, of their own manufacture, using surplus projectiles and powder, but on new, primed, empty brass from Adcom of the United Arab Emirates, available boxed individually or linked.

DSG Technology AS:
Email: contact@dsg.no,
FAX: 47-67-92-62-66, Phone: 47-67-92-60-00
Solheimsveien 7, PO Box 52, Lorenskog Norway, NO1471
Manufacturers of 12.7x99 (50 BMG) caliber Multi-Environment Ammunition. Their Dual Core Supercavitating (DCS) projectile design is capable of being fired above or under water, with an underwater effective range of 60 meters. Also has a Super Sniper AP (SSAP) design. Both feature a tungsten penetrator core.

DSK Armory:
Email: admin@dskarmory.com,
Phone: 224-357-6466
152 Crescent Ln, Schaumburg, IL 60193
Manufactures a decapping die that doesn’t resize cases, for depriming before tumbling, dimensional checks, trimming, etc. Handles both BMG and .416 Barrett cases. Requires RCBS .50 BMG decapping unit (9838), guide bushing (7709628) and hex jam nut (7109640); not included. 1½-12 threads.

DSR-Precision, GMBH:
Email: info@dsr-precision.com,
FAX: 49-7444-51998, Phone: 49-7444-51920
IM Grunweible 18, Alpirsbach, Germany, D-72275
Manufacturers of the DSR-50, bull-pup, magazine-fed, bolt-action .50 rifle, with hydraulic recoil damping system. 53-inch long, 23 pounds, 31-inch barrel, rear monopod, suspension-style bipod, adjustable (2-stage) trigger, 6 locking lugs, 3-round magazine with spare magazine storage forward of trigger guard.

Dummy Bullet Sales:
Email: sales@dummybullet.com,
Phone: 216-544-9601
PO Box 1159, Bryson City, NC 28713
Manufacturer and on-line retailer of dozens of calibers of dummy rounds, rifle, shotgun and pistol, including the .50 BMG caliber, for display or function testing. Drilled out primer pocket, with optional case wall hole, no powder, no primer, Ball projectiles, with heavy crimp for endurance. Also has a line of bullet jewelry and keychains.

DVC Armaments:
Email: info@gggaz.com,
800-380-2540 (orders only)
FAX: 520-748-7583, Phone: 520-748-7167
3602 E. 42nd Stravenue, Tucson, AZ 85713
.50 BMG caliber IMI ammunition, .50 BMG, 20mm cannon, 40mm grenade, scope reticle pattern, and Claymore hitch covers. LCB-3 heavy duty bipod.
Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc.:
Email: comments@eagleindustries.com,
888-343-7547 (orders only)
FAX: 757-410-0438, 2645 International Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Manufacturers of the FAP-.50, folding ammo pouch, in .50 caliber. Capacity 10 rounds of ammo, mounts on web gear.

East Ridge Arms:
, ,
(See entry for State Arms)

Edgewood Bags:
Phone: 505-281-0154
Contact: Dick Snyder
PO Box 276, Edgewood, NM 87015
Manufacturer of leather or cordova bench-rest bags.

Elcan Optical Technologies:
Email: specter@elcan.com,
FAX: 972-344-8260, Phone: 972-893-5226
1601 N. Plano Rd., Richardson, TX 75081
Manufacturers of the SpectreDR, electro-optical rifle reflex sight, suitable for .50 caliber recoil. 1.5 power red dot mode or six power reticle, with fixed iron sights over the top of the housing. 70mm eye relief, 7.8mm exit pupil, ½ kilogram weight, dark earth finish, 153mm long, 70mm wide, 67.5mm tall, waterproof to 66 feet. Optional Anti-Reflection Device available.

Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals:
Email: reamers@att.net,
FAX: 503-214-8591, Phone: 541-471-9150
1031 NW Morgan, Grants Pass, OR 97526
Chamber reamer rental service in .50 caliber. Leupold Mark 4 series of rifle scopes and accessories including Butler Creek flip covers.

Ellwood Epps Sporting Good:
Email: info@ellwoodepps.com,
FAX: 705-689-2279, Phone: 705-689-5333
RR 3 9431 Hwy #11 N, Orilla Canada, ON L3V-6H3
Canadian retailer of the Prairie Gun Works, Bushmaster, Steyr and Barret line of .50 BMG caliber rifles and GSR Precision projectiles, as well as general shooting and reloading supplies

Engle Ballistic Research, Inc.:
Email: office@ebr-inc.net,
Phone: 812-495-6040
5526 E French Dr, Pimento, IN 47866
Manufacturers of a line of polymer cased .50 BMG caliber ammunition, 647 gr Ball Mk323, 700 gr Wide Taper Point Frangible and 600 gr Round Nose Frangible Anti-Ricochet loads.

, ,
(See entry for L3 Communications)

Euro Optic LTD:
Email: sales@eurooptic.com,
FAX: 570-486-4037, Phone: 570-368-3920
635 N Loyalsock Ave., Montoursville, PA 17754
Mail order retailer of optics, including the Nightforce, Schmidt-Bender, Premier Reticles, Aimpoint, and Trijicon lines. Also stocks Badger Ordnance rings, Barrett BORS and Lapua brass. Dealer in the Accuracy International and Barrett .50 rifles.

Evolution USA:
Email: evorifle@camasnet.com,
FAX: 208-983-0944, Phone: 208-983-9208
P.O. Box 154, White Bird, ID 83554
Manufacturers of the Phantom III .50 BMG caliber, bolt-action, single-shot rifle. Custom rifle manufacturer and gunsmithing services.

Expansion Ammunition:
Email: info@expansion-ammunition.com,
888-707-9343 (orders only)
Phone: 469-480-7177
Suite 130, 2410 Luna Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006
Manufacturer of a line of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, Ball, API and APIT on once-fired US Lake City brass, new CCI primers, new St Marks Powder and demilled military surplus projectiles. (Ammunition loaded with new Ball projectiles also available at an additional cost.) Ammunition is sealed at the primer and case mouth with the new Hernon, UV light-cured sealant for long-term storage, water-proofing and to provide a more consistent bullet pull than traditional black tar case mouth sealants. Linked and unlinked M2A1 ammo can packaging, with bulk/pallet quantity ammunition sales available. Linked packaging available either API or APIT exclusively or in 4:1 link ratio.

Explore Products, Inc.:
Email: info@exploreproducts.com,
866-992-9929 (orders only)
Phone: 651-439-4700
PO Box 146, Chanhasse, MN 55317
Retailer for the Guardforce line of hard-sided gun cases. #GDS-9290CW is suitable for the AR-50 rifle, internal dimensions 62-1/8 inches x 12-5/8 inches x 6 inches, lockable, with roller wheels. GC621206 has internal dimension of 61 inches x 11 inches x 5-3/4 inches, while GC641206 has internal dimensions of 63 inches x 11 inches x 6 inches. Also sells the Kleen-Bore .50 cal rifle cleaning kit and the ADG Secure Shot Bench Rifle Rest, and the Knockout .50 caliber bore cleaning rope and foam cleaner. Affiliate FCSA Member. To see their whole line of .50-related products, with major FCSA member discounts, see the special FCSA, members-only website.

Explorer Cases:
, ,
(See entry for International Supplies)

Extreme Firearms:
, ,
(See entry for TSM Consulting & Firearm Sales)
FA. Heinrich Fortmeier:
Email: info@50bmg.de,
FAX: 05250-52753, Phone: 05250-53805
Schoeninger Str. 31, Delbruck, Germany, 33129
Manufacturer of the Fortek .50 caliber rifle.

, ,
(See entry for Fifty Caliber Institute.)

Email: mike@fcsa.co.uk,
Phone: 44-7814582831
Contact: Mike Roberts
c/o Wrens Mews Kennels and Cattery, 186 Brookhouse Lane, Werrington, Stoke on Trent, England, WV10-0NJ
Fifty BMG caliber shooting organization based in the United Kingdom. NRA affiliated & sponsors competitions similar to the US-based FCSA.

, ,
(See entry for Fifty Caliber Institute)

, ,
(See entry for Federal Armament, LLC)

Feddersen, Inc.:
Email: ffeddersen@gunbarrels.net,
FAX: 865-408-9210, Phone: 865-408-1545
7501 Corporate Park Dr., Loudon, TN 37774
Manufacturers of complete, bench rest quality .50 caliber barrels & .50 caliber barrel blanks. All barrels are precision honed & button rifled. Ask about availability of single point cut rifled barrels. All the machinery used to manufacture barrels are CNC. Try their free bullet spin rate calculator, for calculating the minimum spin raate required for any type of material the projectiles are made from at: www.spinrate.com

Federal Armament, LLC:
Email: service@fedarm.com,
888-652-6660 (orders only)
Phone: 631-930-5314
5730 N 6th St, Fort Smith, AR 72904
OEM manufacturer of defense products including .50 BMG caliber ammunition (Ball, API & APIT) on once-fired cases and military surplus projectiles, as well as processed .50 BMG caliber brass for reloading.

Fifty BMG Store.Com/Lakeside Safes:
Email: armusa@msn.com,
Phone: 714-231-0330
PO Box 1149, Anaheim, CA 92815
Dealer of the ArmaLite, Accuracy International,LAR, Barrett,TNW & Robar lines of .50 caliber rifles & American Security line of gun safes. Also limited stocks of ammunition.

Fifty BMG Supply:
Email: fallmart@hotmail.com,
Phone: 330-546-7058
1311 Gross Ave NE, Canton, OH 44705
Mail order retailers/wholesalers of .50 caliber ammunition, primers, bullets, and cases. Primers from CCI, once-fired brass from LC, new brass from WCC. New and reloaded ammunition is available. Ammunition loads and projectiles in Ball (647 and 694 grain), Tracer, Incendiary, API, APIT, Spotter-Tracer, brass match solids (739 and 750 grain), and frangible/hunting. Match solids and frangible/hunting bullet designs built specially for them, to their own specifications. Ammo loaded with Winchester powder. Dummy rounds and empty M2A1 ammo cans also available.

Fifty Caliber Institute:
Email: fiftycalinstitute@outlook.com,
Phone: 435-527-0948
PO Box 1601, Theodore, AL 36590
Legislative & media-relations wing of the extreme sport of .50 caliber shooting. An IRS-recognized, non-profit organization, the FCI is the only full-time, independent group, dedicated solely to the preservation of the legal right of civilian ownership of fifty caliber firearms.

Firequest International, Inc.:
Email: info@firequest.com,
FAX: 870-8812-8686, Phone: 870-881-8688(Or
P.O. Box 315, El Dorado, AR 71731
Retailer of .50BMG ammunition, availability is periodic, check our website, email or call for catalog.

FIsher Co. (RLFCO):
Email: rlfco@blomand.net,
Phone: 334-614-5574
Contact: Pat Fisher
1255 B Mine Rd., Tracy City, TN 37387
Exclusive dealer for the Fisher McBros short shell-holder action designed & manufactured by McMillan Bros. Rifle Co.,Inc. for RLF CO. Line of muzzle brakes as well.

Forster Products:
Email: info@forsterproducts.com,
FAX: 815-493-2371, Phone: 815-493-6360
310 E. Lanark Ave., Lanark, IL 61046
.50BMG case trimmer, outside neck-turning tool & precision ground pilots.

Freedom Arms:
Email: freedom@freedomarms.com,
888-754-0081 (orders only)
FAX: 307-883-2005, Phone: 307-883-2468
P.O. Box 150, 314 Hwy 239, Freedom, WY 83120
Manufacturer of the Bear Track line of high-grade, coated, aluminum rifle cases for all calibers including .50BMG. Manufacturers a wide variety of standard as well as custom cases. FCSA member discount.

Freedom Munitions:
Email: support@freedommunitions.com,
Phone: 208-746-3668
815 D St., Lewiston, ID 83501
Manufacturer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition on surplus components, Ball, Tracer, Incendiary, API, APIT, and Hornady AMAX Match. Ask about their fired brass credit program.

GA Precision:
Email: a10xrifle@aol.com,
FAX: 816-421-4958, Phone: 816-221-1844
1141 Swift St., North Kansas City, MO 64116
Custom precision rifle manufacture & gunsmithing, including .50 caliber, McMillan stocks, bedding, scope mounting, trigger work, fluting, stock & barrel finishing.

Galati International:
Email: support@galatiinternational.com,
800-444-2550 (orders only)
FAX: 636-584-0580, Phone: 636-584-8120
PO Box 124, Villa Ridge, MO 63089
Mail order retailer for an Olive-drab colored, Jumbo Tactical Drag Bag (model # DB6212), large enough from some .50 caliber rifles. Case dimensions 62inch x 12inch x 2.5inch Cordura Nylon and 1/2 inch closed cell foam padding, reinforced nose and dual zippers, with twin external pouches, and converts to a back-pack format. Also carries the line of Robert Burrows rifle art mugs, the .50 caliber rifle series, 15 oz size.

Genesis Group, LLC.:
Email: ceo@accutecusa.com,
FAX: 757-216-2939, Phone: 757-428-8188
Suite 103 #421, 4701 Shore Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Manufacturers of the AccuTech line of frangible projectiles, including a 490 grain, ultra frangibleTM, .50 caliber projectile known as the R2X2-Reduced Ricochet, Reduced Risk. The projectiles are formed from a proprietary injection-molded process, are lead-free, non-toxic. Ammunition with this projectile is loaded & marketed through Kilgore Ammunition Products.

Gerber Legendary Blades:
Email: sales@gerberblades.com,
800-950-6161 (orders only)
FAX: 503-684-7008, Phone: 503-639-6161
14200 SW 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97281
Manufacturers of the .50 caliber tool & cleaning kit, a combination Otis cleaning kit for .50 caliber & Gerber Multi-Plier 600, housed in a black web gear pouch. Part #1104.

GG & G:
, ,
(See entry for DVC Armaments)

GI Brass:
Email: jeff@gibrass.com,
800-714-6348 (orders only)
FAX: 270-684-6249, Phone: 270-685-2432
1309 W. 9th St., Owensboro, KY 42301
.50 caliber government surplus powder(WC 860,WC872,IMR5010), projectiles & brass. Call for latest availability.

Giraud Tool Co.:
Email: doug@giraudtool.com,
Phone: 713-907-2695
303 Dawn Lane, Richmond, TX 77409
Manufacturer of a .50BMG caliber power case trimmer, model #CT50B. Also has spotting scope stands.

Glens Army Navy Store:
Email: cs@glensoutdoors.com,
888-525-1201 (orders only)
Phone: 218-326-1201
701 NW 4th St., Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Retailer of Federal/Lake City American Eagle/Red Box .50 BMG caliber M17 Tracer ammunition.

, ,
See entry for TM ENT Inc.

Gracey Trimmers:
, ,
(See entry for Match Prep)

Gradient Lens Corporation:
Email: info@gradientlens.com,
800-536-0790 (orders only)
FAX: 585-235-6645, Phone: 585-235-2620
207 Tremont St., Rochester, NY 14608
Manufacturers of the Hawkeye brand of rifle borescopes, including both video & digital accessories.

Graf & Sons, Inc.:
Email: customerservice@grafs.com,
800-531-2666(Or (orders only)
FAX: 800-367-7626, Phone: 573-581-2266
4050 S. Clark St., Mexico, MO 65265
Mail order wholesaler & retailer of .50 caliber items: IMI brass, bullets, CCI#35 & Tula KVB50 primers, Vihta Vuroi & Hodgdon powders, RCBS dies & loading press, Hornady Amax bullets & reloading gear, MagTech ammunition & brass, Prvi Partizan brass, Leupold Mk4 scopes, 1000-yard laser range-finders, Forster Case Trimmers, A-Zoom Snap Caps, mil-surplus brass & bullets, Barnes Bullets & reloading manuals, as well as shooter glasses, hearing protection & cleaning supplies(Outers Foul-Out units & supplies, CR10 cleaner, Shooters Choice, Hoppes, Birchwood-Casey, etc.)

Grasso Holdings Inc:
888-590-4836 (orders only)
FAX: 888-359-1306, Unit 78, 3000 Joe DiMaggio Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665
US importer/distributor of the TulAmmo and MAXXTech line of ammunition, including the TulAmmo .50 BMG caliber lead core/bi-metal jacket Ball, Berdan primed ammunition, SKU #TA127091, available at Cheaper Than Dirt and other TulAmmo dealers.

Grices Gun Shop:
FAX: 814-765-2579, Phone: 814-765-9273
216 Reed St. P.O. Box 1028, Clearfield, PA 16830
Stocking dealer for .50 caliber CCI primers & Hornady AMAX bullets.

GS Custom Bullets:
Email: admin@gscustomusa.com,
Phone: 269-861-2553
220 N Pandora Drive, Goose Creek, SC, 29445
Manufacturers of .50 caliber, copper solid and hollow point, boat-tail, drive band and bore-rider projectiles. Range includes 450, 650, & 790 grain HV Hollow Point bullets; 720, 800, 975, 1030, 1100 grain SP solid competition bullets, as well as 500 and 540 grain, FN model, flat-tip bullets; manufactured in the USA for direct sales to US and Canadian customers.

Gun & Sport North:
Email: info@gunandsportnorth.com,
FAX: 855-464-4867, Phone: 603-952-4675
488 S Broadway, Rt 28, Salem, NH 03079
Leupold scopes & accessories.

Gun Parts Corp.:
, ,
(See entry for Numrich Gun Parts Corp.)

Gun Room & Range:
916-714-GUNS (orders only)
9221 Survey Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95624
Dealer catering to wildcatters & the .50 shooting sports. Inventory includes remanufactured ammo, USF1 surplus projectiles, brass & powder, as well as Hodgdon\\\'s H50 new powder, Hornady AMAX projectiles, CCI primers & RCBS reloading equipment. See the special section of our website dedicated just to the .50 caliber shooting sports.

Gun Room Co., LLC:
, ,
(See entry for Noreen Firearms)

Guns and Gear Store:
Email: info@thegunsandgearstore.com,
Phone: 320-253-4868
2103 Frontage Rd. N Suite #11, Waite Park, MN 56387
Mail order and retail store carrying Federal American Eagle ball ammo.

Guns Unlimited:
Email: sales@gunsunlimitedomaha.com,
FAX: 402-330-8029, Phone: 402-339-0771
4325 S. 120 St., Omaha, NE 68137
Retail distributor for the Leupold and Nightforce lines of rifle scopes & accessories.

Guns, Inc.:
FAX: 610-454-7364, Phone: 610-454-7375
Bldg A, 2229 Sanatoga Station Rd, Pottstown, PA 19464
BMG caliber AZOOM Snap Caps, AAC muzzle brakes, Aimshot laser bore sighters, Armalite and Barrett rifles, Barrett .50 BMG caliber ammunition, monopods and extra magazines, PMC ammunition, Barnes bullets, Federal/Lake City American Eagle/Black box M33 Ball ammunition, Hornady AMAX match projectiles and reloading accessories, Lee reloading presses and accessories, Lyman multi-tool, RCBS reloading presses and accessories, MTM slip-top ammunition cases and Nightforce scopes.

Email: info@guntap.com,
Phone: 872-228-5227
Suite H, 850 Schneider, Cibolo, TX 78108
On-line repository of reloading and ballistics reference material, ballistic calculators, etc. Store personal reloading information, encrypted, on-line and perform shooting analysis. Also a retailer of .50 BMG caliber-related gifts, such as bottle openers, business card holders and bullet necklaces.

Hamilton & Sons Firearms Co.:
Email: 50cal@hamiltonfirearms.com,
Phone: 928-300-4561
Suite 1, 475 S Airpark Rd, Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking the Geo AZ line of stainless steel .50 caliber reloading tools(.50BMG,.50 Match, .50 DTC & .50 Spotter-Tracer Case Gauges; plastic ammo boxes & trays; primer punch, inside neck trim set; neck sizer).

Harbor Engineering:
FAX: Same, Phone: 320-272-4564
Contact: Elmer Laitala
1729 Harbor St., Ogilvie, MN 56358
Manufacturer of the unique SLR adjustable scope mount, capable of adding additional elevation for long range shots by adjusting the scope mount instead of the scope elevation settings. Both standard & custom bases are available, will fit scopes of 1 inch & 30mm tobe diameters & with elevation adjustments of 200 minutes of angle or more.

Harbor Reloading Supply:
Phone: 727-446-7233
Suite H, 2140 Sunnydale Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33765
CCI #35 primers, Accurate Arms Powders, Vihta Vuori powders.

Hawk Laboratories, Inc.:
Email: info@hawkbullets.com,
FAX: 856-299-2700, Phone: 856-299-2800
849 Hawks Bridge Rd., Salem, NJ 08079
Lead-cored, swaged 500/700 grain flat-base bullets in two jacket thicknesses: .035 to .050 inches. Available as loaded rounds from AAA Ammo(see listing above).

Heller Enterprises:
Email: sales@tacticalammunition.com,
FAX: 503-397-0884, Phone: 503-397-9721
504 Milton Way, St. Helens, OR 97051
Federally licensed manufacturer of ammunition, including .50 BMG caliber (Ball, Tracer, AP, APIT). Also sells .50 ammunition components (bullets, brass) and ammo cans.

Heltons Machine Works, Inc.:
FAX: 870-238-4440, Phone: 870-238-9315
Contact: Rome Helton
301 CR 251, Wynne, AR 72396
Gun-smithing on a limited basis. Ballistic testing with 1-mile test range. Reloading components, accurizing tools & cleaning supplies. Dealer in McBros rifles, Nightforce scopes & Kowa spotting scopes. FCSA member discount.

Heritage Arms, Inc:
888-671-0018 (orders only)
Phone: 970-858-2080
1631 P Rd, Loma, CO 81524
.50 caliber muzzle brakes, Minute of Angle Base (MOAB) an elevation adjustable scope base for Picatinny rail mounts in 150 and 300 MOA adjustments.

Hi-Tech Ammunition:
Email: mpc.ammo@gmail.com,
FAX: 636-390-0198, Phone: 636-667-2019
1904 W Main St, Washington, MO 63090
Supplier of military surplus projectiles, powder & cases from .50BMG & BAT ammunition.

High Tech Gunworks:
, ,
(See entry for Vais Arms, Inc.)

Hinterland Outfitters:
Email: sales@hinterlandoutfitters.com,
877-446-8370 (orders only)
FAX: 877-929-8370

1212 N. Post Oak Rd. Ste. 150 Houston, TX  77055
Mail order retailer of the Federal, Hornady, Magtech and PMC line of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, the Armalite, Barrett, Cobb/Bushmaster and McMillan/McBros lines of rifles, the Bushnell, Leupold and Sightron lines of rifle scopes, the MTM line of slip-top plastic ammo boxes, AZoom Snap Caps, Barnes bullets, Bushmaster and Barrett magazines, Lee Reloading dies, and Trijicon ACOG sights.

Hjorth AB, LTD.:
Email: hjorth@hjorth.fi,
FAX: 358 (0) 3 234 4, Phone: 358 (0) 3 234 4
P.O. Box 26, Tampere, Finland, 33310
Exporters of the Monster Lynx .50 bolt action rifle manufactured by Pirkan Ase Oy. See website for international dealers/distributors.

Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc.:
Email: help@hodgdon.com,
FAX: 913-362-1307, Phone: 913-362-9455
6430 Vista Drive, Shawnee Mission, KS 66218
H50BMG & US869 powder & loading information. Contact on any new powders in line for the .50s.

Hollands Shooters Supply:
Email: bestrifles@aol.com,
FAX: 541-439-2105, Phone: 541-439-5155
P.O. Box 69, Powers, OR 97466
Producers of the Advanced Reticle Technology rifle scope reticles for Leupold & Schmit & Bender scopes. Can supply several models of Leupold & S-B scopes already fitted with the ART reticle, or can retorfit your own Leupold if manufactured after 1998 & of the same model. Reticles are etched in glass, available in the first or second focal plane(depending on scope model)& include both a milradian bar graph as well as MOA aiming dots (rather than MilDots). Also provides the Sierra Infinity 5 & Holland\\\\\\\'s own Ballistic Gold Card programs, which allows the shooter to calculate & print his own data range cards in MOA, custom to a rifle & ammunition; cards that can be printed out in a number of formats.

Hoovers Outfitters:
Phone: 814-926-3051
2099 Garrett Rd., Rockwood, PA 15557
Stocking dealer in .50 caliber LAR line of rifles, CCI primers & Hornady AMAX projectiles.

800-423-3537 (orders only)
FAX: 913-752-3550, Phone: 913-752-3400
9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS 66214
Manufacturer of rifle cleaning gear, patches, and chemicals, including .50 caliber boresnakes, .50 caliber item #24020. Also has a line of spray and paste Moly lube for projectiles.

Hornady Manufacturing Co.:
800-338-3220 (orders only)
FAX: 308-382-5761, Phone: 308-382-1390
3625 Old Potash Hwy P.O. 1848, Grand Island, NE 68802-1848
750 gr. VLD AMAX .50 caliber bullets, match grade brass and custom-loaded Match ammunition, .50 caliber reloading data, reloading press, dies and powder measure.

Horus Vision:
Email: info@horusvision.com,
FAX: 650-588-6264, Phone: 650-588-8862
659 Huntington Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066
Manufacturers of the Horus Vision Sighting System, a patented sighting system that eliminates the need for dialing in come-ups with any caliber rifle. The system is comprised of a telescopic sight with Horus reticle, Palm handheld computer with Horus ballistic softwear, a Kestrel pocket weather station, desktop computer software,& come-up cards printed on waterproof paper. Horus Vision scopes are manufactured by Hakko, Schmidt & Bender & US Optics. The purchaser can choose the manufacturer he prefers. Once the rifle is zeroed, the adjustment knobs are left alone. The system can be used in conjunction with the ballistic software in the Palm hand-held computer, or the included, adhesive-backed come-up cards can be prepared & used to determine holds on the targeting grid. The reticle grid is graduated in standard milliradians & thus can be used with the MilDot Master. The grid also facilitates second shot correction & adjustment for wind. The 4-16x50 scopes come with one of several specialized reticles. Illuminated reticles are also available. Contact them for referral to local dealers.

, ,
(See entry for The Hunting Shack)

Hunters Creek Firearms:
Email: Alan.Burghard@verizon.net,
Phone: 714-981-8716
Contact: Al Burghard
Suite 25B, 6242 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Federally Licensed Firearms dealer stocking .50 caliber rifles. Authorized dealer in the Serbu .50 rifle lines. CA licensed Assault Weapon Dealer.

Hunting Shack (HSM):
Phone: 406-777-2106,

FAX:  406-777-3908
4406 Rathbun LN, Stevensville, MT 59870
.50 caliber ammunition. New manufacture M33 Ball w/new Winchester components. Also match ammo, loaded 750 gr. Molly Hornady AMAX w/new Winchester brass. Custom-built .50 caliber rifles. Winchester-designed, brass monolithic solid, open tip,match bore-rider ammunition in .50 BMG caliber. Alaska Bullet Works soft-point hunting & open-tip frangible ammunition.

Huntington Die Specialties:
Email: buy@huntington.com,
866-735-6237 (orders only)
FAX: 530-534-1212, Phone: 530-534-1210
601 Oro Dam Blvd., P.O. Box 991, Oroville, CA 95965
Hornady AMAX bullets, Magtech brass, RCBS AmmoMaster reloading press w/50 caliber head & top priming. Distributor of Woodleigh .50 bullets. Full-length & neck-sizing reloading dies and de-burring tools.

Hyskore Professional Shooting Products:
Email: info@hyskore.com,
FAX: 631-673-5976, Phone: 631-673-5975
PO Box 983, Middleburgh, NY 12122
Manufacturers of the Dangerous Games Bench Rest, a bench-top rifle rest that clamps onto the bench. No shot or sand bags are required. The rest uses nitrogen-filled compression dampers to reset it after every shot and comes with one light, one medium & one heavy, factory calibrated, compression damper. A remote hydraulic trigger release is also included, removing any human induced motion to the rifle or rest. Hyskore maintains their rest produces +/-3 MOA repeatability & handles everything from .223 to .50BMG. Possible uses for the Dangerous Game rest are not only for shooting, bu scipe alignment, load development & cleaning as well.
Impact Case & Container Co. (ICC):
Email: kevin@icc-case.com,
Phone: 208-719-9323
11949 N Tracey Ave, Hayden, ID 83835
Heavy gauge aluminum firearms transport cases. Large inventory of standard sizes, special .50 cal case lengths, 60 & 64 inch available. Powder coating, custom sizes & construction also available. Call for details or free brochure.

Impact Tactical Weapon Systems:
Email: sales@impactguns.com,
888-505-3086 (orders only)
FAX: 801-393-2476, Phone: 801-409-1021
2710 S. 1900 W., Ogden, UT 84401
Title I & II dealer in firearms, catering to the .50 cal & law enforcement communities. Dealer in the complete line of Barrett firearms, products & accessories. Also dealer for the Serbu product line including BFG-50 rifle, the ArmaLite AR-50 rifle, and the TNW .50BMG M2HB Semi-Auto. Carries line of Leupold, & Tasco .50 caliber scopes, Trijicon ACOG, Aimpoint sights, & Beamshot lasers. Stocks .50BMG ammo (call for details), CCI .50 cal primers & RCBS Ammo Master .50 reloading kit.

Impala Bullets:
Email: impalabullets@icon.co.za,
FAX: 27-0-12-6646194, Phone: 27-0-824420219
PO Box 60458, Pierre van Ryneveld,, Centurion, S. Africa, 0045
Manufacturers of a lightweight, monolithic solid, 370 gr., 33.7mm long, .50 hunting bullet that uses a unique projectile shoulder design, that displaces tissue (shockwave inducing), rather than bullet expansion, to create necessary tissue damage.

In Range Supplies:
, ,
(See entry for Range Systems)

Inflection Design and Engineering:
Phone: 435-757-5144
820 S Main St, Smithfield, UT 84335
Manufacturers of a heavy duty .50 caliber ammunition case. Accepts cartridges up to 6.25 inches in length, based on a black Pelican Storm Case. System is foam based spacer with stainless steel top plate spacer to separate cartridges. Removable, the spacer acts as a loading block. With a capacity of 35 rounds, they are held vertically in the box.

International Supplies:
Email: case@explorercases.net,
800-999-1984 (orders only)
13425 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90061
US distributor for the Explorer Case line of hard-sided rifle cases. Model 15416 was specifically designed for the .50 BMG caliber and other long precision rifles. It is made of a Copolymer Polypropylene compound, built to withstand extreme temperatures from below 27.4 to above 194 F. Some of the other features include a manual pressure release valve, six heavy duty, virtually jam-free latches, an O-ring seal, large front handle, two-man lift side handles, heavy duty wheels with bearings and multiple lock points for security. External dimensions are L 63.8 x W 17.8 x D 7.9 inches, while internal dimensions are L 60.6 x W 14.9 x D 6.3 inches. The case comes with Pick and Pluck foam, but can also be purchased with custom-cut, closed cell foam (if desired) as special order. The case weighs 23.6 pounds empty and is available through the International Supplies dealer network, or direct from their website.

International Training Concepts, Inc.:
Email: sales@itcmarksmanship.com,
888-566-4486 (orders only)
Phone: 805-904-9482
P.O. Box 339, Royal Oak, MI 48068
A website-based retailer of marksmanship accessories the ITC CHEEKREST for standard stocks, ITC RAILREST for thin railed stocks, the most compact shooting mat on the market, scope covers, waterproof/heavy-duty gun data books, rifle & bullet logs, marksmanship analysis pocket card, and more.

Phone: 682-224-5865
Unit 2, 200 Centre Dr., Burleson, TX 76028
Rifle scope and accessories manufacturer. Several models suitable for .50 caliber rifle applications (except for very light guns). Limited lifetime warranty in normal use. See website for reticle options and descriptions. Spotting scopes, scope rings (medium, high, QD lever, Picatinny Accessory, & NATO STANAG) and rails/mounts (Weaver, Picatinny, & 20 MOA tapered) also available, as are 1 inch inserts for 30mm rings.

Iosso Products:
Email: iossoproducts@iosso.com,
888-747-4332 (orders only)
FAX: 847-437-8478, Phone: 847-437-8400
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove, IL 60007
Manufacturer of Iosso bore paste cleaner and the .50 BMG caliber Eliminator nylon bore brush.

Iron Brigade Armory, Inc.:
Email: info@ironbrigadearmory.com,
FAX: 910-346-1134, Phone: 910-455-3834
100 Radcliffe Circle, Jacksonville, NC 28546
Retail dealer in the Badger Ordnance line of accessories, MilDot Master, the Jim Owens line of instructional manuals/CDs, Shooters Choice bore cleaner & grease & Kestrel weather meters.

Ivey Design:
, ,
(See entry for Project One, LLC.)

J & C Sales:
Email: webmaster@jandcsales.com,
FAX: 440-298-1277, Phone: 440-423-5553
P.O. Box 85, Thompson, OH 44086
Gun show & mail-order retailer of ammunition, periodic supplies of .50BMG including dummy rounds.

J & G Sales, LTD.:
Email: info@jgsales.com,
FAX: 928-445-9658, Phone: 928-445-9650
440 Miller Valley Rd., Prescott, AZ 86301
Mail-order distributor of ammunition. Periodically has supplies of .50 caliber. Call for availability.

J & J Products:
Email: sales@jandjproducts.com,
FAX: 818-998-1593, Phone: 818-966-1108
100 N Elevar St, Oxnard, CA 93030
Manufacturers of the SG-1001F Match/Hunting/Competition, lockable, plastic ammunition storage box, available in either smoke or blue, semi-tranparent lids, with carrying handle, foam spacers & room for up to 50 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition.

J. Dewey Manufacturing Co.:
Email: deweyrods@worldnet.att.net,
FAX: 203-262-6907, Phone: 203-264-3064
P.O. Box 2014, Southbury, CT 06488
Manufacturers of cleaning rods and attachments for 50 caliber rifles. Nylon-coated cleaning rods, in one-piece (44-inch) and two-piece (62-inch) lengths along with .50 caliber patches, jags, brushes and adapters.

J.E.K., Inc.:
Email: customerservice@rareammo.com,
FAX: 985-395-9231, Phone: 985-395-9230
PO Box 334, Berwick, LA 70342
Ammunition retailer, stocking the American Eagle Black Box, Federal/Lake City M33 Ball and PMC X-Tac Match .50 BMG caliber ammunition lines. Discounts on volume (case) purchases.

Jard, Inc.:
Email: jardinc@live.com,
Phone: 712-324-7409
3149 Nest Ave., Sheldon, IA 51201
Manufacturers of the J51, .50 BMG caliber, gas-operated, semi-auto rifle. 30 inch barrel, 58 inches overall length, 20 pounds in weight, 10-round, detachable box magazine, adjustable trigger, chrome-moly 1:15 twist barrel. Also has an extensive line of specialty triggers for numerous rifle designs.

Jarrett Rifles Inc.:
FAX: 803-471-9246, Phone: 803-471-3616
383 Brown Rd., Jackson, SC 29831
Gunsmiths specializing in custom rifles using the McBros action & stock, K&P barrels. Custom finishes & engraving available.

Jensen Arms:
Email: info@jensenarms.com,
FAX: 970-669-0335, Phone: 970-663-5994
120 Ivy Court, Windsor, CO 80550
Federally Licensed Firearms dealer, stocking the Barrett line of .50 rifles, as well as IOR & Leupold scopes & accessories & .50 caliber ammunition.

Jerrys Guns & Ammo:
Email: jerrysguns@hughes.net,
Phone: 573-765-3388
Contact: Jerry Downing, Jr.
1691 Black Oak Rd., Richland, MO 65556
Federally licensed firearms dealer, with shooting range out to 600 yards, stocks .50 caliber rifles, ammunition & reloading supplies.

Jewell Triggers:
FAX: 512-353-0543, Phone: 512-353-2999
3620 Hwy Hwy 123, San Marcos, TX 78666
Match grade stainless triggers, military two stage, bench-rest to 1.5 ounces, standard, 1.5 to 4 lbs. Live center scope rings to 1 inch diameter only.

JGS Precision Tool Mfg, LLC.:
Email: jgstools@harborside.com,
FAX: 541-267-5996, Phone: 541-267-4331
60819 Selander Rd., Coos Bay, OR 97420
Chambering, throating, neck & die making reamers for all variations of the .50 caliber & its known wildcats. Floating reamer holder for .50BMG reamer & smaller version for throating reamers. Chamber gauges & bore reamers.

JJ Rock Company:
Email: sales@jjrockco.clom,
Phone: 347-855-7625
Suite 730, 3104 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Firearms manufacturer of several caliber rifles, 7.62 NATO, .375 CheyTac and .50 BMG. For .50 caliber, they offer both single shot and magazine fed, both left hand and right hand rifles and actions on their JJR-50 bolt-action. Rifles are stocked in either TAC-50A1 or Cadex variants and in multiple colors. The Cadex stocked rifle is also available with an optional carbon fiber wrapped barrel. Rifle bolts are NP3 coated and receivers have 30MOA scope rails, barrels are 29 inch Lilja with 1:13 6 groove RH twist, Timney triggers, 5-round Cadex magazines. Many options and accessories available.

JnC Manufacturing:
Phone: 503-556-5080
PO Box 1554, Rainier, OR 97048
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber remanufactured ammunition on surplus projectiles, including Ball, AP, API, APIT, Incendiary, Tracer and Spotter-Tracer. Also offers semi-auto builds on the M2HB, M3HB and ANM2 machine gun kits and AN/TVS-2 Night Vision Sights for the .50 M2HB.

Johnson Design Specialities:
Email: smalstuf@mindspring.com,
Phone: 509-464-0697
4607 W. Elderberry Ave., Spokane, WA 99208
Manufacturers of the Quick-Measure, a powder dispenser specifically for .50 caliber, large powder capacity, one-handed charging operation, special valve will not shear extruded powder granules. Adjustable charge tubes that can be locked to a specific powder/charge weight for quick repeatability.

Joma Consulting Services, LTD.:
Email: jcsltd@telusplanet.net,
FAX: 780-437-5922, Phone: 780-432-5900
719 Barrie Close SW, Edmonton, Alberta, Ca T6W 1E8
Manufacturer of the JCS Straightline laser target designator & bore sight. Emitters are available in class 2a red(mid level)& 3a green(long-range) colors at 5Mw. Dot sizes range from 2.1 to 3.0 cm(depending on model)at 200 yards. Arbors available in sizes from .177 inch to .64 inch & in both standard & muzzle brake lengths.


facility 2241 celsius ave. Unit C  Oxnard CA 93030
Web site:  www.kakindustry.com  
Email:  sales@kakindustry.com
Manufacturers of a 420 grain, monolithic solid, brass, .510 caliber bullet for 50 caliber plinking 
(SKU: KAK-510-420SOLID) and a 50 position reloading block with storage tray.  SKU: LOADING-BLOCK-50BMG, the loading block accommodates .50 BMG, .50 BAT, .50 DTC, .416 Barrett, and .460 Steyr caliber cases.  
Brass solids and reloading gear available for other calibers, also, and is a major producer of all components of the AR15 platform.

K&M Precision Shooting Products, LLC.:
Email: info@kmshooting.com,
FAX: 616-298-8652, Phone: 616-399-7894
Suite 10, 12764 Greenly St, Holland, MI 49424
Accuracy tools for the .50 cal.: primer pocket uniformer, flash-hole uniformer, outside micro-adjustable case neck turner, case length trimmer.

K&P Gun Co:
Email: kprbarrels@hotmail.com,
Phone: 605-593-3387
2241 S Plaza Dr, Rapid City, SD 57702
Computer-controlled, cut-rifled barrels in 416R stainless or chrome-moly, any land to groove ratio, depth, width, and bore size. 45 inch max length. Clamshell muzzle brakes, cleaning rods and bore guides.

K-VAR Corporation:
FAX: 702-307-2303, Phone: 702-364-8880
#37383, 4001 S. Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Distributor of the Steyr HS 50 M1, .50 BMG caliber rifle, 5-shot magazine fed, bolt-action.

Kahles Gesellschaft MBH::
Email: info@kahles.at,
FAX: 43-2236-6506827, Phone: 43-2236-52020-0
Danfoss Strasse 5, Guntramsdorf, Austria, 2353
Manufacturer of rifle scopes, binoculars and accessories. .50 suitable rifle scope models include: K 6-24x56i – 34mm tube, 3.5 inch eye relief, illuminated with 4 reticle patterns, front focal plane, .1 mil clicks, 96 MOA adjustment. K 10-50x56 – 30mm tube, 3.75 inch eye relief, non-illuminated with cross hair reticle, second focal plane, 1/8 MOA clicks, 51 MOA adjustment. See the Kahles website for reticle patterns and features. For US retail sales, see the US distributor, HPS, LLC for dealer referral. For other countries, see the Kahles website for corresponding distributors.

Kansas Ammunition Wholesalers, LTD:
Email: mracousa@yahoo.com,
800-752-3508 (orders only)
FAX: 888-257-0603, Phone: 913-796-6678
25299 4-H Rd., McLouth, KS 66054
Discount retailer of .50BMG caliber rifles & ammunition, featuring the Barrett line of rifles.

KDF Guns:
Email: info@kdfguns.com,
FAX: 830-379-8144, Phone: 830-379-8141
2485 N. State Hwy. 46, Sequin, TX 78155
Muzzle brakes, gunsmithing service.

Keith Morgan Welding:
Phone: 580-226-3041
Contact: Keith Morgan
262 Basin Rd., Ardmore, OK 73401
Manufacturer of reloading tables, range & loading bench press clamps, LAR forearms & rear rests & a .50 cal brass de-primer.

Kendall Ordnance, LLC:
Email: walkdead19@kendallordnance.com,
Phone: 330-338-1224
Contact: Pat
PO Box 4115, Copley, OH 44321
Mail order retailer of once-fired .50 BMG brass, .50 BMG dummy rounds, licensed FFL and will do firearms transfers.

Kens Guns and Ammo:
Email: kensgunsandammo@yahoo.com,
Phone: 570-449-3601
2 W. Caroline Ave., Saint Claire, PA 17970
Stocking retail dealer in military surplus .50 caliber brass, projectiles, IMR-5010 powder, Shepherd & Tasco Scopes.

Kentucky Gun Co.:
Email: info@kygunco.com,
FAX: 502-653-8179, Phone: 502-348-3594
401 Glenwood Dr, Bardstown, KY 40004
Online retailer for Hornady AMAX Match, Summit and CBC/Magtech .50 BMG caliber ammunition, CCI 35 primers, Armalite AR50, Sig50, Barrett M107A1, M95 & M99 .50 rifles. Also stocks Advanced Armament AAC Cyclops .50 BMG silencers.

Kestrel Meters:
Email: info@kestrelmeters.com,
FAX: 248-282-0627, Phone: 248-270=8898
1377 Maryland, Suite 200, Birmingham, MI 48009
Retailers of the Nielsen-Kellerman line of Kestrel weather meters, portable, hand-held, palm-sized weather instruments for monitoring & reporting wind speed & direction, air temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. for determining atmospheric affects on external ballistics.

Ketmer Group:
, ,
(See entry for Group Ketmer.)

Keystone Arms, Inc.:
Email: keystonejoe@keystonearms.com,
FAX: 570-491-4820, Phone: 570-491-4867
4 Pennsylvania Ave, Matamoras, PA 18336
Mail order dealer of misc. .50 caliber products, bore brushes, chamber brushes, military cleaning rod cases & manuals, dummy rounds & empty ammo cans.

Kilgore Ammunmition:
Email: contact@kilgoreflares.com,
FAX: 731-228-5444, Phone: 731-658-5231
155 Kilgore Dr., Toone, TN 38381
Manufacturer of a line of 770 grain, Wide Tapered Point, .50BMG caliber frangible ammunition for military & law enforcement.

King, Lovell (Chappy) II:
Email: drlovell2@verizon.net,
Phone: 301-246-4850
2747 Anointed Place, Nanjemoy, MD 20662
Certified Barrett Armorer, NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Home Firearms Safety Instructor, Pistol, and Personal Protection Instructor. Certified & Ordained Law Enforcement Chaplain (Member of ICPC-International Conference of Police Chaplains). Holds Federal TS, SCI, and Q Clearances. Discreet consultant services available at customers site, home, church, or business location. Motto is Focus on the Front Sight, But Keep Your Spiritual Aim on Jesus.

Kirkwood Outfitters Inc:
Phone: 314-821-3999
518 Madison St, St. Charles, MO 63301
Federally Licensed Firearms dealer, stocking limited quantities of .50 caliber military-surplus ammunition & components. Call for details.

Kkair International:
, ,
(See entry for Impact Case & Container Co.)

Email: service@kleen-bore.com,
800-477-7922 (orders only)
FAX: 800-779-8861, Phone: 217-824-9133
8909 Forum Way, 311 South Baughman Rd., Taylorville, IL 62568
Manufacturers of a .50BMG caliber cleaning kit, jags, patches & other gear. Part # K-50 includes 1/4 inch diameter, 37 inch segmented steel cleaning rod, with swivel handle,.50 caliber brass cleaning brush, jag, #10 copper cutter cleaning solution, silicone gun cloth, nylon cleaning brush, synthetic lube & storage box.

KMP Classic Arms:
Email: tom@karmametalproducts.com,
FAX: 419-524-4790, Phone: 419-524-4371
556 Caldwell Ave., Mansfield, OH 44905
Federally licensed Class 07 FFL Sot, specializing in component manufacturing for M2 .50 caliber(and other) firearms, full auto & semi-auto. Examples include M2 scope mounts, barrel bushings, semi-auto trigger sear kits for semi-autos, charging handles & fittings, spayed grips(in brass, wood or plastic), flash-hider rings, left-hand side plates, buffers, plugs, plates for the tripod, etc. Also does custom screw or CNC machining of plastics, ferrous & non-ferrous metals.

Knesek Guns:
Email: salaes@knesekguns.com,
FAX: 479-471-0377, Phone: 479-474-1680
1204 Knesek Lane, Van Buren, AR 72956
Class 1 & 3 Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, carries the Barrett, Accuracy International, ArmaLite, McMillan & Robar line of .50 caliber rifles. FCSA member discount.

Kokopelli Products:
Email: kokoprod@cyberport.net,
FAX: 406-755-3101, Phone: 406-755-3220
3820 Foothill Rd., Kalispell, MT 59901
Manufacturer of rifle scope ring honing kits & alignment-checking tools.

Kreiger Barrels, Inc.:
Email: techsupport@kriegerbarrels.com,
FAX: 262-628-8748, Phone: 262-628-8558
2024 Mayfield Rd., Richfield, WI 53076
Barrels for the .50 caliber made from double stress relieved 4140 chrome-molly & stainless Steel. Barrels are cut rifled & are contoured before reaming & rifling. Gunsmithing, fitting & chambering services offered

Kubes, Mark:
Email: mkubes@buymilsurp.com,
FAX: 727-535-0533, Phone: 727-535-9803
8440 Ulmerton Rd. #500, Largo, FL 33771
Dealer in surplus firearms, parts & accessories, including .50 cal ammo. Match trigger assemblies and an over-barrel bipod mount for the Barrett M82.

KWM Works:
Email: info@kwmworks.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 740-942-9885
741 Grant St., Cadiz, OH 43907
Source for the Gun Kote rifle finish for metal components up to 54 inches in length, which provides corrosion & chemical protection. Withstands a minimum of 500 hours 5% salt water spray, temperatures from -350 to + 500 degrees F, provides improved heat dissipation & resistance to chemicals, oils & solvents. Available in Moly & Teflon compositions for enhanced lubrication & in multiple colors & patterns. Finishes currently available include: Black, O.D. Green, O.D. MilSpec Gray, Dark Earth, Service Brown, Pale GOld, Brushed Stainless, White, Clear, Gun Metal Blue, (and Race gun colors) Satin Red, Royal Blue & purple. Most colors are availaable in Flat, Satin & Gloss Finishes. Custom Colors are available as well as Camo Patterns.
L & G Weaponry:
Email: larry@lgweaponry.com,
FAX: 714-625-4631, Phone: 714-840-3772
17152 Twain Ln., Huntington Beach, CA 92649
.50BMG caliber upper conversions for the AR series rifle.

L3 Communications:
FAX: 734-741-8221, Phone: 734-741-8868
1201 E Ellsworth, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Manufacturers of the Mk 56 holographic weapon sight, designed specifically for the M2HB. 1 MOA aiming dot reticle, calibrated to the .50 BMG round. Official SOCOM Nomenclature: SU-264/PEQ, NSN: 1240-01-590-7763

, ,
(See entry for Nammo Lapua Oy)

Email: support@laserlyte.com,
Phone: 833-278-5470
18533 E. Paseo Verde Dr, Rio Verde, AZ 85263
Manufacturer of the K-50 - Kryptonyte .50 caliber green laser cartridge bore tool. Also carries a line of laser gun sights, weapons-mountable flashlights, laser training systems and other firearms accessories. Class 3a, 5mw, 532nm wavelength, 2.4 ounces, 5.14 inch long, maximum reach of 100 yards in daylight, 3000 yards at night and 1.5 hours continuous use.

Lauer Custom Weaponry:
Email: info@lauerweaponry.com,
800-830-6677 (orders only)
FAX: 715-723-2950, Phone: 715-720-6128
3601 129th St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Manufacturers of the DuraCoat firearms finishing system, multiple colors and patterns available.

Lawman, Peter:
Email: info@peterlawman.co.uk,
FAX: 01604-752332, Phone: 01604-584615
27 Mordaunt Ln., Northampton, UK NN5-7RJ
UK retailer of .50BMG caliber rifles, ammunition, primers, powder, cases & projectiles. Carries the lines of military surplus, Igman & IMI ammunition, Lapua projectiles, CBC & PMC brass, KVB(Russian)primers, Vectan & Vihta Vuori powders & Lee dies.

LAX Ammunition:
Email: sales@laxammo.com,
855-407-2666 (orders only)
FAX: 310-568-0611, 927 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301
On-line retailer of .50 BMG ammunition, stocking the American Eagle Federal/Lake City and PMC lines of Ball.

LC Enterprises:
Email: sales@militaryshooters.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 608-464-7615
S. 1093 Co. Road G, Wonewoc, WI 53968
Mail order distributor of Hornady AMAX projectiles, Hodgdons powder, CCI primer, Ammomaster press.

Lee Precision:
Email: info@leeprecision.com,
FAX: 262-673-9273, Phone: 262-673-3075
4275 Highway U, Hartford, WI 53027
Manufacturers of a .50BMG Reloading Press kit,dies(1-1/4 inch) & lube. 2005 edition & up, of their reloading manual lists,.50BMG loads.

Lehigh Bullets & Design:
Phone: 256-787-1311
P.O. Box 24, Quakertown, PA 18951
Manufacturer of solid brass & solid copper match projectiles, bore-rider, non-bore-rider & hunting designs.

Lehigh Defense, LLC:
Email: support@lehighdefense.com,
Phone: 256-787-1311
Suite D-1, 130 Penn Am Dr, Quakertown, PA 18951
Subsidiary of Lehigh Bullets, producing law enforcement and military-specific projectiles and ammunition, including .50 caliber.

877-608-0868 (orders only)
FAX: 604-681-6194, Phone: 604-681-6472
650-375 Water St., Vancover, BC, Canada, V6B 5C6
Lens cleaning pen for rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars or laser range-finders. Pen features a retractable brush of soft, natural bristles, used to dust away hard particles or contaminants. Has a unique tip tha holds a special, patented, lens cleaning compound. Tip flexes to match the contours of the lens & the compound binds to the amino acids in skin oil(e.g. fingerprints)to remove smudges.

Lesley Howell Ranch & Guns:
Email: dragoncec@cox.net,
FAX: 918-427-7399, Phone: 918-427-0129
Contact: Lesley Howell
108517 S. 4735 Rd., Muldrow, OK 74948
Federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking .50 rifles(Safety Harbor, Bushmaster, etc.), Barrett .50 ammuntion, .50 caliber reloading components(Hodgdon powder, Hornady AMAX bulets, etc.), & reloading gear(RCBS, Hornady, etc.).

Leupold & Stevens, Inc.:
Email: productsales@leupold.com,
800-Leupold (orders only)
FAX: 503-526-1475, Phone: 503-646-9171
14400 NW Greenbrier Pkwy, P.O. Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97006
Manufacturers of Mark 4 & other tactical & bench-rest scopes.

LG Outdoors:
Email: service@lg-outdoors.com,
888-547-4679 (orders only)
FAX: 334-567-2780, Phone: 334-386-1822
34 Firetower Rd., Wetumpka, AL 36093
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition including Hornady AMAX, Magtech/CBC Ball, PMC Ball, and Federal/Lake City XM33 Ball. Also carries RCBS Ammomaster reloading presses dies and accessories, Pachmayr snap caps, Aimshot, LaserLyte, and NCStar laser bore sighters, Barnes bullets and reloading manuals, MTM .50 Ammo slip-top cases, as well as Trijicon ACOG .50 sights.

Ligamec Corp:
Email: ligameccorp98@msn.com,
Phone: 727-372-9150
Contact: Marcos Ruiz
11419 Challenger Ave, Odessa, FL 33556
Manufacturers of the Patriot 50 model .50 BMG caliber rifle, bolt-action, single-shot, as well as Raptor 50 upper receiver, .50 BMG barrel blanks and bipods.

Lightforce, USA:
, ,
(See entry for Nightforce Precision Optics)

Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels, Inc.:
Email: lilja@riflebarrels.com,
FAX: 406-826-3083, Phone: 406-826-3084
81 Lower Lynch Creek Rd., PO Box 372, Plains, MT 59859
Maatch-grade button-rifled .50 caliber barrels in chrome-moly or stainless steel, lenghts up to 45 inches.

Lippman Enterprises, LTD.:
Email: lippy@hvc.rr.com,
FAX: 518-678-0049, Phone: 516-678-3519
36 Valk Rd., Saugerties, NY 12477
Mail order dealer in .50 caliber A-Zoom Dummy/Snap Caps, Butches Bore Shine, Lyman Moly coating kits, Accu-Trimmer & .50 caliber deburring tool.

List, Martin:
Phone: 918-374-2641
Contact: Martin or Shirley
340 247 E 770 Rd, Tryon, OK 74875
Manufactures the Jerry Hazlett/Amer-I-Can Enterprises .50 BMG Headspace Gauge. Gauge also measures for case banana variation.

Long Range Accuracy, LLC:
Email: dkohnow@lraccuracy.com,
Phone: 267-229-2740
217 Vernon Rd, Morrisville, PA 19067
Manufacturers of the Sniper’s Choice Bipod. An under-slung bipod design, where the rifle barrel protrudes through a mounting trunnion, rather than teetering above the bipod. This allows for full rotation of the rifle along the centerline axis, permitting low-prone shooting from uneven surfaces where, regardless of the bipod orientation, the rifle can remain level and vertical.

Long Range Supply:
Email: optics@pobox.com,
Phone: 385-200-1950
PMB 6164, 124 S Main St., Cedar City, UT 84720
Mail order retailers of the Nightforce, Leupold, US Optics, Swarovski, IOR Valdada, and Bushnell lines of optics and accessories, such as rings, mounts, etc. Also dealer for the Trijicon red-dot system, and various makes/models of laser range finders, Angle drop/slope indicators, reticle levels, Kestrel wind meters, scope torque wrenches, Bohica .50 AR uppers, spotting scopes, and Nightforce ballistic software.

Lothar Walther Precision Tools, Inc.:
Email: lotharwalther@mindspring.com,
FAX: 770-889-4919, Phone: 770-889-9998
3425 Hutchinson Rd., Cumming, GA 30040
Walther .50 caliber barrels, target & hunting, fast & slow twists, custom production for OEM gun-makers.

Lucky Gunner:
Email: customerservice@luckygunner.com,
800-317-9506 (orders only)
FAX: 865-674-4453

448 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. #201
Knoxville, TN  37923
Mail order retailer of ammunition, including .50 BMG Federal/Lake City American Eagle and PMC M33 Ball.

800-22-LYMAN (orders only)
FAX: 860-632-1699, Phone: 860-632-2020
475 Smith Street, Middletown, CT 06457
Maker of the Super Moly product line. A quick, easy way to Moly-coat bullets. Super Moly Tumbler Kit & Accessory Set, Super Moly Spray Lube & Bore Cream. Call or write for free pamphlet on how to Moly-coat the right way. Also manufacturer of inert cartridges(i.e. snap caps) of all calibers including .50BMG for safe dry-firing & loading practice. Hard anodized aluminum with plastic primer/firing pin cushion. Retailer of the Ammo Tracker Chronograph and Borecam Digital Borescope.
M-Pro 7:
Email: info@m-pro7.com,
800-423-3535 (orders only)
FAX: 800-548-0446, Phone: 913-752-3400
, 9200 Cody St, Overland Park, KS 66214
Manufacturers of a line of firearms cleaners, solvents, corrosion inhibitors, and lubricants, including a copper remover and a carbon remover, also acts as a neutralizer on corrosive primer salts. Contact them for further information, to make purchases, or for a referral to a dealer near you.

M.R. Arms Co.:
, ,
(See entry for Kansas Ammunition Wholesalers, LTD.)

Mac Systems Replicas:
Email: replicaguys@gmail.com,
Phone: 931-349-0259
Contact: Matthew McClearen
170 Habegger Loop, Monterey, TN 38574
Manufacturers of full-size, non-firing, replicas of the .50 caliber M2HB and aircraft machine guns for re-enactors.

MagnetoSpeed, LLC:
Email: info@magnetospeed.com,
Phone: 512-284-8161
8801 Tara Ln, Austin, TX 78737
Manufacturers of a muzzle mounted, electromagnetic sensor-based, chronograph. For .50 caliber muzzle brakes, requires the optional Large Brake Adapter.

Magtech Ammunition Co:
Email: customerservice@magtechammunition.com,
800-466-7191 (orders only)
FAX: 763-235-4004, Phone: 763-235-4000
248 Apollo Dr., Suite 180, Lino Lakes, MN 55014
Importers/distributors of the CBC(Brazil)brand of .50BMG caliber brass & ammunition(available through Midway & Graf & Sons).

Maine Cartridge Company, Inc.:
FAX: Same, Phone: 207-826-2267
Contact: Danny Orr
832 Spring Bridge Rd., Greenbush, ME 04418
.50BMG ammunition as well as components: 647 gr. M33 Ball, 770 gr. M2 AP, M8 API & 750 gr. Hornady AMAX bullets, processed & primed brass ready to load, Winchester WC860 powder, CCI #35 primers.

4465 Alicia Lane, Suite 200, Cumming, GA, 30028
Web site:  https://makerbullets.com
Manufacturers of a pair of .50 caliber solid copper, 750 grain, expansion projectiles, the Solid Rex target and S-Rex subsonic.  Bullets feature 4 cannelures, a broad open tip, with 4 slits down the tip to aid in expansion.

Manners Composite Stocks, LLC:
Email: Tmanners@msn.com,
Phone: 816-283-3334
1232 Swift Ave, Kansas City, MO 64116
Manufacturers of a light weight .50 caliber, benchrest stock, constructed of 4 layers Carbon Fiber & epoxy resin, vacuum bagged to create an ultra light, stiff, structure. McBros, EDM & custom configurations are available, with length of pull up to 16 inch.

Manufacturing Research, Inc.:
Email: cholwerda@mfgresearch.net,
FAX: 321-632-7745, Phone: 321-636-3376
259 Gus Hipp Blvd., Rockledge, FL 32955
Manufacturers of safety blank ammunition in numerous small arms calibers including .50BMG. Shogun blank & confetti rounds also available. Blank firing barrels as well as blank firing adapters are available in rifle & pistol calibers.

Mashburns Safari & Military Goods:
FAX: 903-852-5607, Phone: 903-852-5012
1830 Van Zandt Co. Rd. 4810, Chandler, TX 75758
Retail dealer in .50BMG caliber ammunition from Magtech,Summit,Barrett & Double Tap.

Mass Ammo:
Email: info@massammo.com,
Phone: 407-906-9049
451 E 10th Ct, Hialeah, FL 33010
Internet and mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, Federal/Lake City American Eagle/Black Box M33 Ball.

Match Prep:
Email: gracenotes@as.net,
FAX: 661-823-8680, Phone: 661-822-5383
21204 Carriage Dr., Tehachapi, CA 93561
Electric case trimmer. Trims, chamfers & de-burrs inside & outside case neck in one operation. Operates on a 1/15 HP motor which turns @ 1550 RPM.

Matts Shooting Supplies:
Email: lazer1@epix.net,
FAX: 570-477-5378, Phone: 570-477-3330
180 Maple Tree Rd., Dallas, PA 18612
Retailing dealer of Nightforce line of rifle scopes. Also carries Hodgdon’s powder, .50 projectiles, ammo, and the Barrett and Armalite line of rifles on intermittent basis.

McBros Rifle Co., Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for McMillan Firearms.)

McCutchen Firearms LLC:
Email: cs@mccutchenfirearms.com,
Phone: 844-635-0669
1515 Gunn Hwy.
Odessa, FL  33556
Manufacturer of .50 BMG caliber bolt-action rifles. Available as a single shot (MF-50SC) or multi-shot (MF-50MC) with a 5-round magazine, 22 or 30 inch barrels. MF-50S and MF-50M also available as an upper assembly which mounts to a standard AR-15 lower.

McGowen Precision Barrels, LLC:
Email: info@mcgowenbarrel.com,
FAX: 406-755-2969, Phone: 406-755-4907
4051 Hwy 93 S, Kalispell, MT 59901
.50 caliber barrel manufacturers, chrome-moly and stainless steel, up to 30 inches, twist rates 1:10, 12, 15, 20 and 24, 6 and 8 groove.

McKay Enterprises, LLC:
Phone: 651-600-3445
Suite 117, 2535 Pilot Knob Rd, Mendota Heights, MN 55120
Class 07 FFL, retailer of the Federal/Lake City XM33 Ball.

McMaster-Carr Supply Co.:
Email: la.sales@mcmaster.com,
FAX: 562-695-2323, Phone: 562-692-5911
P.O. Box 54960, Los Angeles, CA 90054-0960
(Note: LA office is just one of several locations conveniently located across the US. See website for location closest to you. Website: www.mcmaster.com). Mail order source for 10 mil Teflon bag & gun tape. This tape has optical clarity, coupled with good abrasion & temperature resistance, which makes it ideal for stocks with a custom paint job due to its clarity. Part #756A18 is for the 5-foot length roll.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks:
, ,
(See entry for McMillan Group International)

McMillan Firearms:
800-336-0184 (orders only)
Phone: 623-780-1050
Suite 100, 525 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85024
Part of the Strategic Armory Corps, they are manufacturers of the Tac-50A1, TAC-416, Tac-50A1-R2, TAC-50C and .50LBR rifles. Actions available in both left-hand and right-hand models. The TAC-416 is especially for California residents, it is the Barret .416 caliber variant of the Tac-50A1. The .50 LBR is specifically designed for FCSA competition, this bolt action, single-shot features Right-Hand Bolt/Left-Hand Port and a 32 inch barrel.

McMillan Group International:
Email: group@mcmillanusa.com,
877-365-6148 (orders only)
FAX: 623-581-3825, Phone: 623-582-0536
Suite 101, 1638 W. Knudsen Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85027
The parent organization for the McMillan family of companies. Manufacturers of .50 BMG caliber fiberglass and graphite riflestocks (FCSA Light or Heavy classes), tactical gear, and LE/Military/Gov’t Operator Training for the .50 caliber.

McMillan Tactical Products:
, ,
(See entry for McMillan Group International)

McMillan/Wiseman Barrels:
Email: w.w.wiseman1942@gmail.com,
FAX: 979-690-0156, Phone: 979-690-3456
18456 State Highway 6 S., College Station, TX 77845
.50 caliber stainless steel barrel, buttoned-rifled on a custom basis. Barrels only.

McRee Precision:
Email: 1000yards@mcreesprecision.net,
FAX: 662-453-0042, Phone: 662-453-0022
752 CR 174  McCarley, MS 38943
Manufacturers of MP-MOODSS rifle chassis stock for the McMillan TAC50, fixed or folding stock.

Email: info@kentucky50.com,
FAX: 270-781-3766, Phone: 270-781-3642
1040 Old Barren River Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Manufacturer of the Kentucky Long Rifle, a bolt-action, magazine-fed, .50 BMG caliber rifle. 5-round, detachable box magazine, adjustable buttplate, monopod, adjustable cheek piece, bipod, 29 inch (22 and 36 inch lengths optional) 1:15 twist barrel, 58.5 inch OAL, 30 pounds.

MG Arms, Inc.:
Email: info@mgarmsinc.com,
Phone: 281-821-8282
6030 Treaschwig Rd., Spring, TX 77373
Manufacturers of the Behemoth, .50 BMG caliber, semi-auto, gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle. Based on the Pauza 50 rifle design, the Behemoth features a stainless steel lower receiver and barrel. The Pac Nor free-floated barrel is match-grade, skip line fluted, with three groove, 1:15 twist rifling and available in 24, 27, 29 or 31 inch lengths. The rifle is 61 inches in overall length (depending on barrel length selected) weighing about 31 pounds, with a five round, detachable box magazine and a five-pound trigger. The rifle features a reciprocating bolt handle, for either left or right hand operation, a three position (adjustable) gas system, an ambidextrous magazine release and a cross-bolt safety. Other features include a KeyMod handguard and an adjustable skeletonized butt-stock, adjustable for height and length of pull. Buyers have a choice of a PTFE or ceramic metal rifle finish.

Midsouth Shooters Supply Co.:
Email: mss@midsouthshooterssupply.com,
800-272-3000(Or (orders only)
FAX: 931-503-8037, Phone: 931-553-8651
770 Economy Drive, Clarksville, TN 37043
Mail order distributor of several line of optics, powders, gun safes, gun cases, rifle rests, hearing protection, chronographs, reloading, gunsmithing & cleaning equipment; also Hornady AMAX projectiles & RCBS .50 caliber reloading kit. Dealers only.

Midway USA:
Email: mss@midsouthshooterssupply.com,
800-243-3220 (orders only)
FAX: 800-992-8315, Phone: 573-445-2400
5875 W. Van Horn Tavern Rd., Columbia, MO 65203
Mail order distributor of several lines of optics, powders, gun safes, gun cases, rifle rests, hearing protection, chronographs, reloading, gun-smithing & cleaning equipment; also Hornady AMAX projectiles & RCBS .50 caliber reloading kit. Sales to dealers only.

Midwest Gun Works, Inc.:
Email: customerservice@midwestgunworks.com,
FAX: 636-475-7303, Phone: 636-475-7300
1101 Mason Circle Dr., Pevely, MO 63070
Retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition and Butler Creek scope lens covers.

Midwest Ordnance:
Email: mwestord@comcast.net,
FAX: 248-547-7422, Phone: 248-547-5658
747 N. Main St., Royal Oak, MI 48067
Federally Licensed Firearms dealer, stocking the Barrett line of .50 caliber rifles, as well as .50 BMG caliber ammunition.

MilDot Enterprises:
Phone: 865-483-6620
P.O. Box 6585, Oak Ridge, TN 37831
MilDot Master. Special purpose slide-rule to replace estimated calculations when using mil dot system in various scopes. By aligning target size next to mil dot gives direct readout of range & calculates holdover.

Mile High Shooting Accessories, LLC:
Email: info@milehighshooting.com,
877-871-9990 (orders only)
FAX: 303-254-6572, Phone: 303-519-9616
3731 Monarch St., Erie, CO 80516
Distributor for the Accuracy International line of .50 BMG caliber rifles and accessories. Also dealer for Schmidt & Bender and Nightforce scopes, Badger Ordnance mounts, as well as Versa-Pod and Atlas bipods.

Military Shooters, LLC:
Email: sales@militaryshooters.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 608-464-7615
S1093 County Road G, Wonewoc, WI 53965
Mail order retailer of .50 caliber products, including Summit reloaded M33 Ball and M17 Tracer, Lake City/Federal American Eagle/Black box M33 Ball, Hornady AMAX Match ammunition, Hornady brass, Hornady presses and reloading gear, RCBS presses and dies, Lyman headspace/cartridge length gauge, AZoom snap caps, Barnes Bullets, Steyr HS50 and HS50M1 rifles, Aimshot laser bore sighter arbors, Sig .50 rifle magazines, Leupold and Bushnell scopes and accessories and surplus ammo cans.

Email: publisher@military-info-com,
P.O. Box 41211, Plymouth, MN 55441
Source for photocopies of obsolete/out-of-print US military manuals. See web site for latest catalog & availability.

Minnier, Arthur; Oliver, James:
FAX: 303-816-1784, Phone: 303-838-1259
Contact: Arthur Minnier
P.O. Box 362, Conifer, CO 80433-0362
Makers of .50BMG adjustable-length case trimmer, heavy-duty de-capper/reduced effort expander & similar tooling for the 50 Spotter caliber.

Miwall Corporation:
Email: info@miwallcorp.com,
Phone: 530-274-8228
P.O. Box 2809, Grass Valley, CA 95945
Mail-order & gun show retailer of ammunition, Talon & surplus, including occasional inventories of the .50 caliber.

Modern Arms International, LLC:
Email: support@modernarmsinternational.com,
FAX: 623-582-0173, Phone: 623-582-1381
Suite 180, 22601 N 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Manufacturers of a match-grade and an Armor Piercing .50 BMG caliber cartridge. The match load is on the 750 gr. Hornady AMAX projectile. The AP is a unique exposed core, solid brass jacketed 700 grain design intended only for military and law enforcement customers.

Montana X-Treme:
Email: powder@midrivers.com,
800-497-1007 (orders only)
FAX: 406-234-0430, Phone: 406-234-0422
P.O. Box 158, Miles City, MT 59301
Complete line of gun cleaning and maintenance products, featuring Copper Killer the 50 BMG Formula. Rated #1 by Gun Test Magazine.

Mounting Solutions Plus:
Email: ned@mountsplus.com,
800-428-9394 (orders only)
FAX: 305-232-1247, Phone: 305-253-8393
P.O. Box 971202, Miami, FL 33157
Distributor of 4140 steel, manganese phosphated finish rifle scope rings in 26mm, 1 inch & 30mm standard & Extra-High as well as Anti-Cant Devices(ACD)in 1 inch & 30mm, both silver & black finishes. FCSA member discount.

, ,
(See entry for Mounting Solutions Plus)

MTM Molded Products Co.:
800-543-0548 (orders only)
FAX: 937-890-1747, Phone: 937-890-7461
3370 Obco Court, Dayton, OH 81501
Manufacturers of the Case Gard line of plastic ammunition transport boxes. Their 12 gauge shotshell boxes can be used for .50 caliber ammunition if the top tray is removed.

Mullin Machine Works:
Phone: 970-234-6938
202 North Ave. #148, Grand Junction, CO 81501
.50 caliber rifle manufacturer, with falling block, bullpup, full-length & shell-holder action available. Custom rifle manufacturing services are also available.

MWG Co.:
, ,
(See entry for Mounting Solutions Plus.)

Nammo Lapua Oy:
Email: info@lapua.com,
FAX: 358-6-431-0244, Phone: 358-10-5233-800
PO Box 5, Lapua, Finland, FI-62101
Nammo (Nordic Ammunition) is the parent company of Lapua, Raufoss, Bakelittfabrikken, Santa Barbara Systems and Vihta Vuori. Lapua manufacturers solid brass, match-grade .50 BMG caliber projectiles 4PL1271 (750 gr.) and 4PL1271 (800 gr.) as well as new match-grade brass 4PL1200 and Vihta Vuori produces .50 BMG powder, 20n29 and 24n41. See Graf and Sons for Lapua and Vihta Vuori product retail sales in the US.

Natchez Shooters Supplies, Inc.:
800-251-7839(Or (orders only)
FAX: 423-892-4482, Phone: 423-899-0499
P.O. Box 182212, Chattanooga, TN 37422
RCBS .50 caliber reloading kit, CCI & Tula KVB50 primers, Hornady AMAX projectiles, Hodgdons powder, Lyman .50 caliber reloading tools, Team Never Quit .50 BMG caliber ammunition, hearing & eye protection products, cleaning supplies, etc. Minimum order $35.

Near Manufacturing:
Email: rbn@nearmanufacturing .com,
866-608-2441(Or (orders only)
FAX: 780-608-2454, Phone: 780-608-2441
P.O. Box 1677, Camrose, AB, Canada, T4V-1X6
Match-grade muzzle brakes, designed, developed & manufactured in-house for prone shooting. RBN Priming Die. New Canadian IVI match-grade brass. Stainless & titanium scope rings & bases.

Email: sales@neconos.com,
FAX: 218-722-2034, Phone: 218-722-3113
108 Ardmore Way, Benicia, CA 94510
Accuracy tools, fire lapping kits, case & bullet concentricity gauge, case holder for trimming cases in drill press. Moly Coat process, TSI-301(preserving fluid) .50 caliber ported muzzle brake w/front plate. Interior & exterior ballistics PC-based software.

Neil Jones Custom Products:
Email: njones@mdvl.net,
FAX: 814-763-4228, Phone: 814-763-2769
17217 Brookhouse Rd., Saegertown, PA 16433
.50 caliber hand-seating reloading dies, neck reaming dies, bushing neck-sizer dies, full-length sizing dies, accuracy tools.

NetBallistics, LLC:
Email: sales1@iammo.com,
800-996-0615 (orders only)
FAX: 502-632-1765, 6244 Old LaGrange Rd, Suite 17A, Crestwood, KY 40014
Online retailer of PMC, Magtec, and American Eagle lines of Federal/Lake City .50 BMG caliber M33 Ball ammunition, Hornady AMAX Match bullets and ammunition, Barnes bullets & reloading manuals, Hodgdons powder, Lee dies, RCBS presses, Armatlite AR50 rifles, Leupold scopes, and the ACOG TA648-50 sight.

Nevada Outdoor Shooting Co:
Email: benstuart.nvosc@gmail.com,
Phone: 702-875-6672
2657 Windmill Pkwy #193, Henderson, NV 89074
.50 caliber rentals, NRA certified instructors, private lessons, custom outdoor shooting packages, CCW classes for NV/UT/FL.

New Lenox Machine Co., Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for New Lenox Ordnance)

New Lenox Ordnance:
Email: classic195@aol.com,
FAX: 815-584-4877, Phone: 815-584-4866
Contact: Alan Seniw, Lyle Taylor
1200 E Mazon Ave., PO Box 188, Dwight, IL 60420
Manufacturers of cut-rifled barrels in numerous calibers including the .50 BMG, 12.7 Russian and variants, standard and custom twist rates, gain twist, progressive twist, incremental twist, left or right hand twist, standard or special land/groove ratios, with standard or bore-rider throats, custom case neck specifications, etc. Barrels (finished or blanks, fluted or non-fluted) are available in Chrome-Moly or stainless steels up to 12 feet long. Barrels are hand-lapped and available in single quantities for individual shooters, or bulk for commercial manufacturers, along with specialty systems like pressure test barrels and actions or universal receivers. For industrial, laboratory, or government customers, projectile products are available, jacketed/cored designs, mild steel, hardened steel, tungsten or tungsten carbide cores in standard configuration such as M2 AP, M33 Ball, 12.7 Russian, etc. or customer-specified bullet configurations. Also available to industrial/laboratory/government customers are a line of Powder Breech Guns, as well as Fragment Simulating Projectiles, skirted (for rifled barrels), unskirted for smooth-bore and saboted versions. Indoor ballistic testing facility is available on site. Projectile and barrel prototyping, as well as testing and consultant services are available.

Nicolaus Associates:
Email: themerc@nicolausassociates.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 706-367-1257
P.O. Box 875, Jefferson, GA 30549
Source for color reprints of the USGI, M2HB .50BMG caliber Graphic Training Aid GTA 9-6-38(May 1970)used to assist in the reassembly of the semi-or full-auto M2HB. Various sizes & formats available.

Email: techsupport@nkhome.com,
800-784-4221 (orders only)
FAX: 610-447-1577, Phone: 610-447-1555
21 Creek Circle, Boothwyn, PA 19061
Retailer of the Kestrel line of pocket weather instruments. Various models report air temperature, wind speed, elevation, barometric pressure, wind chill, humidity, etc., some with PC upload ability, others with ballistic calculator features, including tables of BCs.

Nightforce Precision Optics:
Email: info@nightforceoptics.com,
FAX: 208-476-9817, Phone: 208-476-9814
336 Hazen Lane, Orofino, ID 83544
Single power & variable scopes with 30mm tubes & 56mm lenses. Various type reticles, including illuminated. Specializing in long-range optics.

Noreen Firearms:
Email: info@onlylongrange.com,
FAX: 406-388-6500, Phone: 406-388-2200
131 Jetway Dr., Belgrade, MT 59714
Manufacturer of the Noreen .50BMG & .416 Barrett caliber rifles & actions. Shell-holder bolt style, single shot, with collapsible & recoil absorbing stock system, 4140 steel receiver, 35 inch long 1:15 twist barrel, Tinney adjustable trigger(2-4lb), Picatinny rail system(20 or 35MOA slant), & bipod, weighting 36 pounds. Also available, fluting & bluing services, muzzle brakes, Nightforce scopes, Burris 30mm scope rings, Barrett .50 & .416 ammunition, .416 solid/match units & supplies, CR10 cleaner, Shooters Choice, Hoppes, Birchwood-Casey, etc.

Northeast Trading Company:
Email: sales@northeasttrading.com,
FAX: 508-695-0308, Phone: 508-695-4852
580 Kelly Blvd., North Attleboro, MA 02760
Distributor of the LAR Grizzly, ArmaLite & Barrett lines of .50 rifles.

Northridge International, Inc,:
Email: Northint@aol.com,
800-678-3939 (orders only)
FAX: 818-361-7794, Phone: 818-361-5554
1026 Arroyo Ave., San Fernando, CA 91340
Mail order distributor of military surplus .50 caliber tools & equipment, including: ruptured case extractor, M7 link/delinking machines, M13 tool roll pouch, M7 cleaning rods, M9 links, .50 boresighter, etc.

Northwest Loading Supply:
, ,
(See entry for Northwest Shooter Supply.)

Northwest Territorial Mint:
Email: custominfo@nwtmint.com,
800-843-9854 (orders only)
FAX: 775-246-6006, Phone: 775-246-6000
PO Box 2148, Auburn, WA 98071
Challenge coins, trophies, awards and presentation pieces. Solid silver .50 BMG caliber (inert) rounds. www.silverbulletbullion.com Ph: 800-344-6468

Numrich Gun Parts Corp.:
Email: info@gunpartscorp.com,
866-NUMRICH(Ord (orders only)
Phone: 845-679-2417
226 Williams Lane, P.O. Box 299, West Hurley, NY 12491
Military .50 barrels, cleaning brushes, cleaning patches, cleaning rods, chamber brushes.

O.K. Weber, Inc.:
Email: email@okweber.com,
FAX: 541-747-5927, Phone: 541-747-0458
P.O. Box 7485, Springfield, OR 97475
Sweets 7.62 cleaning solvent, Hornady 750 gr. AMAX bullets,other benchrest accessories.

Odessa Manufacturing, LLC:
, ,
(See entry for Ligamec Corp)

Oehler Research Inc.:
Email: sales@oehler-research.com,
800-531-5125 (orders only)
FAX: 512-327-6903, Phone: 512-327-6900
P.O. Box 9135, Austin, TX 78766
Oehler Ballistic Explorer, ballistic software, DOS & Windows, Model 43 Ballistics Lab.

Ohio Ordance Works, Inc.:
Email: sales@ohioordnanceworks.com,
FAX: 440-286-8571, Phone: 440-285-3481
310 Park Dr, Chardon, OH 44024
50 caliber machine guns, Boyes rifles, military surplus accessories and components and periodic supplies of .50 BMG caliber ammunition (contact for latest inventory). Licensed class III dealer.

Old Sarges Drop Zone:
Phone: 716-672-6861
186 E. Main St. (Route 20), Fredonia, NY 14063
Source for once-fired .50BMG brass, 50 dummy rounds, .50 Source for once-fired .50BMG brass, .50 dummy rounds, .50 caliber cans & locks & US Military Manual TM9-1305-200 on military ammunition including .50 calibers.

Old Western Scrounger LLC:
Email: info@ows-ammo.com,
FAX: 304-274-0006, Phone: 304-274-0004
54 Dupont Rd, Martinsburg, WV 25404
Periodic supplies of .50 BMG caliber blanks and loaded military surplus ammo.

Oliver, James:
, ,
(See combined entry under Minnier, Arthur.)

Omahas Original G.I. Surplus:
Email: surplus@omahas.com,
FAX: 817-335-2976, Phone: 817-332-1493
2412 Whitmore St., Ft. Worth, TX 76107
Retail mail-order distributor of WW2, USGI surplus bore cleaner for cleaning after firing corrosive-primed ammunition.

Onalska Operations:
, ,
(See entry under Outers Gun Care)

Optics Planet, Inc.:
Email: sales@opticsplanet.net,
800-504-5897 (orders only)
FAX: 847-919-3003, Phone: 847-513-6201
3150 Commercial Ave., Northboork, IL 60062
Retailers of the Bushnell, Leupold, Nightforce and Premiere Reticles line of rifle scopes, as well as the Barrett BORS system.

Osprey International:
, ,
(See entry for Aimshot/Osprey International.)

Otis Products:
Email: cs@otisgun.com,
800-OTIS-GUN (orders only)
FAX: 315-348-4332, Phone: 315-348-4300
6987 Laura St. P.O. Box 582, Lyons Falls, NY 13368
Makers of the palm-sized, wire pull-through, cleaning kit for .50 caliber. (Special Purpose .50 Cal Kit-#255).

877-229-0351, FAX:  919-590-1765
512 Townsend Avenue, High Point, NC 27263
Web site:  www.outdoorlimited.com
Email:  cs@outdoorlimited.com
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, including Federal and Lake City Ball and Tracer, PMC Ball and Match, PPU Match, Hornady AMAX, as well as military surplus M2A1 50 caliber sized ammo cans and new MTM polypropylene plastic ammo cans

Outdoors Center:

, ,
(See entry under Outdoor Superstore)

Email: info@outdoorsmans.com,
800-291-8065 (orders only)
Suite 107, 16872 E Ave of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Retailer for the Nightforce, Leupold, and Vortex lines of rifle scopes.

Outers Gun Care:
800-379-1732 (orders only)
1 ATK Way, Anoka, MN 55303
Retailers of foaming bore cleaner, similar to “Forrest Foam,” a gentle, non-ammonia-based, copper solvent bore-cleaner, suitable for prolonged exposure cleaning. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and odorless and works by oxidizing the copper rather than by aggressively dissolving it.
Pac Nor Barreling:
FAX: 541-469-7331, Phone: 541-469-7330
P.O. Box 6188, 99299 Overlook Rd., Brookings,, OR 97415
Button-rifled .50 caliber barrels(various chambers), gunsmithing services.

Pacific Northwest Fifty BMG Shooters\\\' Assn.:
Email: drbic@yahoo.com,
Phone: 206-363-1992
P.O. Box 65124, Shoreline, WA 98155
Regional .50 caliber shooting club, affiliated with FCSA, based at the Upper Nisqually Sportsmen\\\'s club. Sponsors monthly .50BMG Match/Fun Shoots, first Sunday of every month, 550 yards distance.

Pacific Precision Grinding:
, ,
(See entry under Pacific Tool & Gauge.)

Pacific Tool & Gauge:
Email: Info@pacifictoolandgauge.com,
FAX: 541-826-5304, Phone: 541-826-5808
598 Ave. C.P.O. Box 2549, White City, OR 97503
.50 caliber chamber G0 & No Go gauges, 50 deburring tools, .50 caliber master gauges, FCSA minimum chamber spec. gauge for FCSA Light Gun class. .50 caliber high-speed tool steel & carbide chambering & sizer die reamers, throat reamers & bore gauges all in stock. Bushings in .0002 inch increments from .496 inch to .504 inch.

Pagel, Keith:
Email: 50cal@sprintmail.com,
Phone: 937-505-6206
PO Box 141, Tremont City, OH 45372
FCSA cartridge reference/identification consultant. Military .50 caliber cartridge historian & collector, buy, sell, trade. (Hrs: 8PM - 12 Mid EST)

Palmetto State Armory:
FAX: 803-788-5756, Phone: 803-724-6950
3760 Fernandina Rd, Columbia, SC 29210
Retail distributors of the Federal/Lake City line of Black Box XM33.50BMG caliber ball ammunition & Barrett M82/M107 ten-round magazines.

Panther Arms:
, ,
(See entry for Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc.)

Paraklese Technologies:
Email: sales@paraklesetechnologies.com,
FAX: 502-357-0850, Phone: 502-357-0735
PO Box 82, Georgetown, IN 47122
Manufacturer and distributor of products for law enforcement and military. Has a line of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition that fires a .50 BMG caliber projectile.

Parker Productions, Inc.:
Email: parkerbullets@gmail.com,
Phone: 208-596-8430
1041 Springvalley Rd., Troy, ID 83871
Manufacturers of the Rocky Mountain Bullets 650-800 grain .50 caliber bullets, a Rebated Boat-Tail Hollow-Point (lead core, copper jacket) and a Rebated Boat-Tail Aluminum Tip (copper jacket, lead core, aluminum tip). The Ultra Low Drag match grade/hunting bullets have a recommended twist rate of 1:17.7. 100% pure virgin lead and 95/5 gilding copper metals are used in construction.

Pats Reloading:
Email: patsreloading@aol.com,
FAX: 740-492-0063, Phone: 330-833-4360
74880 Johnson Run Rd, Kimbolton, OH 43749
Suppliers of .50 caliber military surplus ammunition & components, powder, projectiles, etc. Inventory varies, call for details.

Pats Tumbler:
, ,
(see entry under Pats Reloading)

PCP Ammunitino Co.:
Email: info@pcpammo.com,
Phone: 321-441-9024
3895 39th Sq.
Vero Beach, FL  32960
Manufacturers of a polymer cased, .50 BMG caliber round. Also has a line of 5.56, 7.62, 6.8 SPC, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum caliber polymer cased rounds, multiple projectile offerings, as well.

Performance Ammunition Center:
Email: ammunitioncenter@yahoo.com,
Phone: 405-614-1418
8423 S. Perkins Rd. Stillwater, OK  74074
Mail-order retailer of ammunition, including the .50 BMG caliber of American Eagle/Federal/Lake City M33 Ball, rebuilt French surplus ball by Summit, and Hornady AMAX Match.

PGW Defence Technologies, Inc.:
Email: rs@pgwdti.com,
RPO Markham, PO Box 41057, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3T-5T1
Manufacturer of the LRT-3, .50 caliber, bolt-action rifle. Also has actions, McMillan stocks, adjustable triggers. Actions/rifles available in both left and right hand versions, with tapered scope bases. Custom Gunsmithing services.

Plano Molding Co.:
Email: customerservice@planomolding.com,
800-226-9868 (orders only)
431 E. South St., Plano, IL 60545
Manufacturers of the Plano Gun Guard, All-Weather, double scoped rifle/shotgun case, model #108190, and the Field Locker Double Long MilSpec gun case, model #109540. Internal dimensions are 52 inches x 13 inches x 5.25 inches and 54 inches x 15inches x 6.38 inches (respectively) which are large enough to hold some .50 BMG caliber rifles. Both styles are wheeled and include cut to fit foam. The MilSpec line is also designed for stacking and interlock with each other. Contact them for referral to a dealer near you.

Email: support@pmatool.com,
Phone: 260-246-5860
4201 Senica Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Manufactures a replacement lock ring for reloading dies that permit micro adjustments in .001 inch increments. One model for 1-1/2 inch 12 thread dies like Hornady and RCBS (SKU PDA-11512) and one for 1-1/4 inch 12 thread dies like Lee (SKU 112512).

PMC Ammunition:
FAX: 281-407-5654, Phone: 281-407-5655
Suite 1101, 10777 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042
Original equipment manufacturers of 660 gr., FMJBT, Ball (# 50A) Bronze Line and 740 gr Monolithic Solid Brass X-TAC Match (# 50XM) .50 BMG caliber ammunition.

, ,
(See entry under Pacific Northwest Fifty BMG Shooters Assn.)

Powder Valley Services:
Email: reload@powdervalleyinc.com,
800-227-4299 (orders only)
FAX: 620-229-8690, 17295 151st. Rd., Winfield, KS 67156
Distributors of Accurate Arms, Hodgdon & Vita Vuori .50 cal powders, new Winchester .50 caliber brass & bullets, CCI & Tula KVB50 primers.

Prairie Gun Works:
, ,
(See entry under PGW Defense Technologies.)

Precision Arms:
FAX: 760-489-1120, Phone: 760-489-1212
Suite C, 250 W. Crest, Escondido, CA 92025
A stocking dealer for ArmaLite, Barrett, LAR Grizzly, ROBAR & State Arms. Also carries optics & mounting systems, bi-pods & cleaning accessories suited for .50 caliber

Precision Reloading, LLC.:
Email: info@precisionreloading.com,
800-223-0900 Or (orders only)
FAX: 605-996-9987, Phone: 605-996-9984
Suite B, 1700 W. Cedar Ave., Mitchell, SD 57301
Mail order distributor of shooting, cleaning & reloading supplies including rifle rest bags, shooting glasses & gloves. Hodgdon powders, Sweets 7.62, Gracey case trimmers, REMOIL, cleaning patches, etc, Catalog available.

Precision Rifle Supply:
Email: sales@precisionriflesupply.com,
Phone: 707-636-4867
PO Box 7530, Brookinigs, OR 97415
Mail-order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition. Inventory varies depending on availability. Call for latest availability.

Prince 50 Design:
, ,
(See entry for Bullet Button)

Pro Shot Products:
800-477-7922 (orders only)
FAX: 217-824-8861, Phone: 217-824-9133
311 S Baughman Rd, Taylorville, IL 62568
Cleaning patches, cleaning brushes, jags, rods & solvents for .50 caliber.

Professional Marksmen, Inc.:
Email: info@professionalmarksmen.com,
Phone: 605-610-8598
P.O. Box 1231, Sioux Falls, SD 57101
Offers a variety of long range shooting courses, including the Professional Marksmen .50 caliber. This 3-day course covers the entirety of long range .50 caliber shooting. This 3-day course will instill a strong foundation in the basics of the .50 caliber while expanding into more advanced long range shooting. The facilities maximize training capabilities to create a fun, informative experience. FCSA member discount.

Project One, LLC:
Email: stephen@projectonemachine.com,
Phone: 615-424-8855
321 Wildcreek Rd, Shelbyville, TN 37160
Adjustable scope mounts & rings, Weaver/Picatinny, Anschutz, Sako & Stolle styles, in 0-50, 0-150 MOA ranges, 30 & 35mm diameters(1 inch bushing sets also available).

Protektor Model:
Email: mail@protekformodel.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 814-435-2442
1-11 Bridge St., Galeton, PA 16922
Rifle rest sand bags including Cordura models.

QD Mounts:
, ,
(See entry for Talbot QD Mounts, Inc.)

Quality Cartridge:
FAX: Same, Phone: 301-373-3719
P.O. Box 445, Hollywood, MD 20636
.50 caliber brass manufacturer, does custom calibers and headstamps, including wildcats/variants such as .50 B&M, .50 TAC, .500 Cyrus, etc. Call for price & availability

, ,
(See entry for Johnson Design Specialties.)
R & R Arms, Inc.:
Email: service@rrarms.com,
FAX: 218-755-9323, Phone: 218-759-1866
25323 Beltrami Line Rd., Bernidji, MN 56601
Mail order retailer of the Magtech & Summit lines of .50 ammo. ArmaLite, Bushmaster, Steyr & Zastava Black Arrow .50 rifles, magazine for the Bushmaster/Cobb .50 rifle, Lee reloading presses & accessories, Hodgdon\\\'s powder, Pro-Shot cleaning rods & tips for the .50 caliber, CCI primers.

855-486-7922 (orders only)
FAX: 845-458-8854, Phone: 845-706-5600
16 Yerry Hill Rd, Woodstock, NY 12498
RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners are a new line of caliber-specific gun cleaning swabs that can eliminate the need for cotton patches. Available in .50 caliber sizes (model #50075), RamRodz are designed to expand into rifling grooves and conform to the barrel walls, therefore cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass. The manufacturer states that, due to their low-lint, highly absorbent cotton heads, RamRodz make gun cleaning hassle and mess free. Also available is a reinforced nylon cleaning rod adapter (8-32 thread) that allows you to run the swab down the length of the bore.

Ramshot Powders:
, ,
(See entry for Western Powder.)

Range Systems:
888-999-1217 (orders only)
Phone: 763-398-5502
Suite 225, 5121 Winnetka Ave, New Hope, MN 55428
Retailers of a .50 BMG caliber bullet trap, stock number TP5061. Self-healing shooting surface confines projectiles and fragments inside the trap. System weighs 1,076 pounds.

Ransom International:
Email: ransominternational@gmail.com,
FAX: 928-778-7993, Phone: 928-778-7899
#D, 8301 E Pecos Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
Riflemaster fully-adjustable front rest & windage rear rest especially designed for the .50 caliber rifles.

RBs Treasures:
Email: rb@rb-treasures.com,
FAX: 281-596-6952, Phone: 281-300-3292
, 3810 County Rd 415, McCoy, TX 78113
Distributor of the Steyr line of rifles, cleanming gear including .50 brushes, Bore Snakes, cleaners & lubricants.

Email: rcbs.tech@atk.com,
800-533-5000 (orders only)
FAX: 530-533-1647, 605 Oro Dam Blvd, Oroville, CA 95965-4650
RCBS AmmoMaster .50 reloading press,(top priming), loading dies, case trimmer & other reloading accessories. Will advise of nearest supplier.

Email: Richard@rceco.com,
Phone: 541-512-0440
Contact: Richard Corbin
4090 Colver Rd., Phoenix, OR 97535
Supplier of bullet swaging & reloading equipment, hand operated & hydraulic presses, including .50 caliber. Bullet jackets from 70 caliber to 4.6 mm.

Red Mountain Arsenal, LLC:
Email: rma@redmountainarsenal.com,
Phone: 575-755-0338
PO Box 5847, Roswell, NM 88202
Federally licensed manufacturer of ammunition, rifle and pistol caliber, including the .50 BMG on both polymer and brass cases, with Hornady AMAX, 690 gr NAMMO Grade A SG-Ball and Thunder Ammo 746 gr solid brass match projectiles.

Email: info@red-i-laser.com,
FAX: 27-12-349-2675, Phone: 27-12-349-2087
25 De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Technopark, Pretoria, S. Africa,
Manufacturers of an aluminum & steel, eye safe, laser bore sighter for .50BMG caliber. Available by mail-order via the internet, direct from South Africa, or from the US distributor. Other distributors available in other countries (see website). FCSA member discount.

Replicas & Models International:
Email: replicamdl@aol.com,
Phone: 630-970-8885
P.O. Box 1138, Wheaton, IL 60189
Manufacturers of full-size, non-firing, replicas of the .50 caliber M2HB & aircraft machine guns for re-actors.

RFour, Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for Feddersen, Inc.)

Ricca, William J.:
FAX: 610-298-2540, Phone: 610-298-2748
71 Brobst Hill Rd.
New Tripoli, PA  18066
Supplier of mil-surplus publications & tools(separated case extractor, throat erosion guage, bore reflector, bore brushes, M2HB headspace & timing gauge, etc.) Call for current stock details.

, ,
(See entry for Fisher Co.)

FAX: 909-682-1187, Phone: 909-530-1906
Contact: Tom Accatino
2065 Roberta St., Riverside, CA 92507
.50 caliber gun stocks, custom painting & finishing. RMI slik .50, RMI for light guns. Custom .50 caliber chambering, custom throating for bore-riding bullets, barrel. Distributor of the LAZZ Proflyer Bullets.

RND Manufacturing Inc:
Email: rndlloyd@yahoo.com,
Phone: 970-535-4458
307 Railroad Ave, Oneonta, AL 35121
Manufacturers of the Edge Model 3000, .50 BMG caliber, semi-automatic, gas-piston, rifle. Left hand, non-reciprocating bolt handle, integral Picatinny rail, 3.5 pound trigger pull, adjustable stock, 26 inch barrel, 28 pounds empty. Optional bipods and camo finishes available.

Robert W. Hart & Son, Inc.:
Email: sales@rwhart.com,
800-368-3656(Or (orders only)
FAX: 570-752-1088, Phone: 570-752-3655
401 Momntgomery St., Nescopeck, PA 18635
Manufacturers of competition rifle rests & wind flags, bluing & teflon coating services, distributor of the Leupold line of rifle scopes & McMillan line of rifle stocks, Hodgdons & Vihta Vuori powders, Sweets 7.62 & Bore Tech cleaning rods.

Robs Bullets LLC:
Email: rdvirtman@gmail.com,
Phone: 801-921-0419
41 E 200 S, Providence, UT 84332
Manufacturer and retailer of cast lead projectiles, including .50 BMG caliber. .50 bullets are 890 gr, Lead Flat Nosed, Gas Checked and powder coated in red, blue and black colors. Bullets are 3% antimony, water quenched tempered to ~BNH16 from an NOE 513-887-LFN-AG3 4 cavity GC mold and available in 25 and 50 packs. (Other caliber rifle and pistol bullets, as well as shot, also available.) Also stocks once-fired .50 BMG brass and dummy rounds, singles or in belts (M9 or M15 links). Free shipping!

Roc Import:
Email: info@roc-import.com,
FAX: 377-9797-3161, Phone: 377-9797-3177
16 Avenue de la Costa, P.O. Box 246, Monaco, 98005
Source of a universal caliber laser bore-sighter, capable of the 50 BMG.

Rocky Mountain Bullets, LLC:
, ,
(See entry for Parker Productions, Inc.)

RPA International:
Email: info@rpainternationial.co.uk,
FAX: 44 (0)1608-663-, Phone: 44- (0)845-880-
P.O. Box 6378, Warwickshire, England, CV37-1PY
England-Manufacturers of the Quadlock GBMF .50 caliber, single-shot, bolt action, rifle action from England, available in the US by OK Weber. Also produces a complete, 5-round, magazine-fed rifle on the Quadlock action called the Rangemaster 50. US distributor is Drake and Associates.

RSR Development, LLC:
Email: mrkubota@yahoo.com,
FAX: 909-795-4083, Phone: 909-261-7868
Contact: Ben Herrera
12750 14th St., Yucaipa, CA 92399
Class 6 manufacturer of ammunition, .50BMG & .50 DTC available in Ball, AP, Match/Brass TSX & AMAX.

RUAG Ammotec, LTD:
FAX: 813-626-0078, Phone: 813-626-0077
5402 E Diana St, Tampa, FL 33610
Manufacturer of the HC SX and Training SX models of .50 BMG caliber ammunition. The HC SX is a 745 gr. load with hardened steel core, generating 2969 fps with a BC of .790. The Training SX is a 644 gr. load with a zinc core, generating 3084 fps with a BC of .720. Both designs are modeled on the Anthena / PPI bullet with a copper half-jacket and exposed core. Both designs are zinc coated to prevent corrosion.

RW Snyder Guns & Gunsmithing:
Email: info@rwsnydergunsmithing.com,
Phone: 717-655-3819
334 2nd St, Manning, IA 51455
Federally licensed gun dealer, with type 1, 2 and 7 licenses, with full gunsmithing services. Custom rifles on the .50 BMG, .50 DTC and .460 Steyr calibers.
S.W.F.A., Inc.:
Email: swfa@swfa.com,
FAX: 972-617-1647, Phone: 972-726-7348
, 5840 E US Hwy 287, Midlothian, TX 76065
Mail-order dealer in optics of all types; rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, range-finders, etc. Lines include Leupold, Bushnell, Swarovski, Tasco.

, ,
(See entry for South Central Fifty Caliber Club)

Safety Harbor Firearms, Inc.:
Email: sales@safteyharborfirearms.com,
FAX: 727-797-6134, Phone: 727-726-2500
P.O. Box 563, Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Manufacturers of a magazine-fed, .50 caliber, bolt-action, upper receiver for the AR series of rifles. Upper has a 18 inch, 22 inch, 29 inch barrel, with 5 round magazines. Carrying handles, stocks & bipods available, as are purpose-built lower receivers for .50 caliber AR-series uppers.

Salute Products Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for Salute Targets)

Salute Targets:
Email: sales@salutetargets.com,
Phone: 503-887-6191
11812 NW Rockton Dr, Hillsboro, OH 97124
Salute Products is a steel target company comprised of USMC veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. They have been making steel targets for center fire rifle training and plinking for the last three years. They manufacture AR500 grade, high-carbon steel targets, in varying shapes, which automatically reset after each impact, some models are capable of withstanding .50BMG as close as 100 yards. Their targets are currently in use by U.S. and Coalition Forces in Iraq for sustainment training. Targets are not recommended for armor piercing cores.

Sarco Inc.:
FAX: 908-647-9413, Phone: 908-647-3800
323 Union St., Stirling, NJ 07980
50 caliber accessories, including cleaning rods, brushes, ammo links, linking/de-linking tool, broken shell extractor, tri-pod mounts, and publications. Call for latest stock details.

Email: satern@qwestoffice.net,
FAX: 952-216-6045, Phone: 712-362-4991
Contact: Deb or Steve
33 S 18th St, Estherville, IA 51334
Manufacturers of a custom .50 BMG caliber powder funnel, aluminum and brass construction to prevent powder cling, and weighted to be bottom-heavy. Suitable for ball or extruded powder, lifetime guarantee. Also produces .50 BMG caliber barrels and bore guides for cleaning

Satern Custom Machining, Inc.:
, ,
(See entry for SATERN)

Saxonia Spezialtechnik:
Email: decker-schwarzenberg@t-online.de,
FAX: 49-03774-180742, Phone: 49-03774-180740
1 AM Wasserwerk, Schwarzenberg, Germany, D-08340
Manufacturers of the Saxonia Big Valve,.50 caliber, bolt action rifle.

SBR Ammunition:
, ,
(See entry for Southern Ballistic Research)

Scharch Manufacturing, Inc.:
800-836-4683 (orders only)
2700 Missouri Ave., Granite City, IL 62040
Source for once-fired, LC headstamped, .50 caliber brass and M33 Ball pull-down projectiles.

Schuler Inc.:
Email: info@schulerinc.com,
FAX: 734-207-7222, Phone: 734-207-7200
7145 Commerce Blvd, Canton, MI 48187
Manufacturers of cartridge case production equipment, from 5.56mm up through 20mm.

Email: mtkasharp@gmail.com,
Phone: 612-810-4763
Contact: Jay Eller
PO Box 218, Suamico, WI 54173
ScopeAid has created a custom produced lens with the shooters eyeglass Rx prescription machined and modified to include eye relief calculations. The custom machined lens is then installed in a patent pending medical grade silicone rubber housing. The housing comes in two different sizes and slides over the optical eyepiece of most all scopes. The shooter can now see cross hairs that are clear and black, with windage and elevation tick marks that are clear and distinguishable and the target safely in view. All this while enabling the shooter to comfortably rest their cheek on the rifle stock while looking through the upper portion of their eyeglasses, giving the hunter the best posture and accuracy for their shot. According to the manufacturer, the ScopeAid collection was created to emulate the excellent vision of hunting birds, recreating the contrast, clarity, and high definition to improve your vision. ScopeAid offers five different lenses. Crystal provides clear precision. Yellow provides better vision in low-light conditions. It filters out blue light and makes targets stand out and appear brighter. Amber provides effective blue light filtering during brighter daytime conditions. It separates targets from vegetation and reduces eyestrain. Flame provides the highest color-contrasting lens. It provides greater depth of vision in green areas and highlights unique shapes and colors. Mirage filters just enough of the visible wavelength so that your target is clear while allowing enough mirage waves to determine the speed and direction of the wind. ScopeAid lenses are individually made using the latest CNC optics manufacturing processes. These are the same methods used for prescription eyewear and precision optical instruments.

Email: r.d.walton@hotmail.com,
Phone: 605-391-0276
1937 Washington Ave., Hot Springs, SD 57747
A scope-mounted leveling device to prevent canting while shooting & for scope alignment while mounting the scope to the firearm.

Selway Armory:
FAX: 406-204-0415, Phone: 406-356-5428
2825 Stockyard Rd #E-6, Missoula, MT 59808
Store-front and on-line retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition and dummies from HSM, as well as new and used M2A1 (.50 cal sized), metal, olive-drab ammo cans.

Serbu Firearms, Inc.:
FAX: Same, Phone: 813-243-8899
6019 W Chelsea St, Tampa, FL 33634
Manufacturer of the BFG-50 bolt-action, RN-50 Break-action & BFG-50A semi-auto .50BMG rifles. Class II manufacturer.

Series Two:
, ,
(See entry for Prince 50 Design.)

Shaddox Tactical, LLC:
Email: clay@shaddoxtactical.com,
800-481-1895 (orders only)
Phone: 503-997-7385
Contact: Clayton Shaddox
276 N 5th Ave, Cornelius, OR 97113
Exclusive makers of the Shaddox Tactical 50 cal BMG Shell Holder. Each Shell Holder is a simple, convenient, and secure way to carry ten rounds of 50 cal BMG ammo. It is a stiffened nylon sheet with elastic loops for the rounds. The shell holder measures 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall, has a loop handle to make removal from pouch or pocket easier, and has an open face design allowing the shooter to identify their rounds and select specific rounds for specific targets. Fits in most BDU/ACU/ABU cargo pockets, a standard USGI SAW pouch, or similar size pouch. They are available in black, OD Green, Coyote Brown, Woodland BDU, or Genuine Crye Multicam. Veteran-owned small business. Made in America.

Sharp Shoot R Precison Products:
Email: tp@sharpshootr.com,
FAX: 785-883-2525, Phone: 785-883-4444
P.O. Box 171, Paola, KS 66071
Manufacturers of Wipe Out,Patch Out, & Wipe-Out Accelerator; an odorless, acid-less, foaming, rifle bore cleaner for the removal of carbon & brass fouling. Reportedly safe for stainless & carbon steels, as well as most rifle finishes.

Sharps Shooting Supply:
FAX: 620-398-2391, Phone: 620-398-2395
3002 W Hwy 4, Healy, KS 67850
Retailer for numerous .50 BMG caliber products, such as: Armalite AR50, Sig Sauer and Barrett M99 and M107A1 rifles, Barrett ammunition and accessories such as rear monopod kits, Pack Mats and magazines, Bushmaster magazines, Barnes bullets, RCBS reloading presses, dies and accessories, Aimshot laser boresighter arbors, MTM case-gard ammo boxes, Federal/Lake City M33 Ball ammo, Hornady new unprimed brass, Leupold Mark 4 rifle scopes.

Shirok Enterprise:
Phone: 719-440-7995
23760 Fleet St., Colorado Springs, CO 80928
Manufacturers of a one-piece, steel, windage adjustable scope base, compatible with M1913 Picatinny Rails, either 1 inch or 30 mm rings, in two heights (1.045 inch & 1.400 inch), & 0-20 MOA cant. Custom bases available as well.

Shoot Steel, Inc.:
Email: cameron@shootsteel.com,
800-583-6186 (orders only)
Phone: 763-205-2109
Unit C2, 6230 Mckinley St SW, Ramsey, MN 55303
Manufacturers of 3/4 inch thick, AR500 steel, .50 caliber silhouette, CNC laser-cut targets and target stands. Targets are 100% USA made steel, sold unfinished and unpainted to reduce costs. Targets are (model GJ006T 45 pounds)12x20 and (model GJ004T 95 pounds) 18x30 inches in size, rated for Ball and Brass Solid projectiles only, no AP, API, etc. FCSA member discount. Use code: fcsa

2510 N. Hopi Ln., Chino Valley, AZ, 86323
Web site:  www.shortactionprecision.com  Email:  info@shortactionprecision.comManufacturer of a self-adhesive/velcro, stretchable nylon shellholder, which retains two extra rounds of .50 BMG ammo on the side of the rifle for fast reloads.  Available in Grey/Green, Multi-Cam, black, OD green, and coyote colors.  Also suitable with other calibers based on the .50 BMG caliber cartridge case, .700 inch to .800 inch diameter.  Retailer of the Atlas Bipod and accessories, Badger Ordnance rings and Angle Cosine Indicator and Vortex bubble levels

Shots Gunsmithing:
Email: shots@shotsgunsmithing.com,
Phone: 541-472-5279
5470 Azalea Dr., Grants Pass, OR 97526
Distributor of .50 caliber bipods & monopods, portable shooting benches, Hornady AMAX projectiles, RCBS reloading equipment & supplies. Distributor of the ArmaLite AR-50 rifle.

Sierra Bullets:
Email: sierra@sierrabullets.com,
800-223-8799 (orders only)
FAX: 660-827-4999, Phone: 660-827-6300
1400 W. Henry St., Sedalia, MO 65301
Manufacturers of the Sierra Infinity Exterior Ballistic software.

Email: info@landmarkoutdoors.com,
877-431-3579 (orders only)
FAX: 817-394-1628, Phone: 817-225-0310
2201 Heritage Parkway, Mansfield, TX 76063
Manufacturers of an in-bore laser bore-sighter for .50BMG caliber firearms. (Stock # SM39012.) Laser operates in the 632-650 nm wavelength, emits less than 5mW power, on a 3-5 volt battery (included), & is visible from 15 to 100 yards depending on conditions. Battery life is approximately 1 hr. & laser spot is approximately 2 inches in diameter at 100 yards. Intended for spotting on targets 20-30 yards away when synchronized with the scope, puts impacts within 4 inches of center at 100 yards (depending on bullet weight & velocity). FCSA member discount.

Sightron Inc:
Email: info@sightron.com,
FAX: 919-562-7129, Phone: 919-562-3000
100 Jeffrey Way Ste A, Youngsville, SC 27596
Manufacturers of rifle and spotting scopes. One model of rifle scope is suitable for .50 caliber use. Contact them for dealer referral.

Silver Bullet Bullion:
, ,
(See entry for Northwest Territorial Mint)

Sinclair International:
Email: support@sinclairintl.com,
800-717-8211 (orders only)
FAX: 260-482-3735, Phone: 260-482-3670
200 S Front St, Montezuma, IA 50171
Front rest & sand bags, cleaning solvent, wind flags & solar powered wind gauge. Other tools for accuracy loading. .50 AMAX Projectiles and Team Never Quit ammunition. Catalog available upon request.

FAX: 814-885-6673, Phone: 814-885-6672
200 Industrial Park Rd., Kersey, PA 15846
Since 1998, manufacturer of lead free frangible rifle, pistol & shot shell projectiles. SinterFire bullets are for use on indoor/outdoor shooting ranges where a lead free reduced hazard/ricochet environment is needed. The newest addition to their line is the 770 gr. & 700 gr., Wide Taper Point tip, flat base profile, 50BMG bullets. Part#SF50BMG-770WTP & SF50BMG-700 WTP.

SKB Sports:
800-654-5992 (orders only)
FAX: 714-283-0425, Phone: 714-637-1252
434 W. Levers Place, Orange, CA 92867
Manufacturers of hard-sided, lockable, Airline Transportation Association (ATA) specification 300, catagory 1 rifle cases. Many sizes, including those suitable for .50 caliber rifles. Model from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, impervious to all solvents, oils, fuels & acids. Case color runs through the material so scratches do not show. Aluminum valance with O-Ring gasket keeps moisture out. Field replaceable locking latches are guaranteed for the life of the case. Durable built-in wheels & military flip handles on larger cases. Model # 2SKB-6019 has wheels and is most suitable for the .50 caliber. Sales to distributors only, retail customers should contact Beacon World Wide(see previous entry).

SKD Tactical, Inc.:
Email: info@skdtac.com,
FAX: 636-257-2940, Phone: 845-897-2889
P.O. Box 25, Pacific, MO 63069
Retailer of the Tactical Tailor line of web gear including magazine pouches for the Barrett .50 caliber rifle magazines. Pouches come in black, OD & cammo colors, part # SKD0680.

Slip 2000:
, ,
(See entry for SPS Marketing, Inc.)

Small Arms Development & Testing Co.:
Email: atbluecloud@aol.com,
Phone: 406-443-9000
Contact: Bruce Seiler
P.O. Box 100, Ft. Harrison, MT 59636
Reigl laser range-finders, optics, manufacturer of .50 caliber match & tactical rifles, consultant on .50 caliber arms & ammunition. Also 20 & 25mm class II manufacturer. Has own range for testing.

Small Arms Industries APS:
Email: info@hagelberg-rifles.dk,
FAX: 45-86-33-70-46, Mejlbyvej 613, Haarup, Hjortshoej, Denmark, DK-8530
Manufacturers of the Hagelberg FH50, bull-pup, bolt-action, single-shot .50 caliber rifle. Available in left or right hand action, shell-holder style bolt, full-length Picatinny rail, angles scope mount, backup iron sights, front bipod & rear mono-pod, carrying handle, with twin gas shock absorbers. Long & short versions(L & K) available. L is 51 inches long with a 36 inch L. Walther match barrel, 27 pounds weight. Suppressor also available. (North American distributor: Wolverine Supplies-Canada.)

Snake River Shooting Products:
Email: info@snakerivershootingproducts.com,
Phone: 208-866-2789
1390 W 12th St, Emmett, ID 83617
Manufacturers of the Team Never Quit line of ammunition, including two versions of an M33 Ball load and one of a 600 gr. Frangible load.

Sniper Tools Design Co.:
Email: info@snipertools.com,
800-651-1050 (orders only)
FAX: 970-586-9281, Phone: 818-359-0512
PO Box 1647, Estes Park, CO 80517
Manufacturers of the Angle Cosine Indicator, a small, bolt-on device that automatically calculates rifle tilt into the cosine necessary to calculate true horizontal distance for shooting. Also manufactures the Angle Degree Indicator, a similar device reading out rifle tilt in degrees. Retailer for Badger Ordnance mount for the ACI/ADI, the Nightforce hand-held ballistic software and calculator, Kestrel pocket weather stations, and Eberlestock backpacks (with integral rifle scabbard).

Snowy Mountain Rifle Co.:

Phone: 406-546-8732
394 Old Corvallis Rd.
Hamilton, MT  59840
Retailer of the Nightforce line of rifle scopes, Timney and Jewell triggers.

South Central Shooters' Club:
Email: bkhlam16@gmail.com,
800-852-2359 (orders only)
Phone: 713-304-7877
14114 Britoak Ln, Houston, TX 77079
FCSA-affiliated, regional shooting club, dedicated to the promotion of the .50 caliber shootin sports in the South/Central region of the US(TX,OK,LA,AR,AL&MO). Sanctioned matches held twice yearly at Waco, TX. Annual dues of $25 per year due each January 1.

Southern Ballistic Research, LLC:
Email: info@sbr-usa.com,
FAX: 912-254-5888, Phone: 912-254-5822
140 Indigo Dr., Brunswick, GA 31525
Licensed ammunition manufacturer as well as a licensed exporter of firearms, ammunition, and accessories, such as rifle scopes, for law enforcement, military, and civilian customers. Has a line of frangible, environmentally-friendly, and tracer ammunition in rifle and pistol calibers, as well as a line of custom-loaded, .50 BMG caliber match ammunition. The SBR line of .50 ammo is built on the 750 gr. Hornady AMAX and the 750 gr. Barnes solid match bullets, using new cases and boxer, non-corrosive primers. Has a line of AP and API rounds for military & law enforcement. SBR reports their standard .50 match load develops approximately 2600 fps, depending on barrel length, but performance specifications can be adjusted at the customer’s request.

Spectrum Forensics LLC:
Phone: 303-963-9650
Suite 2, 3773 Jason St, Englewood, CO 80110
Failure analysis specialists, firearms and ammunition, with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrography (EDS) and scanning electron micrograph (SEM) capabilities which are useful for non-destructive analysis and determination of projectile constructions and compositions.

Speed Tech Instruments:
, ,
(See entry for WeatherHawk.)

, ,
(See entry for CCI/Speer.)

Sports World, Inc.:
Email: info@sportsworldtulsa.com,
FAX: 918-742-3981, Phone: 918-742-4027
6841 E. 41st St., Tulsa, OK 74145
Retailer for the Hodgdon\\\'s Ramshot & Accurate powders. Hornady AMAX projectiles.

Sportsmans Finest:
Email: onlinesales@sportsmansfinest.com,
877-51SPORT (orders only)
FAX: 512-263-2444, Phone: 512-263-1888
12434 FM244, (Bee Cave Rd.), Bee Cave, TX 78738
Federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking the ArmaLite & Anzio lines of .50 caliber rifles, as well as military surplus .50 ammo, Leupold scopes, .50 cal cleaning brushes and Otis pull-through cleaning kits.

Sportsmans Guns & Ammo:
FAX: 936-756-4872, Phone: 936-756-4867
212 Porter Rd., Conroe, TX 77301
Federally licensed firearms dealer stocking the Nightforce line of rifle scopes, .50 caliber rifles, ammo, powder, primers & most other .50BMG supplies. Full gunsmithing services, as well as night vision & class III services for law enforcement.

SPS Marketing, Inc.:
Email: info@slip2000.com,
888-243-6725 (orders only)
FAX: 559-255-2007, Phone: 559-374-2101
Suite 108, 5515 E Lamona Ave., Fresno, CA 93727
Manufacturers of premium gun care products, including Carbon Killer(a carbon & lead remover, Copper Cutter, 725(cleaner/degreaser), SLIP 2000 gun lubricant, & Brush Buddy for rapid, snap-on/snap-off, changing of cleaning rod brushes & patch jags. Products are available individually or in convenient value packs. Reported to be non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe & without overpowering fumes. (See article in VHP 2006 #1)

SSK Firearms:
Email: support@sskfirearms.com,
FAX: 740-264-2257, Phone: 740-264-0176
590 Woodvue Ln., Wintersville, OH 43953
Federally licensed manufactruer of custom rifles including specical purpose .50 caliber chamberings like the 500 Whisper. Custom-loaded ammunition & custom scope mounts also available. Call or write for details.

Email: info@stac-tactical.com,
Phone: 855-452-5262
Room 284, 400 Du Parc-Industriel St, Longueuil CANADA, J4H3V6
Canadian retailer of the .50 caliber bullet lines of Barnes, Cutting Edge, Hornady and Lehigh as well as a 30-round, aluminum reloading block for .50 cartridges and the Kestrel pocket weather meter and ballistic calculator.

Starlight Cases:
, ,
(See entry for New Innovative Products,Inc.)

State Arms Gun Co.:
Email: eastrdge@uniontel.net,
Phone: 715-366-2006
6319 5th Ave,, Bancroft, WI 54921
Custom built .50 caliber shell-holder & falling block action rifles.

Steel Core Designs USA:
, ,
(See entry for CS Tactical)

Steyr Arms, Inc.:
Email: info@steyrarms.com,
FAX: 205-417-8647, Phone: 205-417-8644
2530 Morgan Rd, Bessemer, AL 35022
Manufacturers of a .50 caliber, single-shot, bolt-action, rifle, the Steyr HS50, and the HS50M1 magazine-fed version. 33 inch barrel, 54 inch overall length, 28.5 pounds, 1:15 twist, 4-groove rifling, two stage trigger, two-lug bolt. The magazine-fed version features a 5-round, single stack, detachable, side-mounted magazine. .460 Steyr caliber version (model HS 460) is also available, based on the .50 BMG case.

Strong Case:
, ,
(See entry for TnB Enterprises, Inc.)

Summit Ammunition:
Email: info@summitammunition.com,
877-RANGE45 (orders only)
FAX: 256-538-5125, Phone: 256-538-5121
3451 Pleasant Valley Rd., Attalla, AL 35954
Manufacturer of .50BMG ammo. Inventory varies. Call first for price and availability.

Super Brush, LLC:
Email: customerservice@swab-its.com,
FAX: 413-543-1523, Phone: 413-543-1442
800 Worchester St, Springfield, MA 01151
Manufacturers of polyurethane foam cleaning swabs for numerous calibers of rifles, shotguns and pistols, including the .50 BMG caliber. Known as Bore-Tips from Swab-its, they are solvent compatible, can be cleaned and reused. (Do not use solvents that dissolve plastics.) Sold in bags of three, stock # 41-0050, there is one for solvent, one for drying and one for lubricating. For 5/16-27 threaded rods or adapters for such. Other cleaning supplies and accessories are available as well, such as the Gun-tips product line for cleaning other firearm parts, which includes a 5 inch large surface gun cleaning swab.

Surplus Ammo:
Email: surplusammosales@gmail.com,
FAX: 406-642-3513, Phone: 406-642-3279
134 Tarkas Ln, Victor, MT 59875
Retailer of .50BMG ammunmition and components. Carries HSM line of ammunition as well as a 745 gr. solid brass match projectile.

Swift Bullet Co.:
Email: contact@swiftbullets.com,
FAX: 785-754-2359, Phone: 785-754-3959
1001 Swift Ave, PO Box 27, Quinter, KS 67752
Manufacturers of a .510 caliber, hunting soft-point bullet, 570 grains and new .50 BMG caliber brass.

Swiss Arms AG:
Email: info@swissarms.ch,
FAX: 41-0-52-674-64-, Phone: 41-0-52-674-65-
Industrieplatz 1, Postbox 1071, Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, CH-8212
Manufacturers of the SG511, .50 BMG caliber, bolt-action, magazine fed rifle. Available only in Europe. 22 pounds (without magazine), has an adjustable, 2-stage trigger and adjustable cheek rest, with a folding butt-stock, 5 round detachable box magazine. The 1:15 twist, 8-groove, partially fluted barrel is available in five different lengths, 446mm (17.5 inch), 559mm (22 inch), 816mm (32 inch), or 914mm (36 inch). Rifle OAL (overall length) is listed as 50.5 inches, 47.5 inches when folded, depending on barrel length chosen. The SG511 comes with both a bipod and a rear monopod, a full-length scope rail, as well as a pair of side rails for accessory mounting. Contact them for a dealer referral.

T&T Reloading, Inc.:
Email: tntinc@rcn.com,
FAX: 610-759-4775, Phone: 610-759-8008
11 Main Street, Easton, PA 18040
Retail and wholesale distributor of Hodgdons powder & other products for reloaders.

T.Z. Case International:
Email: sales@tzcase.com,
888-892-2737 (orders only)
FAX: 909-392-8406, Phone: 909-392-8806
1786 Curtiss Court, La Verne, CA 91750
Manufacturers of a 62 inch long rifle case suitable for some .50 caliber rifles. Part of the Dura-Tech series, their model # TZM0062B is a wheeled case, with aluminum frame, with outside dimensions of 62 in. x 16 in. x 6 in., lockable latches and heavy-duty handles, weighing approximately 25 pounds. Another option is from their Cape Buffalo series, the CB053, which is waterproof and rustproof, with wheels, pressure relief valve, lockable latches and heavy-duty handles. The CB053 is 53 in. x 15 in. x 6.5 in. outside. Contact them for a referral to a stocking dealer near you.

Tac Force:
Email: customerservice@tac-force.com,
FAX: 626-581-0777, Phone: 626-581-0648
18571 Gale Ave., City of Industry, CA 91748
Manufacturers of a soft-side carrying case/drag-bag for many .50BMG caliber rifles. 62 inch Stryker Drag system, model #S86103, available in colors of Black, Tan, and OD, 900 Denier material, coated with Teflon for weatherproofing, internal tiedowns, foam lined protective side panels, pockets and shoulder straps.

Tac Pro Shooting Center:
Email: email@tacproshootingcenter.com,
FAX: 254-968-5857, Phone: 254-968-3112
35100 N. State Hwy 108, Mingus, TX 96463
Federally licensed firearms dealer, specializing in the Accuracy International line of rifles, Nightforce & Schmitt-Bender scopes, and the Phoenix Precision concentricity gauges. .50 caliber-compatible up to 1000 yards.

, ,
(See entry for Tactical Command Headquarters)

Tactical Ammunition:
Email: sales@tacticalammunition.com,
FAX: 503-397-0884, Phone: 503-397-9721
504 Milton Way, St. Helens, OR 97051
Retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition on military surplus projectiles and the Hornady AMAX, processed once fired brass and semi-auto M2 and M3 rifles.

Tactical Command Headquarters:
Email: info@tacomHQ.com
Phone: 833-822-6647
PO Box 10507
Fort Smith, AR  72917
Manufacturers of the Armor Optic and TARAC (or Target Acquisition) systems for precision rifles. Armor Optic acts as a roll cage for you rifle scope to protect it from strike hazards and dropping. The TARAC is an optical, rather than mechanical, elevation boosting device for rifle scopes, mounting in front of the objective bell. Depending on needs, optics installed, etc., the TARAC comes in three models, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, with the Charlie most applicable to .50 BMG caliber rifles.

Tactical Imports Corp.:
Email: sales@tacticalimports.ca,
FAX: 647-317-1969, Phone: 416-570-3937
3163 Winston Churchill Blvd., PO Box 008, Mississauga Canada, ON L5L-5W7
Canadian importer of the Gepard GM6 Lynx, semi-auto, long recoil action, .50 BMG caliber rifle. 44 inch overall length, 29 or 36 inch barrel, 25 pounds weight, 5 round detachable box magazines.

Tactical Manufacturing Inc:
Email: scottkoller@tmi50bmg.com,
Phone: 503-307-6317
57319 Hazen Rd, Warren, OR 97053
Federally licensed manufacturer of .50 BMG ammo on military surplus projectiles.

Tactical Tailor:
Email: customerservice@tacticaltailor.com,
FAX: 253-984-6696, Phone: 253-984-7854
2916 - 107th St., Lakewood, WA 98499
Manufacturers of a web gear pouch for the 10-round, Barrett M82, .50 caliber rifle magazine in various color schemes, black, tan, olive drab, Ranger Green, Marpat Woodland, Marpat Desert, Multi-cam and ACU. Also has a pouch that will hold two M82 magazines simultaneously.

Talbot QD Mounts:
Email: support@talbot.us,
Phone: 810-695-2497
2210 E Grand Blanc Rd., Grand Blanc, MI 48439
Standard, custom and extended scope bases for 50 rifles.

Target Shooting Inc.:
Email: wally@targetshooting.com,
800-661-2164 (orders only)
Phone: 605-868-2164
P.O. Box 773, Watertown, SD 57201
Manufacturers of the Model 1200 rifle rest for .50 caliber bench competition.

Target Sports USA:
Email: sales@targetsportsusa.com,
FAX: 888-908-0831, Phone: 860-426-9886
30 Fieldstone Ct, Cheshire, CT 06410
On line retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition, including Lake City/Federal American Eagle M33 Ball and M17 Tracer, Hornady AMAX Match, Summit Ammunition Ball, PMC Ball, and Barrett Ball. Also carries EOTech 552 Holographic Weapon Sight with .50 BMG Ballistic Reticle, Hornady Lock-n-Load .50 BMG reloading press, and Bushnell Elite 3200 rifle scopes.

800-423-3537 (orders only)
9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS 66214
Makers of the Super Sniper line of heavy-duty, 30 mm tube rifle scopes for .50 caliber. 10x42 with side or rear parallax adjustment, 16x42 & 20x42 rear parallax adjustment.

, ,
(See entry for Thunderbird Cartridge Company, Inc.)

Ten X Accuracy:
Email: jeri@tenxbullets.com,
Phone: 928-273-2809
PO Box 958, West Ossipee, NH 03890
Manufacturers of solid brass, CNC-turned, match .50 projectiles. US Importer of RWS primers and RWS/RUAG/DAG new match brass

Ten-X Ammunition, Inc.:
Email: richard@tenxammo.com,
FAX: 939-946-8370, Phone: 909-946-8369
9297 9th St., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Manufacturers of the TX-50 auto-indexing, progressive reloading press and accessories for .50 BMG (and derivative) calibers. Features: five reloading stations, adjustable primer seating depths, powder check rod for visible confirmation of powder charge in the case, powder capacity for 75 charges at a max of 250 grains each, case feed rate of up to 10 cases/minute, 7 inch ram stroke, standard 1-1/2 inch die threads or conversion kits for 1 inch or 7/8 inch threads.

Tenebraex Corp.:
, ,
(See entry for Armament Technology, Inc.)

TenX Bullets:
, ,
See entry for Ten X Accuracy

The Armory:
FAX: 888-561-7922, Phone: 757-424-1617
5313 Indian River Rd., Suite 112, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Mail order retailer of ammunition, has occasional stocks of military surplus SL .50 BMG caliber M33 Ball ammo. Contact them for latest inventory. Also has .50 boresnakes.

The Shooting Edge:
Email: info@theshootingedge.com,
FAX: 403-720-8147, Phone: 403-720-4867
Bay #4, 510 77 Avenue S.E., Calgary Alberta Canada, T2H 1C3
Canadian retailers of Nightforce rifle scopes, PMC .50 caliber M33 ammunition, RCBS Ammo Master .50 caliber reloading press.

Thunder Ammo:
Email: randy@thunderammo,com,
Phone: 918-695-0001
P.O. Box 9, Hominy, OK 74035
Thunder Ammo is a family business, a Federally Licensed Manufacturer of 50 BMG ammunition. Offers match grade solid brass bullets loaded for semi-autos and single shot rifles as well as ball ammo. Also supplies new Winchester brass and components for 50BMG and .416 Barrett calibers. .50 projectiles in 690 gr. South African Ball and brass match solids in a 746 gr. Rebated Boattail for the Barrett M82, the TASS (Thunder Ammo Single Shot) 809 gr. Boattail, and a 750 gr. Hollow-point boattail for hunting. Check their website for additional information.

Thunderbird Cartridge Co., Inc,:
Email: sales@tbirdammo.com,
800-535-AMMO (orders only)
FAX: 602-237-3858, Phone: 602-237-3823
P.O. Box 302, Phoenix, AZ 85001
Bronze 750 gr. solid boar-tail & 700 gr. solid flat-base bullets. T5020, T5070, T870 powders. 660 Gr. ball custom-loaded ammo. Various other loaded ammo, primers & military brass. Testing & loading information. Class III dealer.

Time Precision Arms:
Email: tiemprecision@aol.com,
FAX: 860-350-6343, Phone: 860-350-8343
4 Nicholas Square, New Milford, CT 06776
Micrometer adjustable neck turning tool & single shot.50BMG Unlimited Bench rifle design.

TM ENT Inc.:
Email: michael@god-a-grip.com,
Phone: 321-242-0200
Contact: Michael Godard
444 S Magnolia Ave, Melbourne, FL 32935
Manufacturer of soft, pliable self-adhesive cheek pads and customizable pads made from Sorbothane®, a visco-elastic polymer, to provide better grip, cheekweld, proper scope/eye alignment, improved comfort and shooter performance. Also has a line of self-customizing gun grips, designed to allow a custom fit to any individuals hand, and his or her firearm. The grip, also made from Sorbothane proprietary material, gives your firearm a soft, cushy, shock absorbing feel. The universal grip gives a custom finger groove feel to any long gun and fits most everyone’s hand from small to large (men, women and children). The finger groove grip allows for any shooter to get a consistent hand placement for more accurate shots

TNW Firearms, Inc.:
Email: tech@tnwfirearms.com,
FAX: 503-429-3505, Phone: 503-429-5001
P.O. Box 311, Vernonia, OR 97064
Manufacturer of the semi-auto only M2HB. Can also supply .50 cal ammo, links & ammunition linker.

TomBob Outdoors, LLC:
Email: sales@tomboboutdoors.com,
FAX: 814-772-4345, Phone: 814-772-9274
439 W Main St, Ridgway, PA 15853
Manufacturers of a compressed metal powder frangible .50 BMG caliber projectile, a copper-tin monolithic solid, 600 grain, round nose, flatbase. 20 projectiles/box, stock number CTX-50-600.

Top Brass:
, ,
(See entry for Scharch Manufacturing)

Tracks And Things:
Email: shoop19@brick.net,
FAX: 636-922-9004, Phone: 636-828-4226
36 Greenview Dr., Defiance, MO 63341
Manufacturer of resin-cast, non-firing, imitation firearms, include the M2HB, suitable for display or re-enacting. Top cover and trigger function. Can be setup on most any original MG mount.

Traditions Performance Firearms:
Email: orders@traditionsfirearms.com,
FAX: 860-388-4657, Phone: 860-388-4656
1375 Boston Post Rd, PO Box 776, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
.50 BMG caliber “Training Rounds,” model #ATR50BMG. Weighted dummy rounds, with rubber primers for dry firing. .50 caliber cleaning gear.

Trijicon, Inc.:
800-338-0563 (orders only)
FAX: 248-960-7725, Phone: 248-960-7700
P.O. Box 930059, Wixom, MI 48393
Manufacturer of the ACOG line of fiber optic, reflex, rifle sights, including the .50 caliber, 6x48 model TA648MGO-50, with red chevron reticle and bullet drop compensator for the .50 caliber out to 1800 meters. Waterproof to 328 feet, M1913 Picatinny rail compatible, 2.7 inch eye relief, 8mm exit pupil.

Truvelo Manufacturers, LTD.:
Email: armoury@truvelo.co.za,
FAX: 27-0-11-314-140, Phone: 27-0-11-314-140
P.O. Box 14183, Lyttelton, S. Africa, 0140
Manufacturers of the Truvelo SR50 .50 caliber, bolt-action,single-shot and magazine-fed rifle. US distributor is Phoenix Defence.

TSM Consulting & FIrearm Sales:
Email: tommiller23@cox.net,
FAX: 760-757-6890, Phone: 760-500-1151
3938 Stanford Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056
Federally licensed California firearms dealer specializing in the EDM Arms Windrunner .50 BMG tactical and single shot rifles, and the EDM Arms.50 BMG benchrest action. Manufactures full length bore guides, chamber guides, and thread protectors for all EDM models. Dealer of the Leupold and Nighforce NXS scopes for .50 BMG rifles, as well as RCBS, C-H Tool & Die Co. and Hollywood Engineering .50 BMG reloading equipment. Stocks Hornady A-Max 750 grain projectiles and other quality .50 BMG reloading supplies. Also has a line of custom .50 caliber wood reloading blocks.

, ,
(See entry for Grasso Holdings, Inc.)
UCD Industries:
Email: sales@ucdindustries.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 613-824-9322
294 Holylake Cres, Orleans, Ontario, Canada, K1E 1M2
Manufacturer of ghillie suit camouflage clothing, civilian hunting or police/military tactical.

Ultimate Arms LLC:
Email: uaarms@hotmail.com,
Phone: 615-970-9555
Suite B, 308 S Water Ave, Gallatin, TN 37066
Manufacturers of the Warmonger .50 BMG caliber, magazine-fed, bolt-action rifle. 14.5 pounds.

Unintended Consequences:
, ,
(See Entry for Accurate Press)

United Defense LLC:
Email: support@keepshooting.com,
877-703-2767 (orders only)
214 W Golden Ln, New Oxford, PA 17350
Store-front and mail-order retailer of .50 BMG ammunition, including PMC, and Barrett M33 Ball, as well as Argentine AP. Also stocks .50 dummy rounds, and the NCStar in-chamber laser bore sighter for .50.

United States Replica Gun Co.:
Email: info@replicaguns.com,
Phone: 484-894-9529
PO Box 301, Palmerton, PA 18071
Manufacturers of replica full-size, non-firing firearms including .50 caliber M2HB, M3 Aircraft, ANM2 and M48 as well as mounts, tripods and dummy rounds. Also has a 1:5 scale miniature M2HB and full-scale Barrett M107 dummy gun.

Urban Armory:
Email: urban@madbbs.com,
Phone: 716-487-9065
533 Prospect St., Jamestown, NY 14701
Firearms broker. Stocks various .50 caliber rifles, semi-auto only M2HB, and military surplus ammunition.

US Armorment, Inc.:
Email: info@usarmorment.com,
877-746-6865 (orders only)
Phone: 267-761-8756
3 N Columbus Blvd 204, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Mail order retailer of .50 BMG caliber ammunition from ATK/LC (XM33 Ball), Hornady (AMAX), and Barrett (Ball). Also Leupold & Nightforce scopes and accessories, Montana X-Treme & Shooters Choice cleaning solvents, and Dewey rods.

US Optics:
Email: info@usoptics.com,
Phone: 828-874-2242
100 Beiersdorf Dr, Connellys Springs, NC 28612
Rifle scope manufacturer, some models suitable for .50 caliber. Contact for selection details.

US Tactical Supply:
Email: sales@ustacticalsupply.com,
877-928-8645 (orders only)
FAX: 541-791-2965, Phone: 541-928-8645
939 Pacific Blvd., Albany, OR 97321
Suppliers of a Modular Sniper Data System(log book)for military and law enforcement snipers with ballistic and wind tables for calibers including .50. Tabbed log book includes range cards, conversion tables, formulas on Rite in the Rain paper. Also carries the Accu-Shot universal adjustable monopod, Badger Ordnance scope rings, Leupold Mark 4 scopes, Mildot Master, and other \\\\\\\"Rite in the Rain\\\\\\\" products.

Vais Arms, Inc.:
Email: ron@muzzlebrakes.com,
FAX: Same, Phone: 830-741-7167
1529 CR 4513, Hondo, TX 78861
Manufacturer of the .50 caliber Vais Muzzle Brake.

, ,
(See entry for IOR/Valdada)

Valley Ordnance Works, LLC:
Email: sales@valleyordnance.com,
800-804-6473 (orders only)
FAX: 623-399-1015, Suite 103 - Box 198, 24654 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Peoria, AZ 85383
Manufacturers of the XF50, 50 BMG caliber rifle, bolt-action, single-shot, available in 16, 24 and 30 inch barrel lengths (38, 48, 53 inches overall length, 17.5, 23.1, and 23.7 pounds weight respectively) Magpul stock, and bipod. Available in black, coyote tan, flat dark earth, and sniper green finishes, single and two-tone options, standard and fluted barrels, left or right hand actions.

Vanguard Outfitters, LLC:
Email: sales@vanguardoutfittersllc.com,
FAX: 813-991-4687, Phone: 813-575-5775
Suite 26, 911 S Woodrow Wilson St, Plant City, FL 33563
Retail shop and on-line source for Barrett .50 caliber rifles, M107A1 and M95, extra magazines, rear monopod assemblies, Back-Mats, and Barrett Ball ammunition, also Bushmaster spare magazines, Hornady AMAX match and Federal/Lake City American Eagle/Black Box XM33 ball ammunition and AZOOM snap caps. Leupold Mark 4 and Bushnell Elite rifle scopes.

Vega, SRL:
Email: info@technoframes.com,
FAX: (+30) 035-65860, Phone: (+39) 035-66832
Via Aldo Moro, 6, Scanzorosciate (BG), Italy, 24020
US Agent: PO Box 1067, Manchester, NH, 03101 866-246-1095 Manufacturer of the Technoframes line of ammunition show cases, including a .50 BMG caliber model. Display cases are a clear acrylic/plastic-like material known as PMMA/Polymethylmethacrylate, a synthetic polymer, often used as a alternative to glass. Two designs available, an ammo box and an ammo tray style, both holding 50 rounds.

Vertex Manufacturing Corp:
Email: contact@bench-source.com,
FAX: 662-895-6317, Phone: 662-895-0803
8341 Industrial Dr., PO Box 949, Olive Branch, MS 38654
Manufacturers of a case neck heat annealing machine, capable of doing .50 caliber cases. Twin heat sources, external or battery powered, adjustable annealing times from 1.5 to 10.0 seconds, all 4 legs are adjustable for level placement.

Vigilance Rifles, Inc.:
Email: vigilancerifles@gmail.com,
Phone: 928-910-3623
4845 N. Spruce, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Manufacturers of the M14 .50 BMG caliber, gas-operated, 10-round magazine-fed, semi-auto rifle. Features a non-reciprocating bolt handle, last round bolt hold-open capability, an adjustable butt stock, with adjustable cheek-piece, and rear folding monopod, and a bipod allowing 180 degree rotation of the firearm for firing on dis-similar surfaces and cleaning. Rifle includes Picatinny rail, muzzle brake and accepts any M16 pistol grip.

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(See entry for Lapua)

435 W. Alondra Blvd., Gardena, CA, 90248
Web site:  www.voodootactical.com  Email:  Customercare@voodootactical.com
Web gear manufacturer, cases, packs, bags, etc.  Has a .50 caliber ammunition pouch, sku 20-9258000000, that holds 10 rounds of ammunition in a covered nylon pouch, available in black, olive drab, and tan.  Elastic loops, hook-n-loop flap cover protects the rounds.  MOLLE straps on rear to attach to PALS webbing platform.

VORTEX Optics:
Email: info@vortexoptics.com,
800-426-0048 (orders only)

AX: 608-662-7454, Phone: 608-664-9856
1 Vortex Dr., Barneveld, WI 53507
Manufacturers of the Razor HD 5-20x50, Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56, and Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50 rifle scopes. Adjustments and reticle patterns available in MOA or MilRadians, illuminated reticles with 11 intensity settings, reticle focus, parallax and target focus, 34mm tubes, zero stop and rotation counter features, with 3.7 inches of eye relief. Maximum elevation - windage adjustments of 113.5 MOA -48 MOA, for the 4.5-27x56,

and 120 MOA - 69 MOA for the 3-18x50 in 1/4 MOA or .1 MilRadian clicks. Spotting scopes, scope rings, etc. are also available in their product line.

Vyse Gelatin Co.:
Email: sales@vyse.com,
800-533-2152 (orders only)
FAX: 847-678-0329, Phone: 847-678-4780
5010 N. Rose St., Schiller Park, IL 60176
Ordnance gelatin suppliers for terminal ballistics testing.

Warner Tool Co:
Email: info@warner-tool.com,
Phone: 603-352-9521
201 Old Homestead Hwy, N Swanzey, NH 03431
Catering to the competitive shooter, they now have a line of competition-grade reloading dies for the .50 BMG caliber. Also does custom machine shop work, manual and CNC milling and turning, surface and cylindrical grinding, along with single and progressive stamping.

866-670-5982 (orders only)
FAX: 435-227-9749, Phone: 435-227-9802
815 W 1800 N, Logan, UT 84321
Extensive selection of handheld & solar-powered wind meters as well as other wireless weather instruments.

Western Powder:
Email: questions@ramshot.com,
800-437-1007 (orders only)
FAX: 406-234-0430, Phone: 406-234-0422
P.O. Box 158, Miles City, MT 59301
Master distributor of reloading propellants as well as manufacturers of RAMSHOT Big Boy and Accurate Arms AA8700 .50 caliber propellants. Loading information also available.

Whittaker Guns:
Email: info@shopwhittakerguns.com,
FAX: 270-229-9139, Phone: 270-229-0140
6976 W. Louisville Ln., Owensboro, KY 42301
Federally licensed firearms dealer, retail storefront and mail-order, billing itself as Kentucky’s Largest Gun Store. Stocks .50 BMG caliber products including: Hornady, RCBS, and Lee reloading presses, dies, and accessories; Barrett M82 and M95 magazines, Barrett, PMC, Federal/Lake City, and Hornady ammunition; AZoom snap caps; and MTM slip top, 10-round, ammunition boxes.

Wholsale Hunter:
Email: support@wholesalehunter.com,
888-900-4868 (orders only)
FAX: 334-567-2780, Phone: 660-248-2293
34 Firetower Rd, Wetumpka, AL 36093
Retailers of Hornady AMAX match .50 projectile, AZoom .50 Dummy rounds, Barnes CR10 copper remover & reloading manuals, RCBS Ammomaster .50 kit & Aimshot .50 BMG arbors.

Wholsale Sports:
Email: customerservice@wholesalesports.com,
FAX: 403-253-5518, Phone: 403-253-5566
25 Heritage Meadows Way SE, Calgary, Canada, AB T2HOA7
(Retail stores located in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Lethbridge, Winnipeg & Kamloops). Hodgdons Powder and reloading manual,Ammomaster reloading press,Barnes CR10 Copper Remover & reloading manuals, Leupold scopes & accessories, Accurate reloading manual.

Wichita Arms:
Email: info@wichitaarms.com,
FAX: 316-347-4885, Phone: 620-249-3959
969 E 620 Ave, Mulberry, KS 66756
Front adjustable rest and sand bags.

Wideners Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc.:
Email: wideners@wideners.com,
800-615-3006 (orders only)
FAX: 423-815-1348, Phone: 423-282-6786
Suite 109 - #137, 3101 W. Market Street, Johnson City, TN 37604
American Eagle/Black Box Lake City/Federal M33 Ball ammunition, PMC Ball and XTac match ammunition, new IMI .50 BMG brass & bullets. CCI Primers. Tools by RCBS, Forster & CH. Military surplus pulled .50 cal bullets & brass. Surplus military powder. Unfired USG1 surplus .50 BMG brass & projectiles. Hornady reloading tools, AMAX projectiles.

Wilson Arms:
Email: spawl@wilsonarms.com,
FAX: 203-488-0135, Phone: 203-488-7297
, 97-101 Leetes Island Rd, Branford, CT 06405
Makers of broached 50 rifle barrels up to 72 inches long, also cast bullet .50 cal. barrels.

Windfall Distributing Co.:
, ,
(See entry for M-Pro7)

Wolverine Supplies:
Email: sales@wolverinesupplies.com,
FAX: 204-748-1805, Phone: 204-748-2454
Box 729, Viden, Manatoba, Canada, ROM2CO
Licensed Canadian dealer in .50 caliber firearms including Barrett, Steyr, Hagelberg FH-50, Accuracy International, Prairie Gun Works, Armalite, GG&G and HK. Also dealer for Badger rings and Leupold rifle scopes, MILDOT Master, Kestrel meteorological, Lapua, etc.

Woodcraft Supply Corp.:
Email: custserv@woodcraft.com,
800-225-1153 Or (orders only)
FAX: 304-485-1938, Phone: 800--535-4486 T
P.O. Box 1686, Parkersburg, WV 26102
Mail-order & retail sales of self-adhesive Slick Strips, similar in function to Teflon tape. Available in 10.5\\\\\\\' rolls of either 3/4 or 3 inch widths (item #s 16L64 & 16L65 respectively), the tape has a low coefficient of friction & high abrasion resistance. Available through mail order or at any one of 78 different retail stores. Call or see web site for nearest location.

Wooden Ammo:
Email: chris@wildcherrywoodworks.com,
Phone: 207-432-7118
791 Foss Rd, Limerick, ME 04048
Domestic and exotic reproductions of virtually ANY caliber of ammunition in large scale, up to 5 inches in diameter and/or 47 inches long. Rifle or pistol calibers available, including .50 BMG, 12.7 Russian, and 14.5 Russian. Suitable for shooting awards, novelty/gift items, furniture, lamps, etc.

Woodhaven Rifle & Pistol Range, Inc.:
Email: info@woodhavenrange.com,
Phone: 718-286-8888
74-16 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421
Stocking dealer in CCI #35 .50 caliber primers, RCBS Ammomaster press, .50 caliber snap cap dummy rounds, Bushnell Yardage Pro 1000 Laser Range-finders & Leupold rifle scopes.

Woodleigh Bullets:
Email: info@woodleighbullets.com.au,
FAX: 61--3-5457-2339, Phone: 61-3-5457-2226
P.O. Box 15, Murrabit, Victoria, Australia, 3579
Manufacturers of a line of hunting bullets in .510 caliber, including: 440 gr. Round Nose Soft Point, 450 gr. Round Nose Soft Point, 500 gr. Round Nose Soft Point, 535 gr. Round Nose Soft Point, 535 gr. Protected Point Soft Point, 535 gr. FMJ, 570 gr. Round Nose Soft Point, 570 gr. FMJ, 600 gr. Protected Point Soft Point, 600 gr. FMJ, and a 700 gr. VLD Match Brass Solid. Woodleigh products are available in the US from Huntingtons and Midway USA.

888-824-2899 (orders only)
FAX: 903-887-9001, Phone: 903-887-2899
P.O. Box 5539, Mabank, TX 75147
American made, .50 caliber soft-sided gun cases, 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon in black, woodland camo, or olive drab colors, sized 11 inch x 4 inch (deep) x 42 inch to 56 inch (long), available with or without outside magazine pouches (discreet or tactical models). Also manufacturers a Special Weapon Transporter for additional gear storage. Lifetime guarantees.
X Products, LLC:
Email: sales@xproducts.com,
Phone: 928-852-0078
1110 W 17th St, Vancouver, WA 98660
Has a line of reloaded .50 BMG caliber ammunition utilizing once-fired military brass and surplus projectiles, Ball, API and APIT.

Email: support@x-reload.com,
855-389-0386 (orders only)
Phone: 514-225-2423
Contact: Suite 110
2150 Pierre-Louis-LeTourneux, Beloeil Canada, QC J3G-OR5
Retail suppliers in Canada of .50 BMG products, including Hornady AMAX and Barnes TAC-LR Match projectiles, Hornady presses and dies, Forster case trimming accessories, Lee reloading presses and dies, new CBC/Magtech brass and RCBS reloading presses, dies and accessories, chronographs, wind meters, hearing protection, US Optics riflescopes, Barnes/Hornady/Lee/Speer Reloading Manuals, bubble levels and Badger Ordnance Angle Cosine Indicators, powders from IMR, Hodgdon, Accurate, Ramshot and Vihta Vuori, as well as CCI primers, powders from IMR, Hodgdon, Accurate, Ramshot and Vihta Vuori, as well as CCI primers, etc.

XLR Industries, LLC:
Email: info@xlrindustries.com,
Phone: 970-241-1807
2323 Grand Park Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81505
Manufacturers of the Evolution chassis stock system for BAT, Robar, and McMillan .50 caliber rifles, right or left hand versions, fixed or folding stock.

XSteel Targets:
Email: questions@xsteeltargets.com,
Phone: 507-269-7967
612 1st Ave NE, Dodge Center, MN 55927
Manufacturers of .50 caliber rated steel targets, on ¾ inch, AR500 steel. Styles available include 12x20 torso, 12 inch gong and 16 inch gong.

Xtreme Machining:
Email: xtrememachining@gmail.com,
FAX: 814-345-6292, Phone: 814-345-6290
500 Cooper Ave., Grassflat, PA 16839
Custom .50 caliber rifles, both heavy and unlimited classes, custom actions, barrel chambering,muzzle brakes, billet aluminum stocks and gunsmithing.
ZenithQuest International:
, ,
(See entry for ZQI Ammunition)

Ziegel Engineering:
Email: information@ZIEGELENG.com,
FAX: 559-869-6081, Phone: 562-596-9481
590 10th Ave., Kingsburg, CA 93631
Custom aluminum & titanium gun cases for 50 cal. Full line of high quality cases for travel, security & competition. Also manufactures the Jackass line of field carts. Write for call for free catalog. Visa & Mastercard accepted. FCSA member discount.

Zone Four Engineering, LLC:
Email: info@zonefourengineering.com,
Phone: 605-484-7879
6530 Astoria Ct, Summerset, SD 57718
Offers a wide variety of steel targets for everything from air rifle to large caliber rifles. All our targets are waterjet cut enabling them to cut virtually any size and shape the customer wants. All targets are made from AR-500 steel. ZFE offers cutting services for virtually any parts from one of a kind to production quantities. ZFE offers a wide range of material testing and material engineering services as well. Also carries K&P Gun Co. products including barrels, muzzle breaks, and accessories.

ZQI Ammunition:
Email: info@zqiammunition.com,
FAX: 800-466-4444, Phone: 434-202-7790
, 10517 Critzer Shop Rd, Afton, VA 22920
US importer, distributor and retailer of IMI .50 BMG caliber M33 Ball ammunition.