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Here's some more! We've collected links to a set of Internet sites that specialize in linking to everything interesting under the sun.

Canadian Firearms Registration Information
Link for Canadian Firearms Registration
The Civilian Marksmanship Program
Formerly the DCM, the CMP is the privatized organization responsible for the administration of civilian marksmanship training program. If you don't know what this is, you should! Shoot a NRA service-rifle match, fill out some paperwork, pass a background check, and you're qualified to purchase a real US martial arm, the M1 Garand, straight from the government at a bargain price. Help preserve these historic firearms from the gun grabbers.
The Dillon Blue Press Online Archive.
The catalog of Dillon Precision is known for its short essays, editorials and works of fiction, on subjects ranging from governmental commentary to the joys of taking a new junior shooter to the range.

Know Thine Enemy:

Where better to get information on what the anti-gun lobby thinks of you and your firearms than from the mouths of the "horses" themselves. Not for the faint of heart, the contents of some of these sites are downright disturbing. But they'll give you an idea of the fervor with which these fanatics believe anything having to do with guns is "evil", and the depths to which they'll descend to impose their views on you.

Colition to Stop Gun Violence
Parrots the repeatedly debunked "a gun kept in the home is 43 times more likely to kill a member of the household, or friend, than an intruder."
Handgun Control Inc.
If they manage to ban one thing, you can bet they'll turn to something near and dear to you next. On their web-site they state "WE URGE YOU TO GET INVOLVED! WITHOUT YOU WE'RE NO MATCH FOR THE WELL-FUNDED AND EXTREME GUN LOBBY. " Can you think of a better reason to send some money to the NRA and GOA today?
Violence Policy Center
An organization that thinks that the arrest of a total of 469 CCW holders in the state of Florida over the period of 8 years, is a bad thing.

.50 BMG related Internet sites:

Other sources of .50 BMG related information. Of course, we try to have absolutely everything you could need right here on the FCSA site, but the .50 is a caliber well-loved by many enthusiasts, and people just keep putting together sites with interesting information and links.

Biggerhammer.net is dedicated to those situations where you just need a bigger hammer. Featuring a site with a discussion group on .50 BMG topics (it claims to be on the Barrett M95, but in reality is .50 BMG in general), the Biggerhammer site also has a copy of the Waxman video used to demonstrate the "evils" of the .50 BMG to CNN and Congress.
Dan Lilja of Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels writes technical articles on .50 BMG related topics.

Pro-Second Amendment/Pro Firearms-owners Organizations:

These people are on the front lines, fighting to keep the your rights from being infringed. Keep up on what they're doing, and learn how you can help out. Some gun owners might have differences of opinion with some of the leading pro-gun advocacy groups, but these groups are our best hope for protecting our rights against infringement. The opposition counts on division and infighting in the pro-gun camp, and refusing to support a pro-gun organization because of differences in philosophy plays directly into the hands of those who would like to take your rights away. .50 BMG rifles, handguns, black plastic rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns - they're all the same to those who want to remove firearms from the hands of the American public. Support the organizations that are fighting to protect your rights, and don't play into the hands of those trying to take them from you by assuming they'll only take "the other guy's guns"

The National Rifle Association
Love 'em or Hate 'em, the NRA is undeniably the pro-gun heavy hitter, and they need your help to help protect your rights.
Gun Owners of America
GOA "The Only No-Compromise gun lobby in Washington". Take advantage of GOA's legislative alert section, and their congressional auto-e-mailer!
Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership
To some, the phrase "Never Again" has special meaning. Some of the most recent witnesses to the horrors of government gone wrong, JFPO remembers what can happen when a government disarms its citizens. Watching the nightly reports of government after government disarming citizens and then embarking on a campaign of "ethnic cleansing", one wonders why more people don't pay attention to the words of historic wisdom.
SaveOurGuns.com provides a huge collection of up-to-date information for the shooter and supporter of the Second Amendment. Everything from financial tips and advice for the gunowner to historical treatises, to current events relevant to firearms owners.
2nd  Amendment foundation
This group of cool-headed mothers and daughters have come up with their own answer to the "Million" Mom March - logic, rational behavior, and the TRUTH!

Supporting the Second Amendment and the basic human right to self defense, the Second Amendment Sisters provide timely Second Amendment news, as well as are politically active in defending your rights.
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc.
The citizens of Australia have lost most of their rights to self protection and firearms ownership. If you want an indication of where the gun-grabbers would like our country to be, check out this site.
Canada's National Firearms Association
The Canadian version of the NRA, and a much closer to home example of gun-grabbing run rampant. Lots of good information here to let you know what's coming if you don't stand up for your rights.

(If your site isn't listed here, it's only because we don't have space for all the wonderful sites out there. We're trying to at least provide links that will lead to sites with links to almost anywhere, so if you find that your site is more than a few clicks away from one of the pages listed here, please contact our webmaster@fcsa.org)

US Constitution
The document at the very basis of our government. The Constitution lays out the branches of the government, and the procedures that it is run by, as well as certain restrictions upon its powers.
US Bill of Rights
This document, contrary to some popular perceptions, defines limitations on the powers of the government. The amendments specifically are not statements of rights "granted" to the citizens by the government, but instead are enjoinders against the government infringing rights which are inalienable rights of free persons.
BATF documents
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms web site. Contains information on firearms regulations as implemented by this department of the Federal government. Includes Brady/NICS, Curio & Relic information, and much more.
The US Code of Law
Cornell University maintains an online repository of the current state of Federal laws.
US Congress, Online
Indexed collection of the current goings-on in Congress. Bills, laws, the congressional-record. This information is produced by your government, for you. Make use of it.

Important Documents and Government Information:
Have you read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights recently? Be an educated shooter and advocate for your hobby. Know the facts! Don't let gun-control advocates convince you that the Constitution is outdated, or that the Second Amendment applies only to "Sporting Uses". The Founding Fathers foresaw many of the problems that society is experiencing today, and wrote some very good documents explaining how to prevent these problems. 

General Reference

This page contains links to all the resources we've found that might be of interest to the .50 BMG shooter and other members of the shooting community. If you notice anything we've missed, please feel free to submit link information to webmaster@fcsa.org.

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